Nicholas Vining is Gaslamp Games’ technical director and lead programmer, a job that requires him to oversee all aspects of the company’s technical direction and programming. In addition, he does the bulk of the programming for Gaslamp’s titles.

Nicholas has been involved with the game industry since 2000, when he got a job working for Loki Software Inc., the original Linux porting company, at the age of sixteen. Ever since then, he has worked on a wide variety of industry projects, ranging from the Unreal Engine’s OpenGL Renderer to a series of games made by the notorious Derek Smart. One early contribution to the game industry was so bad that it inspired the first ever appearance of the “Fruit F*cker 2000” in the comic strip Penny Arcade. He has written for Game Developer Magazine, and has contributed to the specifications for OpenGL, the industry-leading graphics API, having co-authored three extensions that were approved by the Architectural Review Board. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with Honors, both from the University of Victoria. When not working at Gaslamp, he can usually be found playing his collection of vintage synthesizers.