2015: The Year In Review Clockwork Empires Style

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? We’ve released a major update each month – and periodic experimental patches to boot. Clockwork Empire has progressed steadily through development!


So let us take a moment this holiday season to reflect upon the changes of the last twelve months.

How, you ask? Why, through the power of vaguely consolidated changelogs! To soften the blow of an immense wall of text which is perhaps rewarding mostly to the development team, let’s first revue the promo art from January to December of 2015!



Here’s the last illustration where Joseph did the foreground characters and I did the background (which had been how the operation was run for these up ’til this one). There’s a noticeably characteristic style to each, though Joseph did a fantastic job integrating with my style using reference from concept art and all Dredmor illustration. Our efforts combined let us put a lot of detail into these illustrations. All the little sub-scenes here just make me smile. Especially that slightly deranged fellow with the crate of grenades.


The Mists of Antipodea

I definitely went overboard with foliage rendering in this one. (I am, however, pleased with the pet beetle.) — and heck, I still dig the overall vibe and suggested narrative here.

As discussed, uh, in some previous blog post from the last year, the effort invested in the illustrations really comes down to is time — do I have time to do a sketch and composition pass before proceeding to full render? Generally, no. Does every hour put into these illustrations directly remove time that could be spent working on the game proper? Absolutely, yes.

So gotta get it right the first time. Doing it live and all that. Such restriction forces one to focus on what is important and to make decisions which matter. And such, perhaps, is the theme of the progression through the year of these promo illustrations – a continued focus on getting the job done as efficiently as possible (allowing for the obligatory indulgence that makes it work doing).



The suggestion that the player is double-dealing under the Empire’s nose is really appealing to me. (Plus it’s Historically Accurate! Just have a read about basically any colony anywhere and see what a mess of incompetence and corruption everything tended to be!) And this is certainly a continuation of over-indulgence in foliage rendering, but that’s just how I roll.



I put way too many characters into this one and regretted how much work it turned out to be. They are, however, rather delightful in my opinion. And I think Atlas Ironcog is particularly wonderful in a cheery Victorian blustering over-masculine sort of way.

(Ugh, and I redraw his arms so many times. Still not happy – but work must go on!)



Here I thought, man, we’ve portrayed so much conflict in these things, why not some love? Strongman/bandit, NCO/labourer, labourer/Vicar, man/fishman; it’s all good! We don’t judge.

Side-note: This was art was originally going to star Atlas Ironcog making out with a variety of figures. We figured this might do the character some disservice and lead to some questions of just what was going on in the game, so held back.

Side-note #2: Basing promotional art on hugging is not, it turns out, a hugely successful strategy. Gamers don’t like hugs!



Ah, now this one here is a recycle of some Joseph promotional art from quite a while back – no work from yours truly at all! (Except, perhaps, to balance the shade curves a little better.) Gives me more time to work on the game, which is good.

(Side-story: We used this art as the basis for banners for our March 2014 promotional push, but I made the shading too dark. The banners showed up at GDC and I’m like oh, crap, these aren’t going to show up well on camera. And they didn’t. But live and learn.)



Making a map take up a large portion of the space let me really cheese out on this; good timer-saver, that. I did, however, quite enjoy rendering the palm forest in the background.



For whatever reason I thought that the theme of smashing beetles would be brilliant. And drawing bubbles, I guess? Mundane-chic and all that. Turns out people don’t like mundane chic, much like hugs. Eldritch Horror always plays way better to the crowd. I suppose that is what people show up to Clockwork Empires for, isn’t it.



After the previous months, as said, it was decided that eldritch themes speak better to our particular audience.

I do rather enjoy the hidden symbols in this one. And the uncertain loyalty of the Fishperson is nice.



Here I was like, hey, it’s October, let’s go dark. So: Everyone’s dead! Almost everyone, anyway. And, of course, Azathoth was fun to draw – it really was a lot like doing foliage, a sort of meditative rendering of variations of the same form and colour with slight differences, almost fractal. As unknowable cosmic horrors are.

(Note also the suggestion of classical memento mori themes in the rotting fruit.)



Admission: I based on the background’s colour scheme on a screenshot of Monkey Island 1’s forest maze sequence. I regret nothing! I love Monkey Island! Skeletons are a pain to draw because they have too many little bones!



Original title “The Paperwork Must Go On” but I figured that “The Bureaucracy” could refer both to the institution and the paperwork itself, so it worked on at least two levels.

Quite happen with how quickly this one came together and, man, those quills eh?

(Note also my use of bright orange backlighting – also used in the original Dredmor splash background! This goes back further, too – back in art school I had a tube of this amazing bright-orange gouache that I used far more often than was properly necessary.)

You made it! It’s time for an enormous changelog!

Do note that this isn’t really meant to be read, it’s more about taking in the sheer scale of the thing. Just scroll down and take it in.

