… and there’s a tutorial, ya’know.

(We’re close to the end/the beginning and Gaslamp is antsy to announce a ship date. But we can’t do that just yet. Yes: working hard. Especially Nicholas with his pile of hatred incarnate, see: bugtracker todo list.)

Beta testers: We’ve finally added a tutorial! Unfortunately you’ve probably all learned everything in it through an education of pain & countless deaths.

Other people: Although we’ve made a game that’s found most people dying to drinking acid or being savaged by a horde of small bird-like animals in the first minute or so of play, we’ve been good enough to have scripted up a fun little set of tutorials to teach a bit of how to play Dredmor – using items, skills, UI interaction, and such.

As a game built on roguelike foundations the key to Dredmor is the core concept of each action taking a single “turn”. Yes, it’s a turn-based game. But there are many turns and they are taken quickly each time you do anything — take a step, execute an attack, cast a spell, drink a potion, open a door, and so on — so the flow of the game has a fluidity to it while allowing you to effectively pause the action and take your time to consider your tactical options whenever you so desire. And you will certainly need to.

Here are some shots, 1. of the tutorial list and 2. of a poor diggle that’s about to get a final education in bomb-throwing.

Now I know that you hardcore players are not about to get excited about a set of tutorials, but consider what happens when we open up the scripting that made them possible. It could allow for some very interesting possibilities both in official expanded content (which I’ll probably have a heavy hand in) and for modders who want to push the game past what we at Gaslamp ever imagined possible.

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6 Responses to “… and there’s a tutorial, ya’know.”

  1. Another_Scott says:

    Most rougelikes do not have much going for them when it comes to tutorials, which is too bad because it`s one thing to get your butt handed to you because of a challenge; it`s another thing to die a lot because you don`t know what`s going on.

    It`s encouraging to see one will be included in a manor that sounds like it will be entertaining, something most tutorials in any genre do not have going for them either…

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    • Another_Scott says:

      Eewps, I ment roguelike, not the first time I did that and won’t be the last.

      I suppose a “rougelike” would be a game in only shades of red… Yeah, hardcore gamers play monochromatic games! =P

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  2. Tyrell says:

    What is a rougelike? What is a rouge? I dont play party puff make-up games!

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  3. Amandachen says:

    Funny. But not everyone here has good English skills.

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  4. Tyrell says:


    Actually that would be pretty funny.
    “Rougelike: The Roguelike”

    The adventures of (insert current teen pop star here). Find the Mascara of Might, wield a Loofa of Destruction! Accessorize with Charm Bracelets of Magical Might and avoid the dreaded Cursed Tampon of Anticoagulation!

    Can YOU brave the dangers of Dungeon Chanel and recover the fabled Rouge of Youth?

    Make it a 7DRL entry or something 😀


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  5. starrise says:

    I know it’s not tutorial related and wasn’t sure where else to post it, but this is apparently a video of Brax the Salesdemon with (the fast part of) Weird Al’s Hardware Store. It seems fitting based on what I’ve seen of the game so far =)


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