Get Your Dredmor Shirts Here!

The battle for supremacy between Good and Evil has now spread from your computer… onto your chest.

Yes! Dungeons of Dredmor shirts are now available, from the good people at TopatoCo. Choose from one of four scintillating designs, covered in David’s lavish artwork, and printed on high quality shirts of Tee. Show your Diggle Hate! Encrust yourself with the rune of the Lutefisk God! Show the world that you need more mana, and must drink more booze – perfect for those wizardly pub crawls.

But wait, there’s more. You can *also* buy yourself a swanky pack of Dredmor stickers – five stickers, for six dollars.

Brax says: Buy Things Today!

(For those inquiring about stuffed Diggles: this is a trial run. If we sell enough shirts, stickers, and other flippantry, who knows? Anything is possible.)

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5 Responses to “Get Your Dredmor Shirts Here!”

  1. Havanacus says:

    Almost four times the cost of the game!
    I’m not a big T-shirt guy, but I do hope you sell out.

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  2. Yeah, it’s time for some more shirts! *purchase*

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  3. stants says:

    A Brax Tshirt is needed…but a drink more booze is a must for me 🙂

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  4. JumbocactuarX27 says:

    I’d buy, but I really don’t need more shirts. Now if you had some Dredmor branded pants…

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  5. Darkprinc979 says:

    There should definitely be a shirt with something relating to heroic vandalism on it.

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