Dungeons of Dredmor Patch 1.1.2

EDIT: Steam is the first out the door with the patch, in the middle of the night no less. Huzzah! — Nicholas

Coming at you from all available angles: It’s a patch! 

Patch Notes

This should be up tomorrow morning on Steam, and trickling out across various other distributors as they get to it. (For some people it might be as late as Monday due to time zone changes, people taking the day off, the Pterodactyl Gods Festival, etc.) A collection of changes is below the cut.

A quick note regarding Desura: while Desura got correctly updated builds from 1.0.11 to 1.1.1 if you use the Desura client, the standalone builds didn’t get updated. This is due to a miscommunication between us and Desura about who puts them up; we’ll be putting up full builds on schedule for you from now on at the same time as we do the in-client uploads. Sorry for the incovenience. Many thanks to Andrew Ferguson for setting up our build machine so we can do this.

And now the changelog:


  • FIXED: various issues with saving and loading games, including but not limited to your inventory disappearing, your save games breaking, and you losing levels when entering or leaving the pocket dimension.
  • FIXED: The Traditional Achievement Fixing Ritual has been performed. (Please join in at home by chanting to the Pterodactyl Wizards until you feel the icy grasp of their claws upon your shoulderblades.)
  • FIXED: primary stats not being buffed by skills
  • FIXED: game now runs correctly on machines with international localizations.
  • FIXED: aggressively regenerate levels when a level has been deleted from a save game.
  • FIXED: instructions now included on Magic Box pop-up.
  • FIXED: sight radius could not be decreased
  • FIXED: flickering up/down buttons in the skills tree
  • FIXED: phantom slots on skills grid
  • FIXED: crash clicking “next” on tutorial button
  • FIXED: at low resolutions, wizard key falls offscreen at 2x mode
  • FIXED: magic box could be exploited to steal from shops
  • FIXED: Steam overlay not working in -opengl mode
  • FIXED: missing expansion2 caused problems with expansion3
  • FIXED: spell points could result in negative mana
  • FIXED: dagger and polearm bonuses now only apply when wielding a dagger or a polearm
  • FIXED: Confiscate Evidence allowed theft
  • FIXED: rutabagas would dash repeatedly at you, either killing you instantly or locking the game
  • FIXED: named monsters no longer spawn in Mysterious Portals in enormous piles
  • FIXED: clicking the Digest button in the pocket dimension no longer freezes the game
  • FIXED: item stacking problems
  • FIXED: buff stacking problems
  • FIXED: skill level is now actively checked when encrusting a weapon
  • FIXED: when we add a steam achievement, we also add the local achievement
  • FIXED: some local achievements
  • FIXED: transmuting monsters could repeatedly set off traps
  • FIXED: various other polymorphing monster crashes
  • FIXED: Insufficient terrifying and foreboding graffiti on the walls. Added terrifying and foreboding graffiti to the walls in preparation for the Ominous Countdown.
  • FIXED: Brittle stacks do not refresh after changing levels.
  • FIXED: “Platinum Ring” removed from Lucky Find spawnlist because it doesn’t exist.
  • Increased all monster perception values.
  • Slightly nerfed first level polearm skill.
  • Fixed polearm stance effects that weren’t firing.
  • Made high level polearms harder to craft.
  • Lucky pick automatically opens locked doors without requiring a lockpick, and no longer requires Lockpick Spamming.
  • Radiant Aura, Magic Steel buff stacksize capped at 1.
  • tweaked Healing Rain effect.
  • tweaked This Root Shall Suffer to cause more suffering.
  • Fixed some random spelling and grammar stuff.
  • UI: darkened Krong popup dialog background to make icons easier to read
  • UI: darkened resistance & damage extension widgets to make icons easier to read
  • Master of Arms description updated to reflect chance of triggering “Suit Up”
  • removed unnecessary skill category tags
  • Tentacular Infestation bolt no longer infests you with tentacles when it hits other people
  • Very Sharp Wall of Blades Stance now hits enemies with small amount of piercing/slashing when player is attacked


  • Fixed Helm of Threepwood artifact quality
  • enhanced the Broadside skill
  • added a new sound for Broadside


  • FIXED: Ravens now make proper sounds. Quothing is involved.
  • FIXED: Mage’s Mana Maille buff stacksize capped at 1
  • FIXED: All eruptors spawn fewer traps. It was getting ridiculous.
  • FIXED: Clockwork Knight: teleport animations removed from movement-based spells
  • FIXED: Puissant Veil now hits enemies with magic damage when player is attacked
  • FIXED: Multiple, multiple issues with the Arcane Capacitor.  Who thought it was a good idea to have a spell with 200 lines of scripts for it anyway?


