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Patch Status Update; Penny Arcade Expo

A user on Twitter has pointed out that it’s been three weeks since we put up a patch status update. What’s going on, Gaslamp? So here’s the approximate status and time line.

The patch, as it stands, is done. I’m waiting for one piece of art from David, and he assures me that he can paint it tomorrow, but I’m ready to drop it in when he says he’s done it. We’ve spent the weekend testing it internally, and are going to pack it up and send it out for external beta testing on Tuesday. As soon as the external beta testers give it the all-clear, we will fire it your way. There may be a second call for external beta testers next week; I need to get everything sorted out. I would like the beta to take about a week, so that I can put it up next Monday. There will be a content patch thereafter.

Thanks for sticking with us while we get this sorted out. The entire mess has been complicated by my moving, badly, and thus not having a real office until last Wednesday. Nonetheless, David and I are in the same building again, and we have plans to entertain you. I still don’t have internet at the new apartment yet, mainly due to working on this patch, so no doubt I will be in the office a lot until I manage to get that sorted out. 🙂 I need my fix.

In other news, various Gaslampers will be trickling down to Seattle this weekend for the grand and glorious Nerdstravaganza called Penny Arcade Expo. I will be there Saturday and some of Sunday, as I expect to be sorting out patch stuff all next week. Daniel will be wandering around, having a good time, and terrorizing Seattle in his [and Nicholas’s -Ed.] RV, “The Diggle Express.” If anybody would be interested in a Dredmor meet-up, or if anybody would be interested in having a beer with us, feel free to comment on this post and we’ll try to sort out something for Saturday. (As part of our deconstructionist approach to Achievements on Steam, there will be a special Dredmor achievement exposed to those of you who have been drinking with Gaslamp.)

There’s been a lot of other stuff happening in our three weeks of radio silence. There should be new distribution deals announced, including the long-awaited Linux port, in the next few weeks, and we will also be unleashing some sort of Merchandising Effort from the Dwarven Mountainhomes. Watch this space…

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