Expansion News: Diggle Construction Crew Begins Digging Deeper

As you may have heard, the cat is officially out of the bag: we are going to be offering a paid expansion for Dredmor.  While rumors about the possible inclusion of eyebrow-wigs are totally unfounded, evidently… um, this is something people are interested in!  We’ll do some testing involving cubes with eyebrows in physics puzzles and see what happens.  The Expansion is planned to be released before the end of the year.

As far as actual content, there will definitely be:

  • more skills
  • more monsters
  • more levels
  • more items (crafting skills, weapon types)
  • more recipes
  • and a few other *things* which we’re still keeping under wraps

One of the exciting things that is coming out of the expansion is that we are finally implementing our mod system in all its splendour and using it to implement the expansion, which means that all of the things mentioned in the above list you will be able to tinker with to your heart’s content.  We are really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with in this regard, and hope you’ll share your creations with us!  The mod patch, which will also include our fantastic red haired heroine, should be ready for your perusal sometime next month.

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34 Responses to “Expansion News: Diggle Construction Crew Begins Digging Deeper”

  1. Locke says:

    “Other things?”
    My god, you’re adding an Eyebrow-breeding mini-game, aren’t you?

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  2. ecc says:

    We all eagerly await the launch of “Dredmore Facebook: Diggleville”

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  3. Haldurson says:

    Wow — that sounds very ambitious for a December release. I can’t wait. I have to say that the game started out really good and just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Zzinged says:

    So this time around we get to play Dredmor, right? 😀

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  5. SirPrimalform says:

    Hooray, this is great to hear!

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  6. ChongLi says:

    Could you elaborate a bit more on what is meant by ‘other things’? I feel that Dredmor’s biggest weakness right now is that the most important decision you make is your 7 starting skills. After that, the game becomes far less interesting.

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    • Embok says:

      Sounds like you need to play random.

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      • Zefria says:

        No, not at all. Even if you pick random then you look at your skills once the game starts and your game path is pretty much set for you. It’ll either be easier or harder depending on what skill paths are available, but unlike other RLs there is, for example, no item discovery and practically no item modification.

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  8. Ian says:

    You need to draw some diggle construction crew art, it sounds adorable.

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  9. Clayton says:

    Is the female character and skills going to be a part of the paid expansion? If so that would kinda suck. It would be much nicer to be able to play the female character by default. I will probably end up buying the expansion though, whether or not that is a part of it.

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      The female hero option will be in the core game and will be released before the expansion.

      The female hero appearing in skill icons is just something I’ve been doing for new art I’ve been drawing so that there’s a good mix between the character designs across the skills/spells. There won’t be separate icon sets for male vs. female characters.

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  10. SamuelMarston says:

    You have made me so happy.

    I’m loving the core game as it is, and I can’t wait to see what great ideas you have come up with. Perhaps some clockwork armor? The notorious Alchemical Axe? I’m dying of anticipation.

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  11. CJSimmons says:

    Good to hear that the mod tool will be that powerful.
    Any ideas for the price of said expansion?

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      I think it’s pretty safe to say it’ll be cheaper than the base game itself.

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      • Torben says:

        Don’t make it too cheap. Remember you need to eat and – even more important – to drink!

        5€ seems fine to me and is below what hurts, so it would be a no-brainer and no matter if 5,4,3,2,1… -> 5

        I would love to see all the nice additions listed above but beyond that I hope to give you the opportunity to fine-tweak and polish Dredmor. -> 5

        Cheers! 6? 😉

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  12. SamuelMarston says:

    Where’s this merch I’ve been talking about? I need some new T-Shirts.

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  13. Darren Grey says:

    It would be nice to see it as “pay what you like”. I’m sure I and others have been greatly impressed by what we’ve gotten from the meagre amount we’ve spent on Dredmor, and would be quite willing to hand out much more in appreciation for a significant expansion pack.

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    • SamuelMarston says:

      I second that motion. Pay as you like can have surprising and profitable returns.

      Perhaps some will be swayed to pick up the base game when they see that the expansion is pick your own price.

