Patch 1.0.3 Update

EDIT2: Your old save games from Dredmor 1.02 almost certainly do not work with Dredmor 1.03. We apologize for the inconvenience. I’m pretty sure you’ll get an achievement for your pain, at least. — David

EDIT: Windows users, your patch is now live, but may have trouble on older saves.  OS X users, we’re testing your patch now, and it might be up a little later, but certainly no later than tomorrow morning. The Changelog below has been updated to reflect the final last, few things that snuck in. — Nicholas / Daniel

First a quick reminder: today is the last day you can get Dungeons of Dredmor at 10% off – save all of fifty glorious cents. That said, onto the meat:

Some folks have been asking what the deal is with the promised 1.0.3 patch, so here’s the deal. The patch is done; I’m not adding any more code to it. However, we still have to give it a quick playthrough tomorrow before we can let it loose upon the world. This is to make sure that we haven’t added any more crash bugs, corrupted save games, or all the rest of it; hopefully this turns out to be a good strategy.  I would test it myself, but it’s now 3:30 AM in Victoria, and doctors keep telling me that I need at least four hours of sleep, preferably more. Foolish men of medicine, what do they know?

The 2X UI scaler has been moved to patch 1.0.4 (the next patch), as has in-client leaderboards. Doing the 2X UI properly – making it all pretty and stuff – is going to take at least another couple of days. I think, however, we have now taken care of most of the other major complaints. Here is the current, completed, changelog:

– Fixed: crash that occurred when moving up stairs or down stairs, involving summoned pets
– Fixed: shopkeepers doing odd things when picking up and dropping items after load/save, including crashing.
– Fixed: crash when using invalid missile sprites, which probably never happens, but oh well.
– Fixed: crash that just sort of happened randomly to a bunch of people, but it’s fixed now.
– Fixed: merchandise flag not cleared when you go downstairs
– Fixed: backwards conditional logic on ranged monster attacks means that monsters were not consistently casting spells; fixing this makes the Dungeon 95.2% nastier.
– Fixed: Current Active Skill crossing over between new games
– Fixed: small sconce appearing where a small sconce should not appear in the bath level
– Fixed: knightly leap now operates in all correct chess positions.
– Fixed: shops spilling out of their rooms.
– Fixed: broken berserk description.
– Fixed: negative resistances meant that a monster would always damage you for that amount
– Fixed: ranged weapon resistances were operating using percentages, not flat values
– Fixed: perception skill should not promise that you can see through walls when, in fact, it will not let you see through walls.
– Fixed: doors with wrong orientation connecting rooms.
– Fixed: Anvils of Krong spawning in hallways for no good reason
– Fixed: crash when killing Brax and then going back to loot the store.
– Fixed: auto-fill eats items if you have multiples.
– Fixed: BBQs/minifridges now maintain state across saved games.
– Fixed: Staff of fruit stops producing fruit after you use it on an Anvil of Krong.
– Fixed: contents of Monster Zoo are still visible even after closing a door.
– Fixed: Dread Collectors (and probably some other stuff) spawning in walls.
– Tweaked values of Berserk skill.
– Tweaked “Duck and Cover” armour values.
– Tweaked Perception to be more useful.
– Nerfed “Obvious Fireball.” Obviously.
– Reduced Dread Collector Spawn Rate a notch.
– Ammo recovery rates for thrown weaponry and crossbow bolts now much higher.
– A lot more filthy, awful tweaking.
– Permadeath now deletes your save game files on your death, as opposed to when you load the game.
– Added, and clarified, the warning text on the “Just Quit” button.
– Added toggle that reverses behaviour of CLICK and SHIFT-CLICK on items.
– Added the Auto-Looter 9000, by BraxCo.
– Added yet more warning text to the “Just Quit” button.
– Added automatic save support; the game will now automatically save before going up and down stairs. (Note: your autosave will be deleted if you die in the case of permadeath; the auto-save is also only accessible if Crash Recovery Mode
is active.)
– Added support for total music disabling (via Steam parameter “-nomusic”.)
– Added fifty-three new achievements.
– Added some new crafting stuff.
– Added steak grilling.
– Added interface for key configuration.
– Added a Quick Sell interface for rapidly selling your loot to Brax.
– Added a credit for (Thanks!)
– Rewrote the save game format so we can add items without breaking everything. (Oops.) (This may also break current save games, although we tried our hardest to make sure this isn’t the case.)
– Steam Overlay now works; run the game with “-opengl” as a parameter in the Steam Advanced settings to try this. (This is experimental.)
– WASD can now open doors and attack monsters. This is a toggleable behaviour.
– Smooth scaling is now saved between playthroughs.
– Added an XML based, human-readable configuration file to hold all the new options.
– Fun with Aqua Vitae.

