Why Do a Job Once When You Can Do It Eight Times in Only Eight Times the Time?

Quiet? Only outwardly. Our Dear Leader saw fit to allow ye players to select your own resolution rather than be limited to a proper and traditional 800×600 screen. Oh, we have such things in store. You will be able to descend far deeper into the Dungeons of Dredmor than ever imagined previously!

Now come with me and perform a cheap analogue of descending into the dungeon by scrolling down past this large image which is a crop of the title screen painting, showing how I’m expanding it to fit higher resolutions!

By deeper I’m referring only to the resolution of the game, of course. We’re not radically changing the actual number of levels, though one could say that the depth of the gameplay you will find in said levels will be much greater than before. I won’t get into it much, but the thought process is to focus gameplay more on what you see in the game (eg. the items, the skills, the tactics involved in using the grid of the dungeon layout, finding crazy stuff) than on what you don’t see in the game (eg. percentile bonuses to hidden stats).

Back to the art aspect, as the official Gaslamp art janitor, I get to clean up the messes that other people make as they change the fundamental requirements of the game. Bitter? Never! Well, only most of the time! — at Gaslamp I expect, nay, demand pain. Please sir, may I have another artistic beating? (Actually this turn of phrase reminds me of a certain performance art piece from back in art school, but I digress.) In short, redrawing the entire UI really does get easier when you’ve done it seven times before.

Worse yet, the clever new pixel scaling algorithm which Nicholas is employing works much better with low-color art than with the high-color art style which I used to draw everything. Pixel art formalism, which I’ve railed against before, has struck back at me, and I have surrendered to it. And I’m I like it.

You’ll never find me drawing a dither gradient though, unless it’s very intentionally for texture. I may be a videogame artist, but I do have some pride left. Here, check out new items:

Feel free to speculate wildly about the significance of fruit, a top hat, and ingots of various metals.

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3 Responses to “Why Do a Job Once When You Can Do It Eight Times in Only Eight Times the Time?”

  1. Brian says:

    I heartily approve of this thought process.

    I would guess the above top hat is part of a Dandy Set of Epic Proportions with a Monocle and such.

    Or it may house a supply of combat rabbits…

    { reply }
  2. AdminDavid Baumgart says:

    We do have at least one intentional item set that may unlock an achievement, but I shall say no more on that!

    (Summoning combat rabbits? Now that’s interesting… …just need some killer rabbit art, though we probably already used up our quota of Monty Python jokes.)

    { reply }
  3. Brian says:

    Killer bunnies eh…perhaps study the classic Cadbury Bunny ad videos for inspiration/implement his odd “warbling warcry”?

    Hard to believe these is such a thing as too many well played Python jokes—or even average ones really.

    { reply }

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