Gaslamp Never Rests: Office Moving & Gameplay Science

Once again the wheel turns. The Time of Change is upon us. Those who are unready will fall defeated while the once-humble may ride chaos to reign victorious! 

By which I mean we’re moving the Gaslamp offices again. That’s pretty neat, right? Let’s look at pictures of boxes. (There’s a changelog for the experimental build which should be coming out today at the end of this post, so if you want game-relevant stuff you’re going to have to look at our silly moving pictures.)

Daniel is so excited about this.

Daniel is SO excited about packing up all of our paperwork.

Micah tries to imagine this isn't happening. (IT'S HAPPENING, ACCEPT IT.)

Micah tries to imagine this isn’t happening. (IT’S HAPPENING, ACCEPT IT.)

Nicholas summons the power of Black Magic while Daniel reads from The Nameless Tome.

Meanwhile, in the new office: Daniel reads the Unreadable Runes from The Nameless Tome as Nicholas summons its power of Black Magic.



Hey, nice coff ...

Just cleaning up here, drinking some cof…

(indescribable wall of sound)

(indescribable wall of sound)

So that’s happening and it’s why we’re phoning in this blog post.

(There are some fascinating game design discussions to be had, it’s true, and you can see some important changes below, but they’ll have to wait ’til another day.)

Oh, you wanted to hear about Clockwork Empires? Fine, fine …

Changelog for Clockwork Empires experimental rev33A

  • FIXED: “make planks” job order crash
  • FIXED: “wield firearm” requirement wasn’t fulfilling, messing up everything to do with using firearms in a subtle way
  • correctly hooked up pumpkin pie icon
  • successful cultist murder will increase cultist_power
  • made more jobs uninterruptable for gossiping (still trying to get the balance right)
  • reduced character memories display to 8 from 10 (it overflowed the window)
  • added a bunch of icons for buildings & modules, fixed lots of icons for buildings & modules
  • gunfire, explosions, and combat will now wake people up
  • military training now gives a bonus to all damage dealt
  • bandits: reduced change to spawn armoured bandit (50% rather than 100%)
  • bandits will now prioritize better commodities (especially hard liquor) (Thanks Samut. Again.)
  • balance: bandits won’t attack on day 1, can only attack with min. numbers on day 2 ; increased bandit timer
  • balance: Bandits given less desire to shoot fleeing targets, more desire to shoot military targets
  • added bolts of cloth to starting loadout; beds now require cloth
  • fixed up “return to civilization” job (w/ some backend to detect civ at start position)
  • converted food to only qualitative system of 1 food/day rather than a quantitative nutrition value system
  • changed descriptions of food to reflect this
  • hunters now target the closest animal and shouldn’t switch targets randomly anymore
  • “Burial” job balanced slightly to be less appealing, especially if the corpse is far away. Won’t be done by military (to fix NCO death/burial/replacement cycle)
  • balance: whether it is night or not now affects a lot of character jobs & behaviours
  • extended a game day/night cycle from 6 to 8 minutes. Day/night is now 3:1 rather than 5:1
  • made night slightly lighter (so you can see better)
  • added “confession” job
  • added melee version of frontier justice job for military
  • added a faster item drop triggered when enemy is nearby
  • fleeing/fighting requires no item in hand (uses faster item drop)
  • added placeholders for new buildings (barracks)
  • added textiles workshop & jobs
  • added flax plants as valid crop to both biomes

This should be going up on Steam before the end of the day. Enjoy! (And let us know how it works out.)


Edit: Watch Gaslamp Games play Clockwork Empires v33, “You’ll laugh, you’ll join a cult!”

So apparently my attempt to embed this video in the newsletter mail thing failed. So let’s try this again. Want to watch Daniel and I play our own game and mess up? Check out it out:

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10 Responses to “Gaslamp Never Rests: Office Moving & Gameplay Science”

  1. Adam says:

    There’s no such thing as “too much viking metal.”

    { reply }
  2. coolguy says:

    did you know that steam is doing its black friday autumn sale? will we see a price drop in clockwork empires for this time?

    { reply }
  3. Mr147 says:

    Great vid guys, keep it up and keep up the good work on the game =3

    { reply }
  4. GDwarf says:

    That food change seems kinda big. I take it that instead of food sources providing one unit of food with nutrition 8 (or whatever) they’d now just provide 8 units of food? Or are all food sources now effectively identical?

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      It’s more like, colonists require one unit of food per day, flat. The qualities of the food determines how they feel emotionally about it. This should become more sophisticated so that a colonist knows their last N meals and decides how they feel about their current one based on their past meals as well as their social class expectations for food, & etc.

      We should also be adding in a physiological effect for subsisting on just raw cabbage / longpork, but that gets a little more complex.

      It’s an iterative process!

      { reply }
  5. MailersMate says:

    Am I the only who noticed the fox chasing the Ox?

    { reply }
  6. Maurizio says:

    Are the 33 version and I noticed that when I open the window of work crews there are slowdowns and once it is blocked, then I think the game currently cannot support too much data why và invariably crash when there are many settlers and buildings, hi.

    { reply }
  7. AMJH says:

    That video made me think, will the citizens have thoughts about the building shapes at some point? They could be quantified by stuff like complexity (How many corners a room has?), squareness (Same width and height) and roundness (All outer walls about the same distance from center).

    { reply }

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