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Modules, Interrupts, Memory Leaks

The Road to Early Access basically looks like the Road to El Dorado, except the musical numbers are worse. Right now I am still in a land where I have to actually sit down and do all the stuff I’ve been putting off for the course of the product. Two things that fall into this category are “putting modules in the corner of a building” and “interrupts.” Oh, and “fixing the memory leaks.”

In The Colonies there are unfortunate occasions wherein real estate looks bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. (See also: "Mad Architects Of The Frontier And Their Terrible Creations".)

In The Colonies there are unfortunate occasions wherein real estate looks bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. (See also: “Mad Architects Of The Frontier And Their Terrible Creations”.)

Putting modules in the corner of a building has been something that, since the start of the project, would blow up the game. There were a number of things causing problems here: first off, the code to actually handle the case of inserting the small “module footer” that forms the foundation of a module was blowing up if you put it in the corner of a map. This has been fixed. Second, when we finished a module’s foundation, we would delete the edges on the floor plan, and merge the leftmost and rightmost edges together. Obviously, this is not the right thing to do if a foundation piece is at the leftmost, or rightmost, edge of a blueprint – you end up collapsing two edges together that are at 90 degrees. So this has been fixed for the outside of modules. The inside of modules still breaks, because there is some funny business going on with how we construct interiors that I have yet to track down – but we’re making progress on long standing issues.

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Hotfix and Mac Update; The Future

Update: both these patches are now live. — N.

Hi, folks!

The Dredmor Save Fiasco Hotfix and a new OS X build have been sent to Steam, and they will go up some time tomorrow. (Steam is pretty good about these things.) As always, if you have any problems or questions, feel free to get in touch with us at; we will try to get you sorted out as best we can. When updating the game, those of you using the hotfix may want to make sure you validate your Steam cache before, after, or during the install process to make sure you have the freshest, newest Dredmors that Steam can provide. (Or just uninstall and reinstall the entire thing, if bandwidth is cheap for you.)

At this point, the game seems to be running pretty stably for most people. We’re aware of a few slowdowns (generally bad performance on OS X; also blood, in particular in Monster Zoos), and a few odd things that happen using the Unsupported Features (the hidden speed-up key and the OpenGL renderer.) So this is good.

That said, we certainly have a bunch of issues to continue sorting out. My bugtracker currently has one hundred and eleven issues in it. In the words of Strong Bad, “That is not a small number! That is a big number!” There’s a very good chance that if there is an issue that’s bothering you (warrior health broken! Mages still need nerfing! Balance issues! Infinite Diggle Health bars! Pet stupidity! Monsters attacking you just as you kill them! Pets being stupid! WASD not working! This Translation is all Wrong… Is All Wrong! etc.), we probably have it on our list. This is in addition to the requested features list, which still includes 2X UI and has expanded to include a bunch of other things that everybody wants – and will eventually get – to make their life better. (Minimap icons springs instantly to mind, although there’s other stuff.) This is also in addition to new content. Plus, we need to finish the Linux port, and at some point we need to start assembling the next game! It’s a busy time to be a Gaslamper.

We are going to work through this as fast we can, and as best we can, but we’re going to have to stop for a bit and get our bearings so that we can figure out the best way to attack things. We are currently leaning towards alternating bugfix and content patches, and we can only do this if we start building some testing infrastructure, so we’re going to do that. (This is slightly complicated by the fact that I, personally, am supposed to be moving at the start of August. Oh well.)

We’ll let you know as soon as we determine what the next part of the plan is, and how soon in August I can actually get the Internet Access people to reconnect me with the rest of the world. In the mean time, we’re so thrilled you’re having a good time with Dredmor, and we hope that you continue to do so. I, for one, have spent several hours reading forum posts, laughing my head off, and being amazed at the incredibly long playtimes that people are putting in. It is very delightful to know that everything we threw in Dredmor over the course of several years has suddenly gone off with a very loud bang, all at once, all over the Internet. It’s like setting fire to an explosives factory.

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