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      • John Smith says:

        Well what idiot said oh i’ll pay for an expantion? They wouldn’t of considerd this if some goon didn’t say oh what about a payed expantion i’ll happily spend my own money on a thing what will be free? I will buy it but i’ll be reluctant cause i would of got this for free, jeezz

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        • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

          This being a paid expansion, the contents will be substantially greater and also of a sort we wouldn’t otherwise easily be able to produce. For instance we have hired an artist to crank out a ton of new sprites (including the female hero, but everyone will get that for free with the base game), and there’ll be new sound work, possibly new music. Plus it’s a way for people to encourage us to do more work on Dredmor, if they so desire.

          On the other hand, even without the paid expansion there will be a lot of new free content coming in the next little while and the core game will receive all the UI upgrades we’re doing for the expansion.

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  14. Rek says:

    How much money do I need to throw at my PC monitor before I can have an advance copy?

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  15. Farce says:

    Will we get Eyebrowmancy? I would love Eyebrowmancy.

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  16. Valerio says:

    Will be the new expansion avaible on Steam? If yes, will it have new achievements? Keep up the good work!

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  17. Very satisfied but yet not. says:

    Keep up the good work, love and hate dredmor..
    Looking forward to this expansion very much!

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  18. Soultwister says:

    I can’t wait for this expansion. However, I have one suggestion for a patch or the expansion. I would like to see more active abilities for melee instead of the single active and the passive. If anything I believe the passive ability should be converted to an active one.

    Another possibility is that there is a new warrior branch called “Weapon Training” that gives all purpose active abilities such as one that has a greater chance of hitting at a cost of damage or vice versa. Then you can also have ones with no cost but a detrimental cooldown.

    I just think that this will make melee more interesting rather then relying on potions/mushrooms for different effects.

    Just my two cents.

    PS. Congrats on making an accessible rogue-like. I tried a couple before but the interface kept getting in the way,the only one I could kind of get into was Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. I just got tired quickly of the:
    “Do you want to take the corpse (y/n)n,
    Do you want to take the other corpse (y/n)n
    Do you want to take…
    *20 seconds later*
    Do you want to take the sword (y/n)y
    Even when that was solved in Crawl with the mouse, both hands were required on the keyboard so it will still be tiring to pick up items and so on.

    Thanks for the game and sorry for the long winded post

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  19. Leith says:

    Guys I absolutely love your game and I’m definitely buying the expansion once it comes out. And I hope we will get some more teasers while you’re working at it. Can’t wait!

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  20. Skillrex says:

    A mod that I would really like to see is one where somehow everthing on each of the floors is halved. (Half stairs count, half monster count, half of everything), and the amount of experience gained is doubled. My biggest problem with this game is that one run-through takes FOREVER, especially if it is all going to be lost when you die. Roguelikes should be smaller, because if you’re like me and want to play on the hardest difficulty with permadeath on, then you shouldn’t have to sink 3 hours into a game only to have it lost, the game should take closer to an hour and a half. Just my thoughts. I love the binding of Isaac because of how short it is, and I realized that that would help this game a lot.

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      Ya’know, I wouldn’t mind this myself. I don’t have the time to play as many games as I once did so my appreciation for shorter games has grown greatly as of late.

      This is probably one of those features where Nicholas sighs loudly and holds his head in his hands when I ask him about how easy it would be to implement, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

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  21. QuasarX says:

    Wow, this is really exciting news. I hope it will be possible to create a special room type that gives access to a storage vault to store all of those crafting materials I collect. 🙂

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  22. jpinard says:

    For those of you that want to pay more, please do what I do. I’ve purchased it for 5 of my best friends and gifted it to them via Steam. Sales numbers are really where its at.

    Also, I’d suggest you charge $5 in the US, and if you don’t want to charge that much, don’t go much lower. Maybe $3.50 at the very minimum. Otherwise you’re just losing money for no reason whatsoever.

    So is the expansion still slated for December? If so, is it early or late Dec?

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  23. Recs says:

    all I would like to see is more randomness for potions and wands. item identification, curses and stuff like that.

    it would add some depth to this nice roguelike.

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  24. Gatts says:

    Sounds like fun. I hope there will be more weapon, mage paths and various other (fun)skills to choose from. Most of the fun of playing Dungeons of Dredmor comes from trying out all the skills, mixing and matching and unlocking new spells. I look forward to the release!

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