The Sweet Taste of Gold

There are now zero outstanding issues on our “must fix before ship” list. We’re going to play Dredmor internally for about 24 to 48 hours, and if we don’t find anything we desperately need to fix, we now have a Dungeons of Dredmor gold master build.

Nearly there, folks – we’ll have this in your hot little hands as soon as we can. Speaking for myself: having been working on Dredmor since 2005, it is *very* odd being done.

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32 Responses to “The Sweet Taste of Gold”

  1. Trasc says:

    It’s my bday, today.

    It would be cool if you released this, so I can give you my Bday money!

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  2. worthstream says:

    Can’t wait!!!

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  3. GhostLyrics says:

    Congratulations 🙂

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  4. Ezekielknight says:

    Good luck!

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  5. Nachtfischer says:

    My PayPal is loaded and ready to buy! 😀

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  6. Zenuel says:

    This is great to hear, CANNOT WAIT to play it :D!

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  7. StrangeThief says:


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  8. boughrouck says:

    Woooohoooo !!!
    Been so disapointed by some major studios latest games of this year ,but now at last something new refreshing and that will not disapoint me,I am sure of it lol

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  9. Berious says:


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  10. Amandachen says:

    You’re going to play with Dredmor internally?

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  11. Gankplank says:

    Sell … me … your …. game!

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  12. getter77 says:


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  13. Ghastly Golly says:

    Awesome! Great job! Can’t wait! :3

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  14. Robert says:


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  15. Hyfrydle says:

    Fantastic the wait seems to be going on forever.

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  16. starrise says:

    Been watching since 2010 and can’t wait at all. Luckily I hardly have to wait now!

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  17. Yssago says:


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  18. flappycat says:

    COME ON!! i demand you take my money right now i must have this game

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  19. Jajusha says:

    Can’t wait to give you my €!

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  20. Zomborgon says:

    It’s okay, we can wait…maybe. Yes, yes I

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  21. Druhim says:

    Yes! Looking forward to being able to buy this!

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  22. Lekon says:

    Congrats! Extremely excited for you guys, and the game will do awesomely.

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  23. Brandon says:

    Outstanding. Your level of quality is simply amazing. I cannot wait to play this game!

    Thank you very much for spending so much time making it for us!

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  24. MrStone says:

    So wuz

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  25. MrStone says:

    …selling items removed from the game at last?

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  26. MrStone says:

    Also, great job with the game, hope it casts a mega midas on the indie gaming community for you all. (except for the part about people having their living flesh fatally turned into gold)

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  27. Lordxorn says:

    Just release it already, I think six years is enough polish! I promise I won’t hold you to it!

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  28. kalidanthepalidan says:

    Very exciting!

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  29. ClMan says:

    This is amazing news! I cannot wait for it to be released! Also congrats on finally finishing it after 6 years, that must be a huge achievement! Can’t wait to buy! 🙂

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  30. boughrouck says:

    Yeah we swear we won’t hold you to it,release it now lol
    Or you can’t let go the grown up baby into the wild and must spend a little time cuddling with it 🙂
    Come on don’t play it alone with your team ,share the fun

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  31. dailycaesar says:

    Brilliant. Been waiting for this so hopefully you get it out soon!

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  32. Another_Scott says:

    Hooray! Get ready to start spreading the word!!

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