Changelogs for all of 2015

January 2015


  • FIXED: rendering errors on particle systems
  • job system performance improvement
  • FIXED: save game crash caused by having dirty objects in the rendInteractiveObjectClassHandler cleanup list when you save (we think)
  • FIXED: rendering errors on particle systems


  • starting supplies now drop from the sky (look out!)
  • balance: immigration and favour events fire less often
  • FIXED: supply drop event will no longer inform you that you’ve requested zero items when you forgo a supply drop
  • balance: made colonists less hungry on gamestart (unless they’re criminals)
  • FIXED: when you call a Naturalist via favour, you actually get a naturalist now rather than an artisan

Human Characters

  • FIXED: Rewrote memory utility code to correctly update and set moods from memories without having half-crazed, volatile mood swings.
  • FIXED: starvation was checking a value 10x what it should have been
  • FIXED: soldiers now actually move to rally beacons
  • FIXED: colonists no longer believe that raw coconuts are a cooked food
  • added Zzz particles to sleeping
  • balance: removed starting naturalist (you must earn one via favour)
  • removed extra pouches from the Scientist models (with apologies to Rob Liefeld)
  • FIXED: “forage due to starvation” job wasn’t triggering
  • started overhaul of job balance
  • (added new internal tool for balancing job requirements and utilities; this is super cool for us and will ultimately mean a better-balanced game experience for you).
  • FIXED: disappearing hair bug
  • cleanup of character hair models & model defs (more varieties of hair will show up)
  • unique macroscope use animations added
  • FIXED: de-assigned science workers wouldn’t give up their uniforms
  • FIXED incorrect icons for eating human flesh
  • FIXED: hunger no longer goes negative after character eats when not very hungry
  • Rewrote memory utility code to correctly update and set moods from memories without having half-crazed, volatile mood swings.
  • made artisans less interested in doing paperwork at night
  • removed “idle in chair” so that there will be free chairs for people to eat in, ever
  • Naturalists will form work crews (though labourers assigned to naturalist work crew don’t do anything special yet)

Combat & Military

  • All work crew filters are disabled when a unit becomes conscripted. Filters are then reset to the default when conscripting a unit.
  • soldiers do pushups
  • FIXED: colonists would beat up dead bandits, calling it a “melee counterattack”

Animals, Monsters

  • balance: made animals less hungry on gamestart
  • (started on burrowing animals but it’s not player-visible)

Buildings, Zones, Modules, Jobs

  • FIXED: lag when placing buildings or creating modules.
  • FIXED: civilization maps now computed correctly
  • FIXED: Doors now render 1OU above the building footprint as ghosts, so they won’t clip through the building any more.
  • FIXED: we now check whether we are in the same connected component (or not) as items when using them to fill gameSimRequireGameObject requests (this helps fix the case where individual units go nuts not being able to get to materials)
  • FIXED: typo in “Make Gunpowder” job
  • added sounds to airdrop crate
  • renamed some modules to show clear progression of materials ( eg. stone oven -> iron oven )
  • added bamboo farming (for timber)
  • added module damage: after a module is used a number of times it will become damaged and require repair using a random material used to build the module
  • if a damaged module is used enough, it will become inoperative and require repair before it can be used
  • FIXED: “not enough logs to build gabions despite having lots of logs” bug
  • added “walls down” building display mode
  • FIXED: current building display mode now apply to newly created buildings

Biomes & Terrain

  • FIXED: bamboo (in the wild) wasn’t using “small” variation
  • balance: added more timber to tropical biome
  • balance: reduced clumping of ore nodes in certain jungle biome

Multiplayer / Scripting System

  • Ownership: objects can now be marked (internally) as being “owned” or “not owned” by a player ( or other group, i.e. bandits )
  • FIXED: Slowdown with large numbers of characters testing for interrupts, caused by round trips to and from Lua system code


  • added loading screen.
  • Right-clicking a stockpile filter will enable ONLY that filter.
  • Right-clicking a work crew filter will enable ONLY that filter.
  • Added debug messages to try and catch more save game issues
  • Q and E now rotate the camera left and right
  • SHIFT-Click now places multiple modules at once.
  • clicking workshop icons in workshop window now zooms to workshop location
  • FIXED: work crew panel slowdown, take II (the work crew UI should not slow down the game anymore)
  • FIXED: colonist panel slowdown (related to above)
  • FIXED: building grid disappears when switching between two building types
  • FIXED: “Show all commodities” filter now toggles to “Hide All Commodities” as well
  • FIXED: UI gets cut off in work party menu switching from all workers to military sometimes
  • Right-clicking a stockpile filter will enable ONLY that filter.
  • Right-clicking a work crew filter will enable ONLY that filter.

