Oh Good! We’re on Sale Again!

It’s finally happened. We have seen the signs in the bones, and in the hearts of trees themselves. The augury is complete, and we have know the signs – and they know us.

The Steam Autumnal Sale is upon us, and Brax the Salesdemon has gone insane with MERCANTILE POWER.

Right now, Dredmor Complete can be yours for only $2.49.

Individual Expansion Packs can be yours for $0.74.


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10 Responses to “Oh Good! We’re on Sale Again!”

  1. Wootah says:

    Talk about an amazing Deal! And people should pick them all up right before 1.1.3 comes out for even more awesome!

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  2. Essence says:

    Seriously, the whole of Dredmor is available for less than the cost of a movie on Amazon Prime, and it provides, what, 100-250 times as many hours of entertainment? This is a no-brainer.

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  3. Jellp says:

    Can we have 75% off from you have to name the expansion pack too? 😀

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  4. Fred says:

    Is this for steam only or for all?

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    • It’s part of the Steam Fall sale, so they’re getting the love this time around. Still, we’ve got a couple of guys feverishly working on some Dredmor delivery updates for non-Steam folks. We’ll update you on that soon, I hope!

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  5. Pertusaria says:

    Bought a copy for my boyfriend, who’s a longtime Nethacker – cheers folks!

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  6. Warlock says:

    I’m just here after seeing the ‘sale what sale’ tag.


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  7. Tarhiel says:

    How about coming to GOG now, hm? Waiting at you, Dredmor Complete 🙂

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  8. This is such a great deal, I have no idea why some people still don’t own this.

    Maybe they don’t understand diggles.

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  9. Noel says:

    Will there be any more/future expansions or sequels? I simply love this game but require a better minimap maybe that can be a patch?

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