Impending Patch Changelog

Greetings Dungeoneers! We’ve prepared an approximate list of the things going into this week’s bug-fix patch. The patch should be circulating through all the usual distribution channels some time next week; We’ll let you know when it happens.


  • FIXED: various issues with saving and loading games, including but not limited to your inventory disappearing, your save games breaking, and you losing levels when entering or leaving the pocket dimension
  • FIXED: insurance fraud payout on dead corpses
  • FIXED: primary stats not being buffed by skills
  • FIXED: game now runs correctly on machines with international localizations
  • FIXED: aggressively regenerate levels when a level has been deleted from a save game
  • FIXED: instructions now included on Magic Box pop-up
  • FIXED: sight radius could not be decreased
  • FIXED: flickering up/down buttons in the skills tree
  • FIXED: phantom slots on skills grid
  • FIXED: crash clicking “next” on tutorial button
  • FIXED: at low resolutions, wizard key falls offscreen at 2x mode
  • FIXED: magic box could be exploited to steal from shops
  • FIXED: Steam overlay not working in -opengl mode
  • FIXED: missing expansion2 caused problems with expansion3
  • FIXED: spell points could result in negative mana
  • FIXED: dagger and polearm bonuses now only apply when wielding a dagger or a polearm
  • FIXED: Confiscate Evidence allowed theft
  • FIXED: rutabagas would dash repeatedly at you, either killing you instantly or locking the game
  • FIXED: named monsters no longer spawn in Mysterious Portals in enormous piles
  • FIXED: clicking the Digest button in the pocket dimension no longer freezes the game
  • FIXED: item stacking problems
  • FIXED: buff stacking problems
  • FIXED: skill level is now actively checked when encrusting a weapon
  • FIXED: when we add a steam achievement, we also add the local achievement
  • FIXED: some local achievements
  • FIXED: transmuting monsters could repeatedly set off traps
  • FIXED: various other polymorphing monster crashes
  • Increased all monster perception values
  • Slightly nerfed first level polearm skill
  • Fixed polearm stance effects that weren’t firing
  • Made high level polearms harder to craft
  • “Platinum Ring” removed from Lucky Find spawnlist because it doesn’t exist
  • Radiant Aura, Magic Steel buff stacksize capped at 1
  • tweaked Healing Rain effect
  • tweaked This Root Shall Suffer to cause more suffering
  • fixed some random spelling and grammar
  • UI: darkened Krong popup dialog background to make icons easier to read
  • UI: darkened resistance & damage extension widgets to make icons easier to read
  • Master of Arms description updated to reflect chance of triggering “Suit Up”
  • removed unnecessary skill category tags
  • Tentacular Infestation bolt no longer infests you with tentacles when it hits others
  • Very Sharp Wall of Blades Stance now hits enemies with small amount of piercing/slashing when player is attacked


  • fixed Helm of Threepwood artifact quality
  • enhanced the Broadside skill
  • added a new sound for Broadside


  • Ravens now make proper sounds
  • Mage’s Mana Maille buff stacksize capped at 1
  • all eruptors spawn fewer traps
  • Clockwork Knight: teleport animations removed from movement-based spells
  • Puissant Veil now hits enemies with magic damage when player is attacked


  • decreased monster charge attack damage (see: deadly Rutabagas of death)
  • Communist healing skill may now fire commie debuffs
  • Hammer and Sickle can be found in the dungeon
  • Hammer is now craftable
  • Sandstorm nerfed (Sandstorm damages reduced, mana cost increased, additional player debuff added)
  • Asp Empowerment buff changed to fire less commonly
  • damage scaling added to “Alien Weapon” skill
  • added special craftable Communist Armour & Helm
  • Bailout should now remove fiscal responsibility
  • Pyramid Scheme can now trigger correctly
  • Reform and Opening now actually pays out
  • gave minor passive bonuses to Tourist & Paranormal Investigator
  • added missing item definitions for Helm of Ultimate Knowledge and Shrat’s Helm
  • added four new high-level daggers
  • added some more Wizardlands so we don’t keep running into that room with the Evil Clones all the time. (Wizardland Geometry may slightly change as a result.)
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41 Responses to “Impending Patch Changelog”

  1. iamcreasy says:

    Thank you very much! I am eagerly waiting for the steam overlay fix.

    I am new to DoD and I don’t wanna play it unless I have a low latency access to the wiki.

