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We have Top Men working on it!

Two quick things, because… well, we’ve been working hard lately, and we want you to know that!

First: the Indie Megabooth at PAX East was, by all accounts, an epically awesome thing.  So obviously the only reasonable thing for me to do was talk to the great guys over at Fire Hose Games about getting in on the party for PAX Prime!  It’s still super early to tell what exactly is going down, but chances are very good that we’ll be there, showing off one or two of a few of our super secret projects.  I’ll fill you in when I know a bit more about what’s going on.  Also, they probably won’t be super secret for that much longer, we just have an over-abundance of scheming to catch up on.

Secondly, it’s official, we now have Top Men working on secret Dredmor toys.  The first prototypes of the plush diggle are currently being developed by our people on the inside at, but as soon as we have some pictures for you guys we’ll let you know.

Here's a picture of the cause of most of David's spelling errors.

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