Clockwork Empires: Teaser Trailer & Website

Greetings, Colonists!

We’ve all been working very hard, driven half-mad by lack of sleep and an excess of the foul black brew known only as coffee. And we have a lot of fun stuff to show you. Just a little something:

We’ve also got a whole new website for Clockwork Empires! I’m going to link to it like three times here so you’re absolute sure not to miss it. Go! Go now! Or very shortly! Let’s make it easy:

–> <–

It shows off yon video, a load of screenshots and fun pictures, a (new, smarter) Gaslamp Games mailing list signup (which you should sign up on to get steaming hot news straight from the boiler, plus insinuations about alpha testing). The site will be updated with all kinds of awesome stuff as development proceeds!

"We've come to show you this new video from Gaslamp Games."

“We’ve come from The Sea to show you an amusing new video from Gaslamp Games!”

We’d like to give a big thank you to all the following folk:

  • Marlon for his hard work on the teaser video,
  • Chestnut St. Pixel Foundry for the lovely Clockwork Empires logo and website design,
  • Derek for coding up the website & admining the systems,
  • Stephanie & Heather for doing all sorts of PR magic,

And, of course, all of the Gaslamp Games employees & contractors who have slaved away under the unwavering eye of Quag’garoth for these many nights to enable its terrible birth into this world.

Are you ready for the flaming rampages of the tentacled devourer?

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22 Responses to “Clockwork Empires: Teaser Trailer & Website”

  1. icepick37 says:

    Get some rest. And dream of Quag’garoth.

    { reply }
  2. Darren Grey says:

    Beautiful! Praise to Quag’garoth for his marvellous performance!

    Could have perhaps done with a jolly fine voiceover, mind. If you ever need a posh English accent do let me know 😉

    { reply }
  3. Godwin says:

    Great!! Very cool 🙂

    { reply }
  4. Headjack says:

    The stars are aligning

    { reply }
  5. musteline says:

    can i preorder now? 😛

    { reply }
  6. Neronym says:

    Fantastic! Awesome! And the singing voice of the woman in 0:28 really… enchants… me. Must. Mate. With h.. WHAT?!

    { reply }
  7. muddyhawk says:

    Very cool stuff. The artwork kind of reminds me of The Sims (not a bad thing). Excited to see more!

    { reply }
  8. Ernst Poppenschlaffen says:

    I like the topping distribution in the green soup. All the lumps are a respectable distance from the sides.

    In spite of the fishmen, all is evidently well in the Empire.

    { reply }
  9. Mysterious Stranger says:

    I REALLY wish I could stop coming back here and re-watching the trailer. One might say I’m compelled.

    { reply }
  10. Shawn Walker says:

    To paraphrase a saying about another dark, tentacled overlord: “Finite pain results in Quag’garoth, which results in INFINITE PAAAAAAAAAAIN.”

    But seriously, throw up a humble bundle button already!

    { reply }
  11. dtanders says:

    Just as an FYI, the link to sign up for the mailing list on the bottom of the page on the new website doesn’t work in *some* browsers. I’m all for making IE users suffer, but I’m guessing that was actually an oversight.

    { reply }
  12. Detritus says:

    Praise be to Quag’goroth and the Gaslamp Games team. May all their endeavours be moderately successful and bring glory to the Great Tentacled One.

    { reply }
  13. Tyler says:

    So if some maniac were to actually drop that immaculate idol of Quag’goroth in the lake, would the fish-men start worshiping him? I can only hope so!

    Can’t wait for the alpha/beta! Any chance us loyal blog reading cultists will get the first info?

    { reply }
  14. Dear Gaslamp, having read all the press coverage from the many Aethernetted press hacks following your dispatches, I have grave concerns about the Mongolian Corpse Disposal Deathworms.

    It is my understanding that in Dwarf Fortress, dwarves must haul and bury the festering corpses of their nearest and dearest, this being a key inducer of madness and depression. Mongolian Deathworms would seem to alleviate this grim responsibility. For the sake of the Empire, I feel that the citizens themselves ought to bear this grievous burden; thus shall they harden their souls against all adversity.

    Plus, if they have to bury their loved ones, it then means that suitable alien influences could in fact cause said loved ones to RISE FROM THEIR GRAVES, creating no end of terrifying possibilities. What is the mood impact of fending off your dead wife from chewing on your windpipe, I wonder? Are there large enough negative numbers in existence?

    By all means, keep the Mongolian Deathworms — but give them a more entertaining job yet… such as infesting buried corpses…..

    Yours sincerely,
    Rob the Depraved Builder of Character

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  16. Question: Are you considering Steam early acess?
    My best non-euclidean wishes for this game to rock.

    { reply }
  17. Robert Tseng says:

    will PR magic be in a dredmor expansion? =)

    { reply }
  18. Idle Dice says:

    Calamari for everyone! Wait, why is everyone running away?

    { reply }
    I hope it’ll’ be releasedin Russia.
    Oye! Wait!
    Why soldiers of the Queen are without shako’s and citizens without hats, cilinders and bowlers? Don’t forget hats darn it!

    { reply }

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