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Airship Masts, Containers, Fruit Baskets

I have a cold today, and I’m feeling a bit weird. Also, the office is a little quiet.

We’ve been working on a number of new features for the next build which are hopefully notable. A small feature, requested by our user base, is a way to designate an airship mooring tower location – the idea being that colony drop-offs (immigration, supply drops, criminals, vicars) will all happen in a controlled area, and that you can then stop them from being dropped on your colonist’s heads. David checked in his code commit for that on Monday, but he wasn’t in the office this morning so I don’t have any screenshots. I asked Daniel what was going on on Tuesday, and he replied, sarcastically, “We have an art director?” So I dunno, not sure what’s going on there.


Just drop it on top of the stockpile loaded with (semi-)valuable goods.

Someone sent a fruit basket last week. That was nice. I guess I should have some more fruit; it’ll help with the cold.

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