Dungeons of Dredmor to be released through Steam on July 13, 2011

Gaslamp Games is proud to announce that we have partnered with Valve to release Dungeons of Dredmor on the Steam platform for the exceptional price of $4.99 on Wednesday, July 13th. Gaslamp Games is dedicated to providing classic dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of classic roguelikes to both seasoned and casual players alike.

“Our business acumen department has been hard at work within our underground lava-fortress for the last several weeks devising a distribution system for our product, pushing tiny models of software packages and legendary beasts around a map of the middle planes with wooden dowels,” said Gaslamp’s Daniel Jacobsen. “However, after the tragic death of the Last Gryphon at the hands of the overzealous Gnomish Flying Couriers, we decided that we needed a more proven content delivery system.”

Dungeons of Dredmor will be available through the Steam distribution network in both Windows and OS X flavors.

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65 Responses to “Dungeons of Dredmor to be released through Steam on July 13, 2011”

  1. littlecaesar says:

    Awesome news!! This beats Steam summer sales anytime. Congratulations Gaslamp!

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  2. DisOrd3r says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait! You guys are wicked!

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  3. Ghastly Golly says:

    That is awesome! Congratulations! 😀

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  4. Gungnir says:

    Great to know, buy why in 2 weeks when the game in apparently done?!?

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  5. Lordxorn says:

    Wow, who would have thought distributing digitally was so inefficient?

    The game is basically in a release state, yet it will take two weeks to be available on Steam?

    IT just really confounds me.

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  6. Ururulur says:

    Yeahhhh! Congratulations!=)

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  7. The Aphex Twin says:


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  9. MrStone says:

    Great news! As a side note, I can’t imagine why steam has to be so picky about a release date. It’s like, “No no, we don’t want money for a tiny effort on our part until NEXT week!”

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  10. Enigma says:

    So since the Linux version isn’t part of the Steam deal, you can release that now right? 😀

    It would be nice if we got something first for once 🙂

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    • AdminDaniel Jacobsen says:

      If you check out the twitter feed, we are talking to Ubuntu regarding their Linux distribution. Though (also on twitter) if we get stymied by Linux distribution methods, we might just throw the linux binaries in the steam build.

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      • Enigma says:

        I saw that – but what about people that don’t use Ubuntu (or derivatives) that don’t have the Ubuntu Software center. Why not something like pay-pal and a direct download of a .tar.gz? I would think that could be put up quite fast (like how Humble Bundle does it).

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        • Slacker says:

          I too would like to see something other than the Ubuntu Software Center & Steam for the Linux client. Would be a lot easier to have a direct download to a .tgz..

          Looking forward to release regardless 🙂

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  11. Baelthazar says:

    Doh! I leave for a vacation on July 14! NoooooOO!

    Great news guys, looking forward to it!

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    • Heikki says:

      Well all is good for you, then. I’ll be leaving for several weeks on july 10th. No idea if I’ll have internet access or not.

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  12. getter77 says:

    Congrats on landing on Steam, the march to domination begins in a couple weeks!

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  13. drake says:

    Great news, I love Steam. Consider it already bought

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  14. TopHatCat says:

    Steam!!! Good stuff guys really glad about that, will get you much more attention.

    Can’t waaaait!

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    • TopHatCat says:

      I’m upset I cant pre-order it! …or get a free “Eyebrows” hat in TF2 ;D Hahaha, that’d ROCK!

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  15. starrise says:

    Oh my gawwwwd. This is celebration-worthy! Woo!

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  16. Excellent! I’ve been stalking this website multiple times a day waiting for news of Dredmors triumphant release. Can’t wait to play it, and that you guys are using steam makes it even better!

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  17. Sinnz says:

    Is it going to be available in all Steam regions? Global release? Or am I going to get shafted because I live in the netherworld?

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  18. Meadmoon says:

    That’s one day before my 21st birthday and everything. 😀 This is gonna be awesome.

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  19. Nordoyle says:

    Same day as Cthulhu saves the world…. why are you making me choose what one to play first!

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  21. Chad says:

    I guess I’m the only one not excited about Steam.

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    • Eigen says:

      Make that one more person. I… am not too sure how to proceed from here. I’ve been very excited about Dredmor and refreshing this page for the past couple weeks, but Steam… Ugh. I’ll keep my whining about it to myself, but please know that I will really, really, _really_ appreciate it if there will be other ways to purchase this game.

      Still, congrats on the release. 🙂

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    • Gungnir says:

      Always, always someone crying about Steam.
      For every single ******* release I have heard about.

      Seriously, for 5$ you won’t get a boxed copy in stores.

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      • YD says:

        Not excited about Steam either.

        And it has nothing to do with box/digital, I just don’t like the idea of being tied to a client, needing an internet connection to play solo, and in the end not really owning my games. Why is that so hard for Steam fanboys to grasp ?
        You like glorified rental ? Good for you.

        I’ll buy it anyway since it looks extremely awesome.
        I just hope there will be another distribution method someday, so I can buy it again and feel like I really own it.

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        • d32 says:

          Just one correction – you need internet connection to activate the game (which always sucks, steam or otherwise), but you can play the game offline.

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          • wid says:

            As you said, it always sucks. I find it better when activation is managed directly by the developers, rather than a third party. They have much more control on how to employ it (even remove it) and you just install the software that you need, no dumb client/store/social network/sniffer/etc. Online or not.