Thanks for sticking with us while we put this together; we know you’re all patiently waiting. As soon as we’re confident that this will make life better, and not worse, we’ll push it out to you.

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108 Responses to “Patch 1.0.3 Update”

  1. akk says:

    I’ve just been playing DoD for several hours, doing really well with my character. I decide that I need some sleep and continue tomorrow, then this happens. Steam forces update and now I lose this save.

    This was a really bad surprise. Is there really nothing you can do to fix the saves? The achievement was slightly amusing, but is completely worthless to me.

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  2. Jimmy the jimini jim says:

    About my saves: ===> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!…..DAMN! I am not happy about that. Hope the change will be worth it 🙁

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  3. E says:

    Oh, and just found a bug with quit without saving. You now have two confirm dialogue boxes, the first works just fine. However, the second one doesn’t work. Whatever option you choose, it exits without saving. Also, if you have saved the character previously, and then quit without saving, it does NOT nuke your save.

    In spite of all this, I just bought the game for two friends of mine. Keep on trekking.

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  4. johnny cage says:

    I found a visual glitch, sometimes when you hit enemies their hp bar will fill the entire screen.

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  5. Eben says:

    My save game is also not loadable 🙁 This makes me especially sad as I burned six hours playing my first truly successful character last night…

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish the update had been optional and warned me about save incompatibility. I don’t know if that’s a Steam thing or if you had control of it, but I’m pretty much put off playing for a while if I can’t count on being able to keep a character going. 🙁

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  6. BobbyKRichardson says:

    In the future you MUST make your save games compatible with new versions.

    I’m also an independent developer and there’s no excuse for this. Delay it the patch, don’t screw your customers over especially when they consider their time invested valuable.

    If I die, my fault, but I’ve spent 5+ hours slowly strategically making my way through this dungeon.

    I don’t feel like playing. And I’m not sure I want to support a developer willing to make such a bad judgement call. I wonder how many hours-worth of people’s time you just wiped clean with almost no notice.

    thanks steam auto-updater. on a sidenote, anyone know how to block Steam from auto-updating?

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  7. asd says:

    What happened to steamoverlay?

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  8. Hyperwolf says:

    Great game guys. It seems when I get home and load up my save will be gone once the patch goes through. I might try and stop steam updating long enough to die and see my score. Still the list of fixes seems epic and to be honest starting a new random character is always fun. 🙂

    Brax quick sale is a great idea as is WASD attacking.

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  9. Logan says:

    Stupid question but when this will be available through Plimus/BMT Micro or even Impulse? I would like to try avoid getting from Steam. Preferably without drm. Disappointed to see it just available only through steam.

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  10. Karvan says:

    I finally got to floor 6, and then this happens…

    There’s no way to salvage our saves? Absolutely no way at all? AT ALL!?

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  11. Vae Victis says:

    Just wanted to report a bug:

    I just had some very strange save behaviour:

    1) My single save I made in 1.0.3 was duplicated (no permadeath). I had 2 identical saves.

    2) My save was about 30 min earlier than when I saved and quit the last time. Maybe I pressed the wrong button when I quit but I doubt it. It seems it reverted to an earlier save point.

    3) Deleted one of the saves, loaded the remaining save, saved and quit. The save had duplicated again.

