Patch beta, Project Odin, and another Secret Project

Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything on the blog.  Sorry about that guys.

The big patch beta has started, those of you who are interested in trying it out can take a look here.  There are still a few bugs in it, but we can use all the help we can get in testing it out.  Windows only for now, OSX and Linux on the way.

The team for Project Odin is almost complete: Joseph Nejat is joining our sodden ranks as 3D Character Artist. We are really looking forward to having him on the team largely due to his awesome English accent. And it’s becoming evident that we probably need to update our group portrait sometime soon =)

We are busy organizing our notes in preparation for finally releasing the details of Project Odin; right now we’re stuck on the name, but we should be coming to some consensus soon. (See: THE PIT.)

Lastly, the other secret project is toys!

There is a possibility that we may be partnering with some really talented toy people to develop Dredmor products.  At this point what we are really interested in is whether or not this sort of thing appeals to you guys.  If there’s enough support we can start hashing out some more details, maybe do some polls to see what kinds of toys you’d like. But for now just let us know if you’re interested at all =)  (also, don’t worry, this won’t take much of our time away from making games, we’ll leave the heavy lifting to the other guys while we keep making games about obscure Scandinavian foodstuffs.)

Truly lastly, here’s a little more Odin concept art to ponder upon before we blow the lid off the whole thing.

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43 Responses to “Patch beta, Project Odin, and another Secret Project”

  1. avarisclari says:

    Its a new 3d pipemania! oh wait, cogs did that in a sense…. hmm.

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  2. Althea says:

    I want an AdventurerLady Ragdoll. And I want the prototype. Because I’m awesome. And because she’ll be cute and I’ll love her and take her everywhere with me and she’ll be my girlfriend and my best friend and my confidant and everything.

    And stop looking at me like that. I’m 22. I’m still a kid.

    P.S. Diggle Plushies. Make it so.

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  3. Vi says:

    When it comes to toys, the best idea is plushies. Incredibly huggable plushies. I would really like to add a diggle to the list of fictional characters I can hug.

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  4. Essence says:

    Diggle plushies would, in fact, be the win.
    I want to see my 3 year old falling asleep on a diggle. 🙂

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  5. Bodez says:

    I came here to say Diggle plushies (well everybody wants that) and lady Adventurer, and I have been ninja’d by second comment now .D

    Also, that tags had me laughing, but when I came to “who let David tag the blog posts” I almost died laughing. Jesus you had me there.

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  6. Tuomas Sallinen (spluuga) says:

    Diggle plushies!

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  7. Tough Plushie pet toys. Squeakers included.

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  8. Mr.TwisT says:

    A statuette of the Adventurer. Male one – he’s classic and been through 1.0! :3

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  9. Locke says:

    The “My First Dungeon Dive” Play-kit! Comes with:

    One Road Cone Hat.
    One plastic replica wood sword.
    One poncho.
    And one stuffed diggle.

    If I don’t see that in a toy store next fall, I’m going to be greatly disappointed. And if I DO, well, I know what I’ll be getting my cousins next Christmas!

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  10. Matthew Teague says:

    Diggle plushies. Dear God that would be awesome; I’d buy a crateful, and then start my own diggle residence in my spare bedroom.

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  11. Marak says:

    Oh god, the tags… soooo good.

    Also, a diggle plushie would be the bestest thing ever. I’d have to seriously consider one for my son for his birthday, he’d get a kick out of it.

    Personally, I want to see a Blue Twitter Diggle plushie, although the one in my head is pretty cute if it never happens IRL.

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  12. Lukas Høgh says:

    Make a DoD board game 😛

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  13. daphne says:

    I’m getting the sense that Project Odin was codenamed after Starcraft II.

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      I’m afraid it was named after our CEO being vaguely Danish. (And I’m not calling him a delicious pastry, even if he may well be.)

      (And the truth of it is that I haven’t had time to play SC2 what with all the making of games and not getting around to buying a new computer for a rather few years now.)