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  2. Kil M says:

    Hey! Do something with encrusting!! Add more informations/ tutorials etc beacuse right now is zero informations about debufs :((

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      Yesterday we worked some stuff out and Mr. Whitman added a pop-up dialog when you get a negative effect from over-encrustation. A future patch should put instability information into the item tooltip.

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  3. totalizator says:

    Finally. Broken Bailout is such an evil idea!

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  4. Jumonji says:

    Yay! This is going to be a fun week waiting for those changes :3.

    And aww, I liked how much of a powerhouse the sandstorm was :P.

    { reply }
  5. Wealin says:

    Are you guys gonna fix the procs in Egyptian Magic?

    { reply }
  6. Zumao says:

    Agreed. Though, the starish purple looking icon is the “instability” – that is, how likely it is to blow up on you. They are so high and so damaging when they backfire that I have yet to find them useful.

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  7. Dana says:

    I’m still having mysterious portal crashes when trying to exit he zone, will you be fixing this? Otherwise my char is ruined. :\

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  8. Sanjay Fillafel says:

    Great. Now, please, please, please fix the titles for the high score list or get rid of them altogether. I don’t really know why, but It really irks me that all of my characters are “the Adventurer”, especially when you already had so many titles implemented and how great they were and could be (for the new classes)

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      • Sanjay says:

        Hooray, my savior! Next patch? 😉

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      • Skyknight says:

        Doing which? Abolishing the titles, or reimplementing them? Although, the initial post makes it sound like there were quite a few more than the six mentioned in the primary stats. Then again, I’d expect those to be either 5-2/5-1-1 (Warrior, Wizard, Rogue) or 3-3-1/4-3 (Monk, Pirate, Bard). Would Adventurer and the others be for the 4-2-1 and 3-2-2 setups?

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  9. Bronze Dog says:

    I don’t blame you for nerfing Sandstorm. I kept trying to give myself excuses not to use it. Then I’d use it anyway.

    +1 to fixing the typos in the Egyptian magic procs. I did it manually, but it’d be nice if you officially fix it.

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  10. Fred Fnord says:

    Must admit I’m curious about whether you guys have figured out why the Wizardlands look totally different for some people than they do for others, when they were supposed to have been shareable? I guess not, seeing as the issue isn’t listed as being fixed in the patch…

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      It’s known that it happens to people but we’re not sure if it’s due to some deeper code issue or if it’s due to different expansions and/or mods throwing things off.

      If it would be convenient for you, we’d like to hear more about your experience with this problem in the forums.

      { reply }
  11. Evilmanmark says:

    Four new high level daggers YAY! but will i ever reach a higher floor then floor 4 no 🙁 I will reach you floor 5 with dwarven moderation and permadeath. By the way do you guys mean more rooms for the wizardlands or just more wizardlands as itself?

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      There will be a greater variety of rooms in the Wizardlands due to generous contributions from modders Zarathustra and Bergstrom. (Apologies if I missed anyone’s name who contributed!)

      { reply }
  12. Anon says:

    Hey, I’ve sent you an e-mail two days ago regarding packages, did you get it?

    { reply }
  13. Warlock says:

    Internet Bro Fist —–> Gaslamp devs

    That is all, thanks for the patch. Still bummed that you can’t steal for crap now unless you want to risk the dred collectors coming after you. Apart from that though, keep it up.

    { reply }
  14. OmegaDestroyer says:

    Thank you for fixing tentacular infestation. I can finally use my Eldritch Crossbow without fear of killing myself.

    { reply }
  15. Bronze Dog says:

    Checking back, and glad to read the responses to other people’s comments.

    I like that we’ll be getting more info about encrustation risks. I got a “slightly unstable” archmage armor from giving it serpentine filligree and lubrication. I heard about the 100% bug, took a few non-damaging hits and thought I was okay. (I took the risk out of morbid curiosity instead of crafting a replacement.) Then a couple Diggle smiths came along, got a couple points of damage past my armor, and inadvertently triggered a lot of tentacular horror from beyond the stars. And they didn’t let the horror stop them from continuing their attack.

    Also thanks for fixing tentacular infestation. I was always nervous about using tentacle stuff since I couldn’t figure out how to prevent myself from getting infested. I also hope to get some utility out of Eldritch Crossbows, now.

    Additional thanks go to the modders for providing that new Wizardlands stuff mentioned above. I look forward to more schmuck bait.

    Speaking of Wizardlands, I’d like the option to model my pocket dimension’s decor after the Wizardlands’ tile sets, not just the main dungeon. (I haven’t been past floor 10, yet, in case you’re using deeper floors for them)

    { reply }
  16. Average Joe says:

    Hmm… the changes look great.

