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Help us raise money for children’s hospitals!

Today we’re working with a bunch of other indie game developers to help a charity called Extra Life raise money for children’s hospitals. If you could contribute $5 or $10 it would mean a lot to us.

The donations are going to Seattle Children’s Hospital by way of the Children’s Miracle Network (and if you are in the US you get a handy tax deduction form thingy)

We’re going to be playing Crusader Kings 2 on our stream, which will start at 5pm PST, you can catch us on, and we’ll be our handsome and charming selves.  See you on the twitch channel!

Edit: Wow, we’re terrible at Crusader Kings 2. And at taking care of children in Crusader Kings 2. But we’re great at beards. Help make up for our terrible medieval child-rearing in the 11th century!

Edit #2: In case you missed it, you can see the archived stream of us flailing about in Medieval Denmark here. We’re on for about the first hour there.

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