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Here’s a transcription of what Nick posted on the forums earlier today (just to get people to maybe check out our shiny new toy), we’ll endeavor to keep the blog the de-facto “news” source.

I’ve been directed to post some interesting stuff on the forums about what we’re doing next, in order to get as many new people using them as we can. So that said, here’s the plan going forwards, courtesy of today’s company meeting. (Which did, in fact, involve swords.)

– 1.0.6: Linux support and a handful of the more interesting things that need to be fixed. I’d like to get this to the beta testers by Monday. I’d like to do it earlier, but the first part of the week is consumed by rubbish Real Life Stuff. So we’ll see what happens.

– 1.0.7: More fixes, and the introduction of a Super Secret Thing that we’ve… well, I may have talked about it before, and I wanted it to get in for the original game, but I didn’t. So I think we’ll put it in for 1.0.7. Again, I’d like a turnaround of about a week, a week and a half.

– 1.0.8: If necessary, more fixes. This patch may not exist, depending on where we set our cutoffs for 1.0.6 and 1.0.7. Hopefully, we get the female character in by this point.

– 1.1.0: Mod support, including bumping all the strings out of the EXE and into an XML file for the usage of various translation teams. (We have a *really* cool translation announcement coming up later this week, by the way.)

and then various support patches for 1.1.0 moving forward.

There is also the little matter of an expansion pack. Gaslamp as a company – and myself, personally – are universally opposed to charging you for things that should be in the core game. We’re committed to fixing every single one of the one hundred and forty-nine issues in the bugtracker for Dredmor, and we will keep adding more Stuff to the core game every time we send out a patch, so that you always get a little something extra.

We don’t want to try to sell you 99 cent horse armour, either. That’s just… lame.

That said, people have actually *asked* us for an expansion pack, so we have to make one. We think we have a concept for an expansion pack that does justify being spun off to a paid expansion, as opposed to being Horse Armour or Eyebrow Wigs or whatever, and we will be moving on this front as soon as we are happy with the state of the core game. (That is to say, Not Yet. Not For A Long Time Yet.) In typical Gaslamp fashion, said expansion pack will probably be about the price of a package of potato chips. Crawl players will like it. It also won’t be anything you couldn’t put in yourself with the mod support, so in effect we will be putting up an Officially Sanctioned Mod and inviting you to buy it from us. I think this is a reasonable policy. I have no idea when this will be done, either. If I had to pull an estimate out of my posterior, I would guess six months or so. It’ll mainly be frontloading on the art side and less on the code side, and will be something that the company will collectively move on after 1.1.0.

There should also be an announcement about Merch in a few weeks. Buy Merch. BUY MERCH.

So that’s the roadmap going forwards. Questions? Comments? Let us know! That’s what we’re here for.

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29 Responses to “The Roadmap”

  1. NotAnIrishPeasant says:

    I’d gladly pay 99 cents for a lovely hat expansion.

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  2. Ethan says:

    Linux support and an expansion that Crawl players will like? Seeing as it irks me to boot into Windows (harder to play and code at the same time), and Crawl Stone Soup is one of my preferred roguelikes… yeah, I like this news :).

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  3. mr.ioes says:

    Hmm if you keep up said pace: awesome 😛

    IDK bout expansion, haven’t gotten beyond lvl 7 yet ^^ but as long as it isn’t a pink horse armour (wasn’t it 2 euros something back then?) I’ll gladly throw my Zorkmids at you.

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  4. Ancurio says:

    Vague estimates for 1.0.6?

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  5. Derp says:

    107 in a week and half? So 106 in few days? (yes beta after till Monday, 12th Monday?)

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  6. CJSimmons says:

    I love the Oblivion reference. XD
    Ya’ll should include a joke armor by that name in the game actually.

    Whatever content ya’ll put up for pay, as long as it costs no more than what I purchased the game for, I’ll probably buy it.

    Question though-will the mod kit be a whole separate program like Oblivions construction kit or will it be integrated into the game?

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  7. screeg says:

    But where is the non-Steam purchase option?

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    • AdminDaniel Jacobsen says:

      My #1 Dredmor task right now is attempting to line up our Linux release with a non-Steam option. Obviously since Steam doesn’t officially support Linux this is something that we need to sort out.

      After we get alternative purchasing sorted out, the next order of business for me will be trying to sort out how to give people who purchase Dredmor for one specific OS access to the other ones if they so choose.

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      • Musaab says:

        But you will still package up the linux version into the steam version so us fellas that bought it on steam can take it from there and install it on our linux boot as well, right? 🙂

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  8. Michael Pearson says:

    Disappointed that there’s no news of “Krong is displeased and cursed your item! Pay 99 DiggleBux to undo this action! (paypal only, $10 per 54 DiggleBux, DiggleBux are not transferrable or refundable)”

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  9. graft says:

    Merch, eh? I’m pretty sure that I have some extra shelf space for a stuffed diggle and a commemorative bust of hero’s eyebrows.