    4) I just tried loading the game again. Saves have duplicated again but it’s a duplicate of the latest save.

    5) Pressed Save and Continue at one point and it quit rather than continued.

    Sorry for the poor explanation but basically the save feature is totally messed up. Just thought I would report this.

    Also, I know that everyone is raging about losing their 1.0.2 saves but the update was basically to fix a bug that was losing saves. I think it needed to happen and I’m sure the devs are doing their best to fix these issues. Also, it’s a roguelike. You’re supposed to die. I wanted to start over anyway now that a lot of the bugs are fixed, the enemies actually cast spells, etc.

    Congrats on the release. It’s always a bit rocky at the start but it’s a great game.

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    • Vae Victis says:

      PS: Your save isn’t gone either. They might be able to make it work again in the future.

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    • Vae Victis says:

      Didn’t notice before but it seems that the duplication may have also wiped my 1.0.2 save because it’s gone now.

      I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore.

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  12. Overachiever says:

    Is it ironic that I want the achievement/my save to be ruined, yet the majority wants their save to work?
    Well, at least THEY got their achievement. /rage

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  13. Paul says:

    Breaking old saves without warning is a terrible decision. Thanks! You’ve wasted 6 hours of my life. Especially bad since Steam pushes the updates automatically — which you should have foreseen.

    Can you please produce a tool/fix to update old incompatible saves?

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  14. Jason Dyer says:

    Oif, I think I had a winner there — 6 hrs or so into a game. At least the new version is a lot smoother. Moderate was starting to get dull, I’ll pump it up to High.

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  15. BrightHalo says:

    The developers forgot the feature of disabling the ability for the game to launch on Mac..

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    • Kajir says:

      Just downloaded the hotfix listed above, and my save files are loading (though nearly cause the game to stop responding during the load process).

      Hotfix is here: — Overwrite the game’s .exe with that file, load it up and go.

      Also read nvining’s post on the SA forums, and I’ve since softened up a bit. Dude’s taken quite a beating over this, I just hope it’s all considered for future patches.

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  16. Kajir says:

    I am pitching my agreement that a patch SHOULD NOT be released if it’s going to completely fudge everyone’s save files.

    Sure, this is a game where characters are ‘mostly’ transient, but for everyone who has managed to finally get a character that just clicks, and gotten lucky with loot or Anvil enchants… these are the people who are beginning to appreciate the game for what it is.

    To suddenly rip these characters and take them away is nothing short of tragedy. You’ve created a huge rift between yourself and the people who are otherwise doing their best to enjoy this game. How do we know future patches won’t do the same thing? Why should we bother playing the game if we cannot trust that anything we do now will still be valid in a few days or weeks?

    I realize that the game is designed to kick your ass six ways from Sunday and start over and over with new characters, but to finally get a good run going, only to be defeated with something like THIS just feels like the developer decided to take his ball home and make everyone find a new one.

    I enjoyed this game while it lasted, but I believe I will be looking for something else to recommend to others.

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    • Felix Jay Woodson says:

      I keep seeing these types of posts. “how can we trust you?” “why should we bother?”. It seems a bit extreme for something that happend once, I mean, i would understand if it had happend more than once. But its was a mistake, and no one should begrudge a game developer a few mistakes. These guys are truely sorry for what happend and plan on keeping it from happening again, i think any judgement should be reserved untill the nest patch, to see if it happens again.

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  17. alex dante says:

    Well, I know at least 3 friends of mine who were keen to make DoD their first roguelike who have since changed their mind because of this issue with the save game crash. I’m less inclined to waste my lunchtime on it now myself if there’s no guarantee of this not happening again.

    Really disappointing, guys.

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  18. StripedHat says:

    Ouch…and I had gotten so far on that character…so far.
    Oh well. Though it’s dissapointing it’ll be fun to start fresh. I hope this won’t be happening with all updates though…

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  19. skavenhorde says:

    Just wanted to say I was fine with starting over. I’ll try out a new build this time around.

