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I took a vacation last week. It was really, really weird. So here is a list of things we are working on this week around the office:

(This is what happens when Nicholas takes a vacation.)

This is what happens when Nicholas takes a vacation.

This is not part of the list, but it's cool.

This is not part of the list, but isn’t it cool?

Afflictions. Previously, we have a notion of “you get shot a bunch, you die.” This does not really convey the interesting damage model we were after. At the same time, we do not wish to start modelling individual colonist teeth like certain other games we know. The solution is afflictions, which I suspect has been inspired by our in-office game of Dominions 4. As units are damaged, they may receive afflictions. These afflictions may affect characters by giving them (currently) an equivalent to negative traits.

How do we fix these? Well, for now you don’t have a Physician or Doctor, so the local barber is what you’ve got. Or not so much what you’ve got, but, rather, the first stage of The Plan.

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Post-Holiday Update

EDIT 3:This is now on Desura. Once it looks like nothing else has gone hideously wrong, we’ll move it to Steam and the HIB.

EDIT 2:Alright Mac users, we’ve heard you. You think you’ve got what it takes to apply HOTFIXES. Well, here you go. Grab it, try it, let us know what you think; you’ll need to put it in your Dungeons of in Contents/MacOS – it should replace an existing file called Dredmor.

All this chicanery will be on Steam and Desura some time tomorrow, provided that just throwing the patches out there doesn’t show us any new problems. 🙂

EDIT: We have a patch being tested that fixes the other three major issues with 1.0.9: mysterious portal issues, the crashing after level 1, and quest hordes not spawning. Windows users, if you want to test the patch at home: grab it here and throw that EXE into your Steam/steamapps/common/dungeons of dredmor folder. Mac users, we can’t give you a test patch quite as easily, but rest assured, we’re working on it. Again, this is an unofficial test patch, and is offered without guarantees, but we would like to know if it works or not. (It should, theoretically, fix your old crashing saves, too.)

Having survived the ancient ritual known as “Christmas with the Families”, we are back in the office today. For what it’s worth, I’m not sure that we actually remember how to relax any more.

That said: we’re back, we’re fixing things. Expect some kind of a status update on a) the OS X nonsense, b) the missing quest monsters, c) getting all of this pushed to Steam – in a bit.

Now has anybody seen my fire extinguisher…?

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