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The Rerendererererering

I’m very happy with a lot of the changes in Alpha 44; a bunch of the seemingly less-consequential AI improvements, such as the stockpile rewrite, seem to have been very well received. I therefore decided to do something fun last week on Thursday and Friday, and start rebuilding the rendering pipeline to support interior and dynamic lighting. On our old development report┬áthis was actually the last rendering ticket.

David Baumgart, "painter of light".

What a nice house. I bet it’s not totally full of cultists or something.

The thing that made me grumpy about the interior rendering is that we don’t want exterior dynamic lights to leak into the interior – if you put an outside light on a building, you don’t want it shining in the interior. Similarly, you don’t want to have a light inside a building reflecting the outside of the building. Finally, it would be nice if we could set the interior and exterior lighting of the world differently.

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