    I was kinda hoping, though, that since the Daggers skill is now a part of the core game, that the “added 4 new high level daggers” would also be a part of the core game, and not the expansion. I’m having a rough time finding daggers in the core game.

    { reply }
    • Zumao says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb (I am in no way affiliated with the developers) and guess that since they are so generous already with most of what they do, that unless the 4 high level daggers would only be found in wizardlands or RotDG that you will have access to them.

      Usually if something is added to the core game, any updates to that particular section seem to make it to the core game as well (ravens, for example)

      { reply }
  17. Shader says:

    Hey! Thanks for the continued support!

    Would it be possible to get additional filters into the crafting screen, for example showing only recipies for specific item type or required crafting level? The current interface is the weakest part of the game for me currently.

    { reply }
  18. Barking Dog says:

    I wondered how much sandstorm would be nerfed…

    { reply }
  19. Name says:

    on the rutabagas of death locking the game, did you also fix this for other monsters? Treants charge, die and lock my game too.

    { reply }
  20. jpinard says:

    Does next week, mean August 20-24? or will it appear in Steam this week?

    I need to know, cause toherwise I”m hitting refresh on your website every 30 minutes :p

    { reply }
  21. Org says:

    If there’s time / ability to, could you add red/yellow/blue dots as an overlay or editing the image for the skill selection screen, so you know what archetype each skill is before you start? (Or just add it to the tooltip? Something? Please?)

    { reply }
  22. SamuelMarston says:

    Yay! It’s a wonder I get any modding done at all! Fun!

    { reply }
  23. Adventurer says:

    I don’t like what I see for polearms. The skill really suffers from a lack of selection, and none of the best polearms are craftable. You pretty much just have to hope to be lucky and find a Spear of Holy Sacrifice lying around somewhere. Making the skill weaker does not seem like a good thing.

    { reply }
  24. Rowan says:

    Hey, I can’t see the issue I’m having with a character that cannot return through one of the blue/mysterious portals (I’m not sure what to call that) in the list (though there are plenty of things I can’t be sure of there) – this is on return). Is this in this patch?

    { reply }
    • Zumao says:

      IIRC, it is something they fix in the patch. The current bug list (found on the forums) lists this as a known issue and I think/believe that they have crossed it off. They also have said that unless you are running a hotfix you will want to wait until after the patch comes out to visit any blue portals due to this particular bug. I can say without a doubt that, like you, I found this information out a little too late.

      { reply }
  25. Rime says:

    Will the achievements for the skills added with the Wizardlands be fixed on Steam? Maxing them out did not previously cause Steam to grant you the achievement associated with that particular skill.

    If there is a fix, will it be retroactive or will we have to start a new character and max the skill again to have it show up on our Steam account?

    { reply }
  26. sorrow says:

    After a year of it collecting dust on my steam account I finally found some time to play the game and every game I start the file gets corrupted making the game crash on certain points after loading.

    Hope the update goes live while I’m still on vacation and fixes it.

    { reply }
  27. Arron Syaoran says:

    Probably one week from the 13th(that’s when they posted this blog entry), so at the earliest it’d be Monday, August 20th(cause most people dont’ work weekends) and at the latest on friday.

    { reply }
  28. PolkaGnome says:

    As much as I’m loving the Dagger skill tree when combined with Assassination, I’m really hoping at least one of those new daggers is going to be craftable since the strongest dagger you can currently craft is the Clockwork Piezoblade which is weak when compared to some of the other weapon categories high tier craftables (Hexaxe/Clockwork Ravager, Dwarven Atom-Smasher, etc.) The Moravician Bushdagger is fun and powerful, but you have to be lucky enough to find one, and if you don’t take Tinkering you’re left with even weaker craftable daggers.

    { reply }
  29. Ovrad says:

    Will the ‘achievement progress reset’ bug finally be fixed? I was at 900/1000 diggles earlier, game crashed, and now it’s back to 0. That and vandalism, potions and Krong’s curses… It’s getting very frustrating.

    { reply }
  30. Cranemann says:

    I’m having issues with the game saving. for the past 3 days i’ve piled a continuation of hours getting from lvl 21 to 25, then 2 attentional floors… only to bring my game back up for “lvl 21, floor 7” every time..

    I’ve tried to take off cloud sync with steam, no fix. re-install.. no fix, turn off, then on, no fix. so, i’m lost i’m not sure i want to continue to play again and risk starting out where i was originally. please fix!

    I’m running on a MacBook Pro 2011.

    { reply }

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