Let Slip the Trunks of Repair

On the resource end of things, Clockwork Empires is largely a game about production – What resources can you get? How many? How quickly? Progression through the game is largely governed by a flat rate of what modules you can afford to build. Our module design, however, centers around an increasing economy of scale – this calls for the player to be using commodities constantly, not merely when they want to build something new.

A long while back, as a sort of nod to this philosophy we implemented a repair system where modules break after a certain amount of uses and must be repaired. This wasn’t ever made a focus, however – it had no real dedicated UI and what items were necessary to repair modules was not explained. However, as economy balance begins to come more into focus we decided it was time to revisit the repair/breakage system. So, coming in the next experimental: Upkeep!


Buildings will require weekly upkeep in order to keep functioning. Each module has an upkeep type and cost associated with it, and these add together to create a Building Upkeep that must be paid weekly. (Note that all figures here are subject to change as we get feedback on this feature). How do you pay this upkeep? Must you keep tons of spare building materials laying around? No! Instead you will use… Repair Trunks:


Repair trunks are crafted similarly to Bric-a-brac, in that they can be made from various source materials depending on what you have available. They come in four categories of increasing expense, with the highest category saved for high-end modules like the Power Saw or Steam Oven. This material versatility should allow players of any biome to keep their modules up and running while imposing a continuing production requirement that will keep your carpentry, ceramics, et al workshops busy over the long term.

Chests3Upkeep required will be displayed in each workshop, as a total of the upkeep of all modules within (Currently this UI is being worked on). When the time comes, workers in that building will automatically perform repairs as necessary using the required repair trunks – failing to meet the weekly upkeep for a building, on the other hand, will result in the workshop shutting down!Chests5You may ask yourself: ‘Won’t this make it harder for me to keep my huge colony running?’ Yes! You’ll have to worry about supply lines, maintaining resources, and not overbuilding – GAMEPLAY! These numbers are all still to be tuned, and I have some plans in mind as regards module and building construction costs, as well as military upkeep but we’ll talk about those later.

For now; Be vigilant! Maintain your modules! Your colony may yet survive to see another day.

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4 Responses to “Let Slip the Trunks of Repair”

  1. Rob Rendell says:

    Speaking personally, I think that “Basic Repair Trunk” would be a better name than “Novice Repair Trunk”… the repair trunk doesn’t really reflect a level of skill, it reflects the sorts of modules it can be used on. Someone might be highly skilled at repairing wooden and stone modules 🙂

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  2. Kamisma says:

    As long as you’re adding trunks to workshop you can may be have out put trunks and input trunks rather to rely on unwieldly stock piles lying all around the colony.

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  3. Wootah says:

    If a shop never gets used, does it need maintenance? If I have 3 carpentry shops and route my orders through one, would all 3 come up for maintenance?

    Does a huge carpentry shop with multiple power saws require the same number of repair trunks as one a small one?

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  4. Markus says:

    Good idea in general, but,from my personal point of view, at the moment the amount of required repair trunks is just to high. with a small starter colony, (1x carpentry, 2x small low class houses, 1x kitchen) I already require 30+ repair trunks (for 9 beds, two carpenters workbench, an oven, a workbench and a brewing vat). This needs tuning urgently. With this rate the only thing my carpenter can do is produce repair trunks all day. As far as things go for me, a specific “repair trunk rate” dependent (only) on the building size would be more appropriate, or reduce the amount for single components. Further we need more wood, may it be due to regrowing trees natural or having the possibilitie for a “tree farm” from the beginning (like bamboo).

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