Dredmor Patch Status

For those of you who aren’t hanging out in our forums (and why not?) Dredmor Patch 1.0.10 release candidate #7 has now been put up. So we’ve gone through seven of these now. So far things seem to be much more stable than 1.0.9, and I’m happy. I’m hoping that as soon as the testing Squad gives me the word, we can have this up on Steam, Desura, and the Humble Bundle download page by the end of the week.

Full changelog, and some Odin teasing, below.

PATCH 1.0.10 full changelog (as of 3/20/2012):

  • FIXED: Invisibility now works as it says on the tin.
  • FIXED: Blackjack works again.
  • FIXED: added a flag to targetHitEffects that lets said effects apply before, or after, the hit calculation. (i.e. to fix Blackjack)
  • FIXED: player hit effects on items (Anemone Belt, Spiky Belt, etc.) now work
  • FIXED: Bookshelf crashing w/bony wand recipes.
  • FIXED: “Playing for Both Teams” achievement now works.
  • FIXED: You can now load more than one mod at a time on OS X.
  • FIXED: Item spawning on Levels 11-15 now works correctly. You can now have item levels up to level 20.
  • FIXED: a number of timing exploits.
  • FIXED: a number of load/save corruption issues.
  • FIXED: Uberchests not opening after you load and save.
  • FIXED: The Mace of Windu now uses the correct art.
  • FIXED: Installing all the skill mods will no longer overflow the main mod loader screen.
  • FIXED: Area of effect related crashes.
  • FIXED: Game lockup when fire fields or other damage fields are deployed off-screen.
  • FIXED: Mods can now load manTemplateDB.xml.
  • FIXED: Monsters in mods now load correctly.
  • FIXED: Crash when doubly polymorphed.
  • FIXED: You can no longer eat your own belt by right-clicking it. Really, this time.
  • FIXED: You can now start the game with pants.
  • FIXED: Magic reflection is now in! It reflects missile spells. Go nuts.
  • FIXED: The game will now remember which mods have been loaded.
  • FIXED: The game will now remember if Disable Click-To-Move is activated.
  • FIXED: Disable click to move also disables auto-walk to doors.
  • FIXED: Plunder (Diggle Gods).
  • FIXED: Invisible Geometries now works as intended.
  • FIXED: Invisible Geometries now also drains mana.
  • FIXED: Pacify effects now respect the amount tag (Emomancy: “Depressing Elemental Blast” now works better.)
  • FIXED: Polymorphing now longer closes all of your windows.
  • FIXED: Don’t allow “_” or “.” in the hero’s name.
  • FIXED: Haematic Phylactery now works as intended.
  • NERF: Cheesy Omelette HP restore down from 56 to 36.
  • MECHANICS: Blungecap Vampirism now does Necromantic Damage.
  • MECHANICS: Holy Hand Grenade is entirely rewritten.
  • MECHANICS: Bleedout Pain is now an amountF tag.
  • MECHANICS: Buffed alchemy tree passive bonuses.
  • MECHANICS: Wand Lore now also grants additional Magic Resistance.
  • MECHANICS: Various things now scale by things other than Magic Power.
  • MECHANICS: The books “The King in Yellow” and “Malleus Maleficarum” may not immediately kill you any more.
  • MECHANICS: Added a bunch of new types of buffs and proccable effects.
  • MECHANICS: Big Game Hunter and Fungal Arts now work slightly differently.
  • MECHANICS: Changes to combat ordering. The new combat ordering is as follows:If you dodge, no damage.
    If you crit, and your opponent counters, no damage. If you crit and your opponent blocks, normal damage. Else, critical attack.
    If your opponent counters, counterattack!
    If your opponent blocks, 1/2 damage.
    Else, normal damage.At present, this only affects melee combat.
  • MECHANICS: Changed behaviour of Haematic Phylactery.
  • UI: Ubercrafting now has filters, which can be highlighted and toggled.
  • UI: Autosaves now auto-save once every 5 minutes, in addition to going up and down stairs.
  • NEW CONTENT: some new rooms.
  • NEW CONTENT: A bajillion new recipes.
  • NEW CONTENT: A bajillion evil traps.
  • NEW CONTENT: a high-level shield because there was an extra craftDB entry David didn’t want to delete.
  • NEW CONTENT: Some new monsters on the Diggle God expansion floor levels.
  • NEW CONTENT: Hungry and Thirsty Diggles will now drink your booze and eat your food.
  • SYSTEMS: Upgraded to SDL version 1.2.15. This fixes a bunch of bad things that happen on OS X.
  • SYSTEMS: Rewrote the entire audio engine, fixing various lag issues and lurches when loading from disk.
  • SYSTEMS: Removed previous image loading library.


You have slain the hobgoblin of consistency. It drops a Project Odin concept art.

> Get concept art

Sippin' on a laudanum.

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14 Responses to “Dredmor Patch Status”

  1. Althea says:

    Oh by the Diggle Gods I love her dress <3

    { reply }
  2. Katrina says:

    Are those…normal sized eyebrows? I don’t know how I feel about this brash new art direction..

    { reply }
  3. Shorkan says:

    Love you guys, you always put a smile on my face.

    { reply }
  4. Bloodhit says:

    FIXED: You can no longer eat your own belt by right-clicking it. Really, this time.

    Now, i know what happened with all my belts(>_<)

    { reply }
  5. Morgan says:

    Ah yes, I remember back on January the 19th when we were supposed to get this ‘next Tuesday’ (incidentally my birthday). I don’t blame you guys or anything, I appreciate that the patch is being thoroughly tested and is available, with some added stuff besides.

    { reply }
  6. Blips says:

    So happy audio engine has been reworked. Looking forward to playing the game with the new patch 🙂

    { reply }
  7. Jesse says:

    Can I just say that I liked belt eating? It was annoying when my belt didn’t get eaten. I think it would be fun to have an option for it left in the game.

    { reply }
  8. Godwin says:

    “Poet simulator” Lmfao!

    { reply }
  9. STALIN says:

    not sure if you guys are aware, but http://www.dungeonsofdredmor.com is no longer directing here properly.

    { reply }
  10. CJSimmons says:

    I’m starting to think that Project Odin is really just a recreation of that old Oregon Trail game. I loved that game.

    { reply }

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