  • FIXED: decreased monster charge attack damage (see: Deadly Rutabagas of Death)
  • FIXED: Insurance Fraud issues when used on a corpse.
  • FIXED: Encrustings would fire 100% of the time.
  • Communist healing skill may now fire commie debuffs
  • Hammer and Sickle can be found in the dungeon
  • Hammer is now craftable
  • Sandstorm nerfed (Sandstorm damages reduced, mana cost increased, additional player debuff added)
  • Asp Empowerment buff changed to fire less commonly
  • Damage scaling added to “Alien Weapon” skill
  • added special craftable Communist Armour & Helm
  • Bailout should now remove fiscal responsibility
  • Pyramid Scheme can now trigger correctly
  • Reform and Opening now actually pays out
  • gave minor passive bonuses to Tourist & Paranormal Investigator
  • added missing item definitions for Helm of Ultimate Knowledge and Shrat’s Helm
  • added four new high-level daggers
  • Added some more Wizardlands so we don’t keep running into that room with the Evil Clones all the time. (Wizardland Geometry may slightly change as a result.)
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20 Responses to “Dungeons of Dredmor Patch 1.1.2”

  1. FaustoMartense says:


    { reply }
  2. Spudster says:

    Sweet. Do you know if this will this ruin savegames made using the most recent hotfix?

    { reply }
  3. Palpz says:

    Well, the lucky pick change was very poorly thought out. It automatically opens locked doors without a lock-pick. But they forgot to extend it to locked chests.

    { reply }
    • Kaidelong says:

      Actually, this is a welcome nerf to burgulary that was long overdue. Not spending lockpicks on locked doors is very handy, still.

      { reply }
  4. RJ says:

    FIXED: Insufficient terrifying and foreboding graffiti on the walls. Added terrifying and foreboding graffiti to the walls in preparation for the Ominous Countdown.

    I’ve already started to find, and solve some of these.

    { reply }
  5. Warlock says:

    Patch get. <3

    { reply }
  6. Evilmanmark says:

    Well i went to my first post update wizardlands. i sawe changes right away although i didnt have long to enjoy them because of the floor 4 monsters that inhabited the lands while i was like level 3 so luckily i had steam rocket bolts and i could kill at least 2 mobs but it didn’t have a lively ending. So great job guys (deadly though) one question was this just unlucky and are there still easy ones or should i wait with the next wizardlands

    { reply }
  7. Evilmanmark says:

    Well i tried out more wizardlands didn’t run into high level monsters (luckily) i love the new rooms but it all ended when i stepped on a trap that lead to an anvil of krong (daring adventurer that i am) the trap warned me but would i listen of course not
    so good work guys

    { reply }
  8. Bronze Dog says:

    No Lucky Pick spamming? What am I going to skol! in mass quantities now? 😉 (Not like I got a whole lot of good stuff from the Lutefisk god abuse in a while.)

    Anyway, glad to hear the update’s out. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

    { reply }
  9. Warlock says:

    crappy stone axes and useless bolts that aren’t ingeniously scythed anything [/ yao ming face]

    { reply }
  10. Kicksumbutt says:

    Good gravy. What will I turn into lutefisk now? I don’t like this patch. I want my lucky pick to make picks like it used to. Revert this please!

    { reply }
  11. Renfar says:

    I don’t like the lucky pick change!
    I can’t open locked chests anymore, and I used to sell lockpicks when I needed to. I also changed lockpicks into lutefisk…

    Please change it back! The ability spamming didn’t bother me too much.

    { reply }
  12. Adam Atkinson says:

    It’s just appeared on desura for me. Thank you very much.

    { reply }
  13. Era Scarecrow says:

    Agreed. Although removing spamming of the lockpicks can be rather nice, not having lockpicks when you need them for chests can get annoying fast. If you’re always got a set, why can’t I open a chest without lockpicks?

    Maybe the lockpick one should automatically give you more lockpics every 30 turns or so, until it maxes at say 100? I was working towards having 1000 lockpicks to store away but now that’s not an option unless i remove the patch (which was forced on me from Steam)

    { reply }
    • Troacctid says:

      I’m playing a run with the new Burglary right now and trust me, when you can pick-lock doors for free, regular lockpick spawns are more than enough to open all the chests.

      { reply }
  14. Nick says:

    Think of it this way: if all the doors in the Dungeon are really easy to pick open then the “Lucky Pick” might really just be a thin coat hanger; and the chests have a complex locking mechanism that requires a real thieves kit to unlock!

    { reply }
  15. Name says:

    Ravens played new sounds at the start of my latest playthrough, but now a few floors down they’re using the old sounds

    { reply }
  16. Arron Syaoran says:

    As long as my lockpicks don’t get consumed when I lucky pick the doors with lockpicks in my inventory, I’m fine. Otherwise, I’d still have to drop my lockpicks to open doors, which is more annoying than lockpick spawn spam.

    { reply }
  17. Nikki says:

    Please could you update the Humble version?

    { reply }

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