    Keep up the good work, seriously I’ll be playing this game for years to come so make it the best Dungeons of Dredmor that you can 🙂

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  20. The one says:

    Am I the only one here that prefers a corrupt save file – That WILL get fixed eventually – over the delay of the 1.0.3 patch?

    You know they will fix it later, somehow, and since your character most likely was so close to death, like your 100 others, you shouldn’t worry that much.

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  21. BlackFlame says:

    Suggestion for the next patch: Map size and crafting/inventory window position should stick even if you close the game. Aside from that, thanks and keep up the good work!

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  22. K. says:

    Oh no, how horrible! I will have to start over IN A ROGUELIKE?!! How dare you!

    Seriously: Broken saves is annoying, but in a game like Dredmor, hardly very relevant.

    Bug report: If you WASD walk into an enemy standing in a door, you won’t attack, but rather try to close the door instead.

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  23. Jim says:

    Savegame loss is average but not to bad, for me anyway.

    The autopickup is not working for me at all. Nothing other than money gets picked up.

    Swapping the Shift+click and click for picking up doesn’t work properly either. When I select to swap, I can only pickup straight to inventory/toolbar I can no longer choose where to place it myself.

    The move to attack doens’t work sometime when attacking to the right (don’t know if it doesn’t work to the other directions either yet).

    Please fix these problems soon, because so far the patch has broken more for me than it has improved.

    Other than these problems, the game is brilliant.

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  24. JiminyJickers says:

    Sorry, may have posted this already but cant see it anywhere.

    Savegame loss is average but not to bad, for me anyway.

    The autopickup is not working for me at all. Nothing other than money gets picked up.

    Swapping the Shift+click and click for picking up doesn’t work properly either. When I select to swap, I can only pickup straight to inventory/toolbar I can no longer choose where to place it myself.

    The move to attack doens’t work sometime when attacking to the right (don’t know if it doesn’t work to the other directions either yet).

    Please fix these problems soon, because so far the patch has broken more for me than it has improved.

    Other than these problems, the game is brilliant.

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    • StripedHat says:

      I’ve got that problem too. It happened with my Gold Solutions twice, and my Dire Empowerment potions once.
      Pretty sure it’s a bug.

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  25. Hexen says:

    Not quite sure if it’s a bug, but I’ve got 2 stacks of Aqua Vitae now, exact same item, but they refuse to stack with each other…

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    • StripedHat says:

      I’ve got that problem too. It happened with my Gold Solutions twice, and my Dire Empowerment potions once.
      Pretty sure it’s a bug.

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  26. Jimmy the jimini jim says:

    Even if i rage-deleted my corrupt save file yesterday, i still love you guys. Thanks again for your incredible work triing to fix everything (life is hard isn’t it? you try to fix everything and the first thing that happen is that half of your fans are super mad at you for corrupting save files) and yes there are some very neat features in patch 1.03.Love the quick sell and auto-loot feature. I did have that weard experience of the health bar of the enemy covering all the screen but so far everything looks fine. Let me know how to give you guys a hand from my humble mortal non-programmer help.

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  27. Servalan says:

    Great patch! Even with the broken save files I appreciate the update and the additional features added to the game.
    Speaking of features, and this might be mentioned elsewhere, I’d love to have a rest until healed option (interrupted when monsters enter your awareness range). Auto-Rest feature could include check boxes for Life and Mana so a player can wait for one or both of them to reach max.

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  28. Travis says:

    Any kind of update on the Mac patch? I’m trying to be patient but I don’t want to start a new character until the patch comes out seeing as it may end up corrupting my saves anyway… (Plus I’m sick of how long it takes to sell things to Brax…)

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  30. leo says:

    Digging Ray buggy, works initially in every new game but after a while load save games it no longer works properly. Sure it destroy walls but player cannot cross those area pets can!. Save quit and load player can cross previously crumbled walls area. So all new wall crumbling I need to save & load if I wish to cross those paths.

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  31. michael says:

    i cant save my game

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