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What have you done!? (or: Terrible Histories)

Oh man are we ever busy with a bunch of awesome stuff. There are a still a few fundamental engine issues that are being worked out (last I checked we can still accidentally spawn 10,000 Lua instances and destroy the world), but the biomes are starting to really look great, the art team is cranking out fantastic looking machines, people, and now particles (woo!), and the characters in the game are starting to get really upset whenever we start the game up to test a new feature and neglect to feed them.

It's always something.

It’s always something.

Characters will start telling anyone nearby who will listen that they’re really, really hungry.  They start thinking about hunger instead of doing work, and then they keel over.  That is, unless there’s *some* food available, but not enough.  Then they subsist for a while being generally grumpy as they go about filling steam balls and farming cabbages.  Could be worse, they could not have beds.  If they’re not sleeping on beds (which you need to make for them) they start sleeping outside. They really don’t like that.  It makes them angry and depressed.  Eventually the sleep deprivation will get to them and, uh, well currently they only have one terrible option — We’ll talk over some feature by the whiteboard for a while, look back at the screen, and there are just … bodies everywhere.

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