            Also, and correct me if I’m wrong, if the Linux binaries are released with Steam, I don’t see any way in which they can interact with the client or with their servers, so one could just back them up and use them as he/she sees fit. There would be no problem for us anarchists then.

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          • Skyblade799 says:

            I can’t reply to wid directly, so I’ll just have to reply to d32 to say this.

            Wid: If they managed it themselves, they wouldn’t have as much time to do other things. Steam is good at getting indie games noticed (If you used it, you would know that). Whats your problem with steam? It’s a free service, so no problem there. Sure it can take up some memory, but it isn’t hard to get around that (besides, this IS a turn based roguelike, FPS shouldn’t be a big problem). Not sure about the linux binaries though… we will have to wait and see about that.

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  22. J Brian says:

    Congrats guys.

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  23. Oleg says:

    Sorry, guys, no deal for me. I’ve never used Steam and I don’t intend to do so just for one game, no matter how good it is. Hope that direct version would come too, eventually. But until then, sorry. Taking options from customers is not a smart decision.

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  24. greyhatsalafi says:


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  25. Silvador says:

    YES!!!! *trembles with excitement*

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  26. Mort says:

    Outstanding. Can’t wait! 😀

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  27. Another_Scott says:


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  28. stants says:

    Good luck and well done guys…but steam sucks on a large one..the most awesome game that i can never own.

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  29. worthstream says:

    Date saved on the calendar!

    Let’s see who’ll be the first to buy it! 😉

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  30. embarrassing says:

    Why not sell it through fastspring too? So that people can just buy it straight from you site. I guess maybe theres some exclusive crap?

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    • wid says:

      That would be more in the lines of Gamestop/Impulse, but I’m no expert. I was just amused by all the crap the devs of SPAZ had to go through to try and publish their game on services other than Impulse.

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  31. Wesley says:

    Well…this news sucks after such a wait. Don’t have Steam, Don’t want Steam. How can I get this game directly from you, developers?

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    • AdminDaniel Jacobsen says:

      Hey Wesley (and all). Right now all we can say with certainty is that we will be on Steam on the date mentioned. We are looking at other ways that we can offer our game, including to Linux users, but how long from now and what form this will take is up in the air right now. Our first priority is to give everyone on each platform a way to buy Dungeons of Dredmor.

      Sorry I can’t give you more information than this – we are trying really hard to accommodate everyone, but we also really don’t want to promise things until we’re sure we can make good. If and when we have more information, we’ll let you know.

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  32. Messyng says:

    Yah indeed not excited neither about steam, so unless there is no promise to be able to have right to play the game that will be launched via other payment options, I don´t see the pleasure to buy it and be bond to steam.
    Altrough I was hooked be the first time i saw the art in this website and that strange bird to scream in trailer, I will have to wait for alternative option.

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  33. terrmith says:

    ou yeaaaaah

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  34. dylly says:

    I have been following this game religiously for months, and would have bought it anyway. The fact that it is on Steam makes it that much more of a given!

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  35. mikedpc says:

    I cant wait for this release.excellent work guys!
    Your game is incredible!!!!!

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  36. Em Dash says:

    <3 I can't wait to play! And from what I understand, it's not exclusively on Steam at all, so we'll see other ways to get the game in the future!

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  37. Neowatcher says:

    Can’t you guys do like the Frozen Synapse and SpaceChem devs? They are on Steam but give you the option of buying a Steam-less version directly from them, and as an extra you get a key to activate the game on Steam. With SpaceChem you get to download Mac/Linux/Windows Steam-free versions.

    I like Steam for the “backup” aspect, since they’re probably be around for a long time, but also love to have a version I can play under linux, or without internet access.

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    • AdminDerek Bonner says:

      There are talks of doing so after release. Right now we want to get the games in the hands of who we can as early as we can.

      This initial release is in no way our final methods of distribution. We will continue to explore other avenues as time goes on.

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  38. paramime says:

    can you guys also sell on gamersgate?

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  39. Wade says:

    Put me down for 3 copys day 1!!!!!! SO STOKED!!

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  40. Zanza says:

    any info on how the euro-price is handled? will you do 1$=1€ crap?

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  41. qbus says:

    Oh… noooo….
    In Poland is July, 13 00:07 AM, and there is no DREMORA on steam !!!!
    Where is DREMORA ???
    Is the release date (July, 13) valid ??? or have I wait for 00:00 in USA ???

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  42. qbus says:

    It’s 7:25 am in Poland (0:25am @ Your website) and I’m MORe DREADed than before – there is no DREAD on the steam.
    Where is the game :-(.

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  43. Livsi says:

    it’s 10:17 am in Russia , and there is no game on steam(((((

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  44. Doughnut Man says:

    *sobs* 09:17 am UK and NO Dreddy on Steam.

    As I took a day off work for this, I’m so sad. Need custard and toffee doughnuts to compensate.

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  45. gvbn says:

    Steam usually adds new releases at 10 AM PST

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  46. spajdr says:

    Still nothing on STEAM.

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  47. OneLastTime says:

    Today or tommorow… I’ll buy it anyway, coz i waited this game for so long!

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  48. hahahaha says:

    15:26 in Paris, , and there is no game on steam(((((

    when ??


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  49. mongrel says:

    Steam usually updates on 6pm gmt. ~50 min to go

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