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Penny Arcade Expo! Dinner and Drinks!

As stated in our previous post, we will be attending Penny Arcade Expo. As we are curious as to what sort of people actually play Dredmor, we propose an exercise called:


To participate in this exercise: join us this Saturday, at 7 PM on Level 6 of the Convention Center, inbetween the Unicorn and Serpent Theatres and in front of the “PC Area”. (You may consult this map here – if you wish.) We will have some sort of a sign. Once enough people have assembled, we will be trooping off to get dinner and/or drinks – most likely at the Tap House, but somewhere else if we overflow that possibility or if they’re too busy – and the night will progress from there. As an added bonus, you can put your name on our list and receive an Exciting Achievement in Dungeons of Dredmor that will ONLY be available by completing the Drinking and Dining Exercise.

See you there! Please RSVP in the comments if you are going to attend, so that we have some sort of an estimate as to how many people are going to show up. Oh whatever, just show up and we’ll see what happens…

EDIT: To confirm – it is this Saturday.

EDIT, EDIT: for those keeping score at home, we will hopefully be receiving beta testing keys tomorrow. As soon as we have them, we will start distributing them to our humble applicants. We’ll let you know.

EDIT x3: Patch 1.0.4 is now in beta. So far, it has been a glorious trainwreck – so going as well as I had expected. Given our late start – and no doubt impending hangovers – I don’t think we’ll have this done by Monday; that said, I’m hopeful still for September 1st.

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