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  10. jvarnes says:

    hey Daniel I read through the roadmap and it sounds great. hopefully the delays between patches run as smoothly as you project. There was a huge wait for 1.0.5 and I almost gave up (well technically I DID give up playing DoD and went to other games until the patch was finally released).

    Now that I back to playing in earnest and really loving the game as it should be I have to ask… no BEG that you guys consider a 1.0.05b sub patch to fix the steam achievements. Right now I’m not able to earn any progress towards “Monsters With Omlettes”, “Sir Mix-A-Lot” and “The Critic” which will all take many, many games to complete. In addition “Krong Is A Fickle God” seems to reset with each new game instead of accumulating (either that or permadeath is deleting the progress in some way) and “Boil Water Advisory” doesn’t seem to register unless maybe it only fires if the initial sip kills you, because dying from the acid effect doesn’t seem to do it. On that last one perhaps you need to create a duplicate, but distinct acid effect for pools and have the achievement check for deaths from that effect…

    Anyway wonderful game. Hands down the best money I have ever spent on an indie game and you have made a lifelong fan out of me (whoa be unto you for all THAT means). I look forward to everything you do with Dredmor and other games you guys cook up for the future.


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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      Wow, ah, thanks! Your enthusiasm is slightly scary but at the same time much appreciated!

      We should be getting 1.0.6 out *fairly* quickly, far more quickly than the last patch because Nicholas is moved, we’re paid, we’re getting new work computers, and so forth. I’ll put all these achievement issues on the TODO for 106 right now, even …

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      • jvarnes says:

        Ahaha I tend to be very… vocal… about games I really enjoy occasionally haunting forums with suggestions, requests, wants, desires, needs, whining, crying, tantrums… ahem OK perhaps not that far. I’m sure after the development of the orginal GalCiv that Frogboy was relieved to be rid of “fans” like me. What can I say. I’ve a soft spot for quirky, accessible games. If you could see me playing Dredmore right now I have little pink hearts that burst like bubbles above my gigantic mustachio-ed head 😉

        But in all seriousness it’s a great game. You guys know that. You’ve obviously put years of blood, sweet and tears into it and it shows. You’ve got a great approachable way of handling public relations with your fans. So clearly – you’ve succeeded guys. Pats on the back all around. Take a bow gentlemen.

        I do however question your decision to attempt to double Notch’s fortune by halving his cost, but I’m sure you must have white boards filled with complicated mathematical and statistical data to support these seemingly illogical moves.

        As to the patch and addressing the Steam achievements a huge THANK YOU! Very much looking forward to it.
        Now about modding…

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  11. spider wisdom says:

    Stuffed diggle, you say? Shut up, money, etc!

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  12. Emil says:

    Please do make an expansion pack! That way, you have to keep supporting dredmor and add awesome content, and we can pay you to do so! 99c horse armour please! Or do like the guy who made Proun and make the expansion paywhatyouwant! Also i am looking for a sperm donor would any of you guys be interested in making a donation

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  13. Ch4imon says:

    Hi !
    I was wondering if the soundtracks was available somewhere, even if they are paying.
    I love them so much !


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  14. Ch4imon says:

    Thanks a lot maaaan ! 😀

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  15. Jeff says:

    Can we please have an option next update to turn on the old creepy version of Brax. Thank you <3.

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  16. David says:

    Keep up the good work guys! Is your bug list public? I’d like to see it if possible, I know my brother is having an issue not being able to see the new throwing weapon recipes in his smithing book. Would love to be able to confirm things like that myself without bothering anyone!

    Modding is sounding pretty sick, this is just such a great game to start from the ground up on a mod for. I’m also very excited about your expansion.

    Personally, this is my game of the year so far, even beating Deus Ex:HR (props for that achieve, btw). 78 Hours and counting and all my friends love it!

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  17. Dredmor Fanboy says:

    For the Lutefisk God’s sake, please let the expansion be a first person dungeon crawler-style interface. BRB, sacrificing my firstborn to make it so.

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  18. Roger Moore says:

    Hi there,
    What’s the possibility of steam cloud support in dredmor to sync saved games? I see Cogs has added it which is a great idea.

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  19. Harven says:

    Hey guys!

    I was wondering if we ran into any random problems/glitches with the game is there anywhere we can send/post the information? Sorry if this question has been answered before I just don’t know where to look for it ><


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  20. IDeclareJack says:

    Hey Daniel, you’ve probably had a million requests for this, but somewhere along the line do you reckon you could make it so that when you equip different weapons and armor it shows on your character? That’s the only issue I have, and it’s not even vital. This game is an easy 5/5

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    • AdminDaniel Jacobsen says:

      Yeah, you’re not the only one: we wish we could do it too. We are just backed into a corner on the cost of the assets. Glad you like the game!

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      • IDeclareJack says:

        I love the game! When I have more cash I’ll definitely buy some merch! There’s just a ridiculous (in a good way) amount of replayability, in my opinion Dredmor has more replayability then games like Oblivion and Fallout 3. Keep up the excellent work!

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