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  14. Another thought for you. Wanted to listen to my toonz and grabbed my phones. Then it hit me, they have custom shields! Diggle, Adventurer and Dredmor shields. .02

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  15. blob says:

    Diggle mini figurines.

    Art toys blind boxes with a random monster out of 42 in each box.

    Also I want a tshirt that says ” I played dungeons of dredmor and all i got is a piece of lutefisk”


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  16. SamuelMarston says:

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait to hear what’s going on next!

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  17. Troacctid says:

    Diggle plushies are the way to go. I mean, I wouldn’t buy one, but when I think of “Dungeons of Dredmor toys” that’s just what my mind is instantly snapping to.

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  18. Musaab says:

    This Project Odin concept art is exciting me.

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  19. Derek says:

    OS X version! Please!

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  20. Razarus says:

    Diggle Plushies all the way, also a board game ;D

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  21. Muscle Horse says:

    Please make it so I can leave a plush Diggle in my one year old’s cot. Do it. Do it. Do it.

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  22. Godwin says:

    Diggle plushies 😀

    Odin? What’s that? Diggle plushies!! 😀

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  23. Bunneh Wyld says:

    Oh my god so incredibly yes. I would buy Diggle plushies, as well as a figure of the Adventurer or Adventuress.

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  24. Leonard says:

    Love the idea of plushies! Make sure you have a smaller size (I use small plushies to decorate my desk.) The board game is an interesting idea!

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  25. BananaGladiator says:

    As far as toys what I would like to see is:
    Diggle Plushie (this seems pretty popular)
    Board game (either complicated solitaire, or 1 person is the hero, and one person plays the dungeon)
    Statuette of the main menu screen, with male hero fighting off the horde.
    Eyebrow Wigs.

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  26. RaustBD says:

    Don’t forget Lil’ Batty Plushies!

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  27. mondomg says:

    I really dig the concept art and cannot wait to see the final product. My imagination is really at its peak!

    Also, please, DO make the toys. I’ll be more than happy to support you this way, too 🙂

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  28. Bluerps says:

    I think, I also would buy a diggle plushie. 😀

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  29. BananaGladiator says:

    As for project Odin, it’s giving me a Pipe Mania meets Space Chem vibe, where you’re constructing or manipulating objects to direct something (water, steam, beer)? The concept art gives me the impression the goal would be to create a working mechanical process that can repeat a given function, much like the goal in space chem is not just to get the reaction to work, but for it to be capable of repetition without further input.

    If I had to guess at this point I would say it’s a distillery simulator.

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  30. CJSimmons says:

    I haven’t commented on Odin yet, but I guess at this point, it appears to a “building and gathering” game so far. Which I’m totally down with. If that’s what it is. I like the art style. I hope it’ll run on my netbook.

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  31. Lisa says:

    DREDMOR TOYS?! Yes please!

    I would love to buy Dungeons of Dredmor merchandise. I’m thinking plushies, keyrings, models, also what about more t-shirts, caps, and a board game?! 😀

    { reply }
  32. Crunchy says:

    I know someone who wants the soundtrack on CD…plus *I* want the following…
    Diggle (in various forms), Fish-Paladin and Octo plushies.
    Wind-up Unfriendly AI’s and Robo’s (or maybe pull-back?).
    Anvil of Krong cup holder.
    Lutefisk God slushie maker.
    Squeaky Eely bath toy.
    Grog-style Tankard (1 pint ofc)
    Foam Wooden Sword.
    Golemancer’s Hat Beany.
    DoD ™ Flippy Floppies…

    { reply }
  33. Crunchy says:

    OH WAIT!!!

    And genuine, Gaslamp Games Spray-on Lutefisk!

    { reply }
  34. Matteo says:

    Can you please release the Dredmor patch (to HIB) so I can play DoD without crashes on linux IN THIS GEOLOGICAL ERA ? 🙂

    { reply }
  35. StrykerZero7 says:

    A stuffed diggle would be the best possible thing. I would find some lutefisk (somehow?) and they would take a picture together.

    If/When this happens, I’ll be one of the first ones in line to order~

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