Well, You Sure Conquested Those Wizardlands

The feedback from CotW has been overwhelmingly positive, and in some cases stark raving bonkers. We also didn’t expect to break the Steam Top 10 yesterday; we ended up at #8, failing to defeat our hated nemesis, Skyrim. Not bad for DLC for a 1 year old indie game that’s about Drunken Wizards. We are thrilled that everybody is enjoying it, and we encourage you to keep enjoying it. (Enjoy responsibly, lest you end up like the Wizardkings themselves.)

Some minor service announcements:

  • A hotfix for some of the save game compatibility issues with 1.0.11 save games (and below) has been posted to our forums.
  • We have two critical bugs that we’re trying to fix as soon as possible. First is a crash upon entering/leaving mysterious portals (the ones from Diggle Gods, *not* the Wizardlands) and entering the pocket dimension (from Wizardlands.) In the mean time, we strongly suggest avoiding Mysterious Portals, no matter how tempting they may appear, as they may occasionally corrupt your saves. (This is actually good advice for surviving the Dungeons in General)
  • Second, users with non-ASCII user names on Windows may not be able to save the game at all. (This happens with Polish and Korean versions of Windows.) We’re trying to reproduce this and resolve it ASAP.
  • There will probably be a minor “first round of seriously patching” patch in about a week. We’ve fixed a number of the worst issues (a handful of crashes, some severe bugs with encrusting instability) and have sorted out some gameplay stuff, and we’ll keep putting up fires as we spot them.
  • HIB users: you should be getting your builds either tomorrow or Monday. Desura users, you should be up to date; we have now finally sorted out the issues with selling the final two expansion packs on Desura as well, so we will hopefully be up and running sometime next week over there. We’ll let you know when this happens. HIB customers, we hope to have the ability for you to buy our expansions directly from us any day now as well through our new Humble Store.

As always, we thank you for our patronage and are thrilled to see everybody enjoying yourselves and discovering new things. Watching the forums exploding in laughter and death is one of the best parts of the job.

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23 Responses to “Well, You Sure Conquested Those Wizardlands”

  1. getter77 says:

    “we’ll keep putting up fires as we spot them.” I’m sure Krong is most pleased with your desire to stoke forge fires manifesting in all situation involving fire!

    This should be an achievement for setting fire to a fire or some such.

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  2. BDSb says:

    But I need to know when Dredmor will be available on my mainstream touch screen device spawned from fruit.

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  3. Judge Dreddmor says:

    Does this mean the Humble Bundle folks be able to get YHTNTEP without having to pirate it? … Can you even pirate something free?

    Must be some hipsterdiggle thing.

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      It’s not pirating if it’s free. If you’ve got the torrent for it (and it’s around somewhere), dig in!

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  4. sylverone says:

    Reporting a bug with the tutorial:
    After completing the “Potions”, “Magic” tutorials, clicking “Next Tutorial” crashes my game (it closes with no messages).

    If I click “Back to Menu”, clicking the icons for either “Magic” (if I just completed the “Potions” tutorial), or “buffs” (if I just completed the “Magic” tutorial) causes the same kind of crash. I’m guessing it may have something to do with the stars for those levels or something, because when the game crashes, it wipes all the stars earned for the other tutorials (except, strangely the start for “Buffs”).

    I’m running vanilla Dredmore via Steam.

    Also, there appears to be a typo in the tutorial text for “Crossbows”:
    “The character panel has a slot for crossbows. Pick up the crossbow from your inventory by clicking on it, then place the crossbow in your *inventory* by placing it in the equipment slot.”
    Shouldn’t that read, “equipment”?

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    • sylverone says:

      Also, strangely, I can’t put a dire sandwich in quick-use slot 6; it always ends up in the nearest unoccupied slot. Other items go into slot 5 just fine. Funny.

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    • Thanks for the heads-up =) We’ll take a look. If you run into any other issues the bug forum is a bit better of a place to report these. Still, we’ll look into it!

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      • Warlock says:

        How does a giant pink scorpion diggle keep yelling ‘bzz bzz bzz’? Isn’t that the provenance of an amazonian bumblebeeperson?

        I’m confused. And I consider myself smart.

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  5. Luke says:

    Dredmor gets an expansion pack = :DDDDD
    Skyrim gets an expansion pack = mega yawn

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  6. Ian says:

    I’ve got an annoying bug where Steam becomes unresponsive (spinning beachball of death) when exiting DoD.
    It seems to crash while syncing…
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard with 4 GB RAM.

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  7. Brainoutboy says:

    The Wizardlands are great 😀
    One remark: the peacefull-status appears too often and kinda interrupts the fun. I hope this will change in the future. Also i was unable to load any of my saves (when pressing load i just ended up at the title screen) so i had to remove them all.

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  8. Ishbane says:

    Just had my save corrupted by trying to Save&Quit. The music bugged out beforehand, not playing the Pocket Dimension one when there and playing no music at all after returning.

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  9. Luke says:

    quick BUG REPORT

    an Ancient Rutabuga just used that new charge move where they run a number of spaces towards me. However, it ran onto a trap and died. I’m unable to move, presumably because the game thinks it hasn’t finished charging?
    The game is not frozen, my character is doing idle animations etc, i’m just unable to move or act

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  10. Vitiv says:

    Hi guys,
    I just wanted to congratulate you for publishing yet more incredible content for this already highly addictive game(damn you! :D).

    Also I was wondering when there will be a 64bit Linux version of this available on Desura?

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  11. Luke says:

    witnessing several monsters healing… this is weird since i didn’t see it yesterday. Is it a new feature?
    They seem to gain health if left alone or when in the poison gas cloud left by sandstorm

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  12. Mervin says:

    Please for the love of god fix ancient rutabaga’s, every time i use my Egyptian sandstorm on them i crash. It’s really irritating to crash during every monster zoo because i used my massive area of effect before noticing a rutabaga and then having to go back through again. please fix.

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  13. Göran says:

    The bug where you can’t save at all happens for us with “non-english” names as well t seems (have letters with umlauts in)

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  14. Borodin says:

    Mervin, I’ve used Sandstorm on rooms with plenty of rutabagas, without any crashes. I’m not saying this isn’t happening to you, but I would suggest that something is going on there that may have another cause.

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  15. Eric says:

    NINETEEN weddings? I’m so sorry David…

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  16. Bronze Dog says:

    I had a couple freezes with the rutabagas in my sandstorms. It always occurred when one died in the middle of charging through the area.

    I’ve also got an unusual problem: I wanted to go back to the shops on the earlier floors to see if I could find something that gives hyperborean resistance for floor 7, but when I went upstairs on floor 5, it made the stair climbing sound, paused, and I was left on the stairs, still on floor 5.

    I think it has to do with how floors are saved, since this was a long game session, and I once loaded an autosave after the game crashed upon a level-up.

    Of course, one annoying bit is that I later remembered that the first pair of gloves I got in the game were a pair of mittens, buried underneath all the other gloves I had been saving in the pocket dimension.

    A similar thing happened earlier, where after some floor 9 crashes, I returned to find most of floor 8 unmapped, as it was during my last save and quit.

    For now, I think I’ll just do a proper save and quit whenever I finish off a floor.

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  17. Name says:

    it’s not just sandstorm, it’s when anything kills a vegetable-type mid-charge. Rutabugas and Treants for example can both charge, where they move a number of spaces in one turn. If they die during this charge, the game sticks. Seems like something that should have come up during testing..

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