Daniel Jacobsen is the CEO of Gaslamp Games.  When not negotiating contracts or shredding evidence, he contributes design and gameplay programming for Gaslamp’s projects.  He had no idea how much work making video games was until he was actually doing it. In his spare time he enjoys cooking ethnic foods from places he’s never been and writing code for various international physics projects.

Daniel began writing software after becoming enamored with computer games and software programming at an early age.  He attended camps and workshops learning the basics of various programming languages such as BASIC, HTML, Java, and C at the age of ten, and by thirteen was teaching some of the same courses.  An avid video, card and board game player throughout high school, he excelled in advanced placement courses in computer science, and went on to gain a BSc in Physics at the University of Victoria with exemplary marks in programming-based astrophysics research.