Clockwork Empires June Update: Knights of Steam


This update will go live to every Clockwork Empires player via Steam!

We have also updated our Clockwork Empires: Development Progress report!

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Major player-facing additions this month

  • Steam Knights!
  • Barracks control over military squad loadout
  • Exciting Event Arcs!
  • A Better Economy
  • All sorts of UI bits and bobs!

If you’re in a hurry, that should cover it. But if you find yourself with the inexplicable urge for more, you’re in luck, we’ve got the full changelog posted below — or the extra special annotated changelog in the Clockwork Empires Development Report.

Begin the full Beta 52 changelog!

Military, Barracks, & Combat

  •  added Steam Knights (accessible via Foreign Office & an event arc)
  • added some new Steam Knight animations
  • the weapon loadout of a military squad is now controlled by its Barracks; default is pistols
  • additional weapon loadouts in Barracks can be enabled by installing new weapons lockers
  • civilian hunters no longer conflict with your military’s weapon use
  • combat AI tweaked slightly so that soldiers will shoot non-fleeing enemies over fleeing enemies more commonly
  • injured people will use injured walk (this affects combat massively)
  • added Day/Night workshift control button to Barracks
  • adjusted Bandit combat decision balance slightly
  • balance: lowered bandit desire to smash buildings
  • balance: bandits/foreigners no longer drop free weapons for you
  • balance: made soldiers slightly less excited about chasing down fleeing enemies
  • FIXED: bandits will no longer fire at people while holding bread
  • FIXED: fishpeople won’t hit people with meat anymore
  • FIXED: temporary military chars should no longer be assignable to buildings
  • FIXED: foreign traders will now flee the map if their leader is attacked (at all); this should fix ‘stuck’ traders unable to arrive at depot due to their leader lacking trade goods


  • moved “Clear Terrain” jobs into the building construction job if they are automatically spawned by building construction
  • added “On-Shift/Off-Shift” status to the names of idle jobs
  • added Grinder module and Grinder recipes
  • “basic food” has been removed and replaced with a small number of 1-food recipes.
  • added new barracks gun modules (with placeholder models)
  • added more high-tier modules to the game
  • removed “Roast Coffee Beans” from workbench (it’s still on the oven) (this prompted lengthy discussion about the process of coffee-making)
  • added EVERY WORKSHOP RECIPE IN THE GAME to the new multi-item pickup code
  • removed “make/assemble” etc from all workshop recipe names (to reduce text overflow)
  • balance: roughly halved time to construct buildings
  • balance: added cap (1/3 of a day) on time to construct a building
  • balance: adjusted output of stone from surface nodes
  • FIXED: “Make stone smelting crucible” now moved over to new multistack system
  • FIXED: picking up a multistack from the stockpile now correctly decrements the stockpile counter
  • FIXED: Distil Rum
  • FIXED: an altar is now required for colonist to want to Attend Sermon (because it is required to give a sermon)
  • FIXED: removing a module will now (immediately) push effects of its removal to parent building
  • FIXED: Maize not being usable in vegetable recipes
  • FIXED: some jobs that were missing job time data
  • FIXED: commodity drop will always hide the object at the end of the merge container cycle
  • FIXED: food and drinks were doubly consumed from the commodity menu when consumed, causing a discrepancy
  • FIXED: if a workshop job is aborted, trash the job and don’t attempt to restart/yield it.
  • FIXED: don’t let a workshop job start with a deleted module
  • FIXED: some vegetables weren’t usable in vegetable related recipes
  • FIXED: opium was impossible to research
  • FIXED: kitchen workbench and metalworks workbench did not display some recipe commodity names
  • FIXED: various typos and incorrect descriptions
  • FIXED: “Harvest Coffee Beans” job renamed “Roast Coffee Beans”
  • FIXED: smelting brass ingots wanted “timber” rather than “fuel”
  • FIXED: plank output display was half of what it should be
  • FIXED: cash crops as trade goods consistency
  • FIXED: Rum distilling (was brewable)
  • FIXED: Mezcal recipe
  • FIXED: brewing and distilling jobs now add to cooking skill
  • FIXED: long clothes line required 1 less bricabrac than advertised
  • FIXED: “make tin exotic caviar” job for workbenches, removed from ovens
  • FIXED: “make chemistry workbench” job
  • FIXED: Moved brick kilns and iron smelting crucible to multiobject system (should fix build failure)
  • FIXED: steel ingots looking for wrong object
  • FIXED: Public House crash
  • FIXED: perennial crops would only output harvest once
  • FIXED: when merging containers, ensure that the dead container is correctly removed from the container manager (may have caused issues)
  • FIXED: always set containers to visible when something is put into them in a stockpile (workaround for a mystery bug)
  • FIXED: Sulphur Tonic job said it makes Fertilizer when it really makes Tonic
  • FIXED: doing science now increments Science skill
  • FIXED: player-ordered hunting jobs won’t be lost
  • FIXED: chilli stew & molasses output corrected


