The official 1.0 build of Clockwork Empires will be launched October 26th!


We first released the game for purchase in “Earliest Access” over 2 years ago, and we’re proud of just how far the game has come, in part thanks to our dedicated early-access players. Clockwork Empires has changed quite a bit but, the central concept has stayed the same: manage the growth of a colony of settlers on the steampunk frontier, as they learn to deal with the horrors of the unknown.

We’re putting a hold on the “Experimental” builds leading up to the launch date so we can surprise you with some more stuff when the time comes, but expect new events, more cults and monsters, along with all the other polish that you would expect as the doomsday clock ticks ominously forwards to midnight and version 1.0.

This will, of course, not be the last update for Clockwork Empires, but we have reached the point where we feel that the important elements are all here (or will be before The Time). We¬†will of course continue to find and fix bugs as they appear, add content and adjust the balance of the game beyond version 1.0 – while the game won’t see support forever, just like our previous title Dungeons of Dredmor, the journey doesn’t end on release.

If you’re interested in the road that we traveled to get to this point, I would invite you to take a look at the Development Progress report that we have kept up-to-date every month since August 2014. (And if you’d like to check out the game in the weeks before release – or just wishlist it – the steam store page can be found Here.)

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey with us: supporting us by buying Clockwork Empires, talking with us about your experiences, pointing us at new (and sometimes old) bugs, sending us saves and crash dumps, and giving us suggestions to improve it. I can, without any reservation, say that we could not have done this without you. We are grateful to be able to create games for you, and doing it with you has been an amazing experience.

Long live the Clockwork Empire!


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  1. Matt Steele says:

    So excited to see the launch this month! Congratulations Gaslampers for all the hard work and iteration. Looking forward to destroying a bottle of champagne (and getting some good audio samples, why waste the opportunity?).

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  2. Jeff Craig says:

    What about the Linux version?

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  3. rydash says:

    Aw yeah! Only twenty days until I can finally remove the mental block that’s been preventing me from playing because of the thought “it’s not fully cooked yet”! I can’t wait to play this as more than just a tinkerer!

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  4. Is there an endgame / metagame yet? I thought that was the main remaining missing piece.

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    • Kamisma says:

      Not really, you can unlock more embark points by achievement a certain population count but that’s about it.
      No bureaucrat career thingy in sight.

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  5. DrunkRaccoons says:

    That feel when I still haven’t killed the lich in dredmor and Gaslamp are releasing their new game :’).

    Cant wait for release !

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  6. Belimawr says:

    now to find a way to pass that inevitable bit where everything attacks at once and my people start turning into fishpeople. last game went from a population of 40 to a population of 10.

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  7. SickBoy says:

    Have to admit I’m surprised. There are so many things that I feel are missing a *lot* of the TLC needed to be considered finished, with plenty of others heavily bugged or completely lacking necessary functionality. Swamp water is still a brightly lit eyesore, mouseover priority is still really poor, the music mute button in-game doesn’t even work, there’s a severe lack of a proper options menu in-game, there are no hotkeys for UI elements, music is still completely missing the point vibe-wise, the UI overall still feels very prototype-y, colonist name changes don’t carry over to a ton of areas (like their journal), errors about nil index bandit calls are still occurring, etc.

    The game is going in a good direction (took me awhile to adjust to the refocusing that occurred in the last few patches, but I enjoy it now), but there are SO many small-but-important things that need work.

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    • ElementN says:

      I too am surprised that you guys are trying to push 1.0 out so hard.

      It would be far better imo to do press about the game entering into Beta in December or November – that would surely drive more sales.

      And then shortly in 2017 more press for the actual release followed by (hopefully) good reviews and even more success.

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  8. Oxi says:

    Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

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  9. The Chaplain says:

    Dear Gaslamp Games team, would you kindly to add the Police Station (or Colonial Constabulary) with steampunk peelers and a Flagpole for the center of the colony. Thus’ very Imperialistic AND Patriotic too, lads.

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  10. MauS says:

    Finally! Congratulation for this achievement.

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