Earliest Access Status Update

The general consensus around the office is that today’s Earliest Access launch went better than any launch that the company has done in the past. People seem to be having a good time; while there are some crash bugs, they seem to be pretty manageable.

Awkward name for a military squad or sign of [REDACTED] infiltrating the highest levels of the Empire?

Awkwardly named squad or sign of REDACTED infiltrating the highest levels of the Empire?

Here are some Helpful Notes on some of the most common technical issues players are having:

  • If your game will not start, it looks like you have a computer that is running an international version of Windows; known examples that break the game are French and Polish operating systems. We are working on figuring out how to unbreak this (by which, I mean “trying to remember how I figured this out for Dredmor.”)
  • If your game suddenly stops displaying terrain, set the terrain quality back to “High” and restart the game (there’s no functional difference any more anyway, and this option should be removed.)
  • If your game is not displaying anything at all, you probably have an Intel HD3000 or HD4000, which are not officially supported yet. We will be working on these in the future. (The newest generation of integrated Intel hardware seems to work okay, which is surprising!)
  • If you have an NVIDIA card, and your terrain does not display, and your terrain quality is set to high: update your drivers. There seems to be a bad batch of drivers floating around somewhere.
  • In general, updating your drivers is a good idea.
  • If you get no sound: possibly, try running as Administrator? We haven’t quite figured this one out yet, but Top Men are Working On It.
  • If you are having problems with reclaiming your key, drop us a line at contact@gaslampgames.com and we will sort you out.
  • If you have any other problems, head to our forums ( https://community.gaslampgames.com/ ) and check the current bugs thread, and if it’s not on there, you can post about it there OR submit a report through the Clockwork Empires Portalhttp://portal.clockworkempires.com/ ).

There is a pretty good list of “known bugs” at this point, and we will be slaving away on a patch in the office this weekend with an eye towards pushing it to the public on Monday (July 21st). This should take care of a handful of random crashes, as well as some low-hanging UI fruit that players have been especially eager to have us fix.

We are then going to shoot for a more “content-y” patch on the following Friday (July 25th).


We have personal assurances from the Colonial Minister!

As always, we thank you for your patronage and we look forward to further delighting you with Colonial Incursions as we proceed from “Earliest Access” to “Early Access”, and then – at long last – “Finished Game.”

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12 Responses to “Earliest Access Status Update”

  1. Jumblejon says:

    A true treat. Downloading to kill my travelers now.

    { reply }
  2. Hoggypare says:

    So does it mean that as of yet the game lacks… Polish??? 😀
    Oh the puns… (Need to cheer myself up, since I am being one affected by this issue)

    { reply }
  3. Beaujetto says:

    I have been waiting for so long and now I am finished downloading. I will be back to let you guys know what I think!!

    { reply }
  4. Headjack says:

    I hope we get mods out before 1.0 comes

    { reply }
  5. Bropocalypse says:

    Here’s hoping someone mods in giant pink scorpion diggles.

    I must say. From the hour or so of it I’ve played so far, I’m seeing a lot of promise. But, the pace of gameplay seems a touch slow, IMO. Are there any plans to add a fast-forward button, or is the idea that once the colony gets big enough the player will have enough on their hands that it won’t matter?

    { reply }
  6. DrSleepless says:

    Great job guys, keep up the good work.

    { reply }
  7. GareauRA says:

    You guys worked hard on this, and we have waited long! Here’s hoping for very successful release and cheers for game and it hopefully continual update and progress.

    { reply }
  8. Digglemaster says:

    I would buy this just because of you’re last game but the price seems quite steep…

    { reply }
  9. pertusaria says:

    Huzzah! I seem to have got a “good” set of Intel graphics hardware. Was not expecting this to run on my computer until a few versions from now. Cheers all!

    { reply }
  10. Akuma says:

    Come one come all!

    Feeling persecuted? Have nothing to live for? Saw something the eyes of mankind was never meant to see?

    Then join the colonies today!

    You can engage in exciting activities such as “Lumber jacking”, “Community focused worship”, “Accelerated Diplomacy with the Natives”, “Freeform Justice” and much much more!

    { reply }
  11. Jethro Larson says:

    Exciting! Congratulations. I’ll probably wait for the Early Access but I’m stoked that you’re in a public ready-ish state.

    For gears and eldritch horrors.

    { reply }
  12. Michael says:

    well i was happy to see a new update to the game and some nice improvements then I realized that I can not make planks at all. The code for planks is just gone cant make them manually and not with a saw mill so now my jobs fill up with furniture items and I cant tell my colonists to do jobs. Any one else having this issue?

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