  • blueprint design mode will now hide all assignment beacons; regular mode will now turn them back on again
  • added # of chairs display to Barbershop
  • changed commodity filter categories
  • did more iteration on UI responsiveness
  • added better UI input handling code for windows that have recently been redrawn (This was causing responsiveness issues with offices in 51C.)
  • added optional code for FYI-style alerts to display images
  • traders will send an alert when they leave the Trade Depot
  • updated UI framework for minimized windows
  • work shift panel now visible on all buildings (& removed old message code)
  • added improvements to escape key sequencing (more work to do there)
  • added more icons to hunger Quality of Life for greater expression of granularity
  • added Grenade Launcher icon
  • re-enabled chair/standing desk display on relevant offices
  • optimized code from widget manager which greatly speeds up work crew menu
  • FIXED: alert stubs not registering themselves with event arcs
  • FIXED: minor bug when clicking the top pixel of a UI window
  • FIXED: a bunch of minor tooltip style issues
  • FIXED: memories will no longer blank out after save/load
  • FIXED: mineshaft now displays its full name in UI
  • FIXED: alert title for full Diplomatic Points was incorrect
  • FIXED: scrollable elements now properly detect mouseover states
  • FIXED: fence icons
  • FIXED: typo in work quality of life description
  • FIXED: mine products display is more readable
  • FIXED: Foreign office wasn’t displaying building quality correctly
  • FIXED: Pulque icon
  • FIXED: ESC when entering module mode and then not selecting anything would incorrectly hide all tooltips.


  • workshop Quality of Life value updated when assigned/unassigned from workshop
  • food quality of life indicator will now update at the moment after food is eaten OR at midnight after a day in which no food is eaten that day
  • added “Hermit” and “Gregarious” traits
  • work shifts are now assigned per-building instead of directly controlled by the player. rest breaks are now more evenly spread out in most buildings’ schedules.
  • assignment of workcrew to service job should adjust their work schedule appropriately
  • balance: reduced sleep time
  • balance: adjusted relationship of happiness to work shifts
  • balance: slightly increased nighttime sight radius
  • FIXED: minor fix to naturalism surveying animation
  • FIXED: variable walk/run speeds among different entities
  • FIXED: Naturalists will now increment skill when performing naturalism work
  • FIXED: talking to fishperson could freeze colonist (temp. removed this job)
  • FIXED: workers will no longer try to walk to be near their overseer if their overseer is in an underground mine and therefore technically off-map
  • FIXED: characters would sometimes not work during the first shift of their workshift
  • FIXED: The posessive and objective forms of gender-neutral pronouns were reversed
  • FIXED: doing science now increments Science skill
  • FIXED: interactions on corpses now correctly reset after butchery by fishpeople


  • added some new event arcs
  • added ability for events to lock building for special work (& UI to support this)
  • increased range on animal_repopulate spawn (so they don’t get stuck on the edge of the map)
  • if a chapel is given a “special event project”, it will boot out anyone waiting for confession
  • added alerts for Foreign Intervention events
  • “Palmerstoke’s Choice” loadout now includes lacquered planks
  • balance: reduced incidence of bandit/fishperson attacks
  • FIXED: various minor scripterrors
  • FIXED: various typos in events, descriptions
  • FIXED: bandits_amnesty event error
  • FIXED: scripterror in dead overseer replacement event
  • FIXED: small issues w/ tutorial text and grammar
  • FIXED: various text re. “Mechanique” vs “Mecanique” and “L’Autodictatuer” consistency
  • FIXED: if you attempt to send Bandits false information but no bandits exist on-map, alert will inform you of this fact
  • FIXED: tutorial would appear after game start; it no longer does
  • FIXED: players should not be attacked before they finish the tutorial
  • FIXED: in certain rare cases items given to player by events would not be set as owned by player

Engine / Scripting / Save &Load

  • added “save and exit to main menu”, “exit to main menu without saving” buttons
  • rewrote commodity tracking code
  • FIXED: consume_food will no longer leave data in the game spatial dictionary. (In general, if bogus data IS in the Spatial Dictionary, we just clean it up and move on rather than screaming out a giant terrible script error.)
  • FIXED: persistent events are now persistent enough to consistently persist through save/load.
  • FIXED: several crash fixes
  • FIXED: more cleanup of phantom objects
  • FIXED (OSX): crash on embark screen whenever you generate an ocean biome
  • FIXED (OSX): crash in rendAssignmentBeacon handler
  • FIXED (OSX): some other misc. crashes

Other Stuff Generally Resulting From Having Too Many Beers At A Summer Barbecue And Leaving The Meat On Too Long 

  • improved aesthetics of REDACTED slightly via glow shader
  • FIXED: Swamp Grass had no description
  • FIXED: if you chopped down a burning tree, it would leave a fire in its place forever
  • FIXED: charred meat ownership is set correctly
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