Other Art

  • dust particles effects made more dusty
  • fix-up pass through particle effects done


February 2015


  • CPU side optimization to render backend; removed unnecessary matrix calculations etc
  • implemented brushfire search for moving characters into civilization
  • added fog of war
  • added internal Lua script debugging tool (for internal use only)
  • FIXED: save games do not load correctly (or, amusingly, save correctly, even though they seem to) on machines with Unicode path names
  • FIXED: various stockpile issues with load/save and replay
  • FIXED: game crashes in credits menu on OS X
  • FIXED: Crash when a job has a parent assignment, but the assignment doesn’t have a job as a child


  • started implementing new madness/cult systems
  • balance: hunger time / crop growth time doubled
  • criminals immigrants have a chance to want to start a cult
  • criminals sent to your colony may now be slightly mad
  • colonists should no longer spawn in water at gamestart
  • added “drink curative” for curing madness (colonist will drink Laudanum or Sulphur Tonic to relieve maddening thoughts)
  • balance: reduced desire to drink booze across the board because it was impossible to maintain stocks
  • UI: work crew display now really displays # of idle work parties, not # of active work parties
  • drinking laudanum has a small chance of turning a character into a Laudanum Fiend
  • cults will announce their name in ticker upon formation
  • cults will announce new members to game ticker
  • cults will do recruitment at night, and only one initiation per night max
  • cultists who witness an occult ritual will be made happy
  • added alert upon cult formation
  • studying eldritch artifacts may increase madness and/or inspire cults
  • people invited to a cult will decide whether to join or not based on traits, madness, and relationship w/ cult leader
  • cultists who are invited to join another cult will become offended
  • cultists who are invited to join a cult they’re not in will become offended
  • Extremely long character family names shortened for legibility
  • FIXED: adding/removing workers to/from workcrews with special uniforms now properly adds and removes said uniform as appropriate
  • FIXED: sleeping inside on floor no longer creates memory for sleeping outside on ground
  • airdrop crate falling on people will no longer cause memories for “witnessed combat”
  • FIXED: Naturalists will show up and just do naturalist stuff rather than default workcrew stuff
  • balance: made return to civilization requirements a little less steep (now that civ works better)
  • FIXED: exploration beacons (were disappearing instantly)
  • made “butcher fishperson corpse” have way less range and be a less desirable source of food
  • beginning of rebalance of social jobs (gossip, emotive idles, etc)
  • added of new memories which tend the characters toward positive moods to offset external effects.
  • miscellaneous cleanup of memory database
  • instances of “Fear” changed to “Fearful” because grammar
  • added some more character names
  • changes to feeling tired and hungry for balance
  • changes to upper_class jobs to make them less… annoying, but just a little bit
  • inspect painting converted to a “social” job and modified accordingly
  • added memory for discovering a weird artifact
  • shortened text on some food memories


  • guns now require reloading
  • added ability to upgrade pistols to revolvers (which can fire more times before reloading)
  • all combat code rewritten to use state machine tiers to determine combat operations
  • FIXED: animals fighting animals will no longer trigger combat music
  • FIXED: bandits and fishpeople have to reload guns now, for real
  • characters will load their guns upon gamestart
  • added reload sounds
  • FIXED: ranged attacks will self-abort (then character will re-evaluate jobs) if target gets too far away (to stop endless retarget/follow cycle)
  • balance: increased damage of ranged weapons due to need to reload


  • added beetles & scintillating beetles for real (and made them give only one beetle steak)
  • fishpeople menacing should spam less alerts
  • balance: pushed bandit and fish attacks back to day 2 (as they’d appear in night 1, which is a bit soon)
  • FIXED: animal meat ownership (no more running into the woods to collect meat from animals killed by animals)
  • FIXED: bandit corpses no longer turn crops into clawbulbs (they’re mundane beings)
  • Foxes will now eat delicious, delicious gibs.
  • Real simple first pass on burrowing beetles.
  • FIXED: fishpeople using Wander (human) job


  • implemented real building material cost system
  • added “upgrade pistol to revolver” job
  • FIXED: standing orders of glass panes broken
  • added coal icons to smelting job tooltips (because smelting takes a carbon source now)
  • FIXED: an office w/ dead overseer displayed an alert with incorrect title text
  • balance: added more building materials to gamestart
  • added Stone/Brick/Iron Kilns for Charcoal & Ceramics, removed “Industrial Kiln”
  • FIXED: make gunpowder job & arsenal jobs in general
  • beds can be broken by overuse (but don’t explode)
  • FIXED: farm tiles becoming unfarmable after being destroyed by animals / other damage
  • added fuel requirement to smelting jobs (use charcoal, coal, or peat)
  • FIXED: mineshafts should no longer eat workers when you unassign them from the mine
  • FIXED: smelters should no longer play burning animation when not in use
  • made sugarloaf a “preserved food”
  • removing random nature objects (“clearables”) is now in the construction job category rather than the farming job category
  • buildings will automatically remove nature objects they’re built over
  • workshop jobs limited to range 100 & will use closest commodity rather than any (much improved efficiency, safety)
  • made science and chapel jobs less desirable at night
  • FIXED: crash when creating a stockpile and mousing over a building inadvertently when doing so
  • FIXED: disappearing decor modules


  • balance: made stone nodes provide more stone
  • balance: made clay node clusters more numerous
  • balance: made trees take longer to chop down but give more timber
  • balance: made trees take way longer to chop (even longer!)
  • FIXED: problems with giving orders to remove saplings (and tree commands in general * received cleanup)
  • balance: adjusted tropical forest spawns slightly (more timber, fewer coconuts)
  • FIXED: gray box trees


  • “call favour” event won’t appear unless you have enough prestige to do anything with it
  • FIXED: calling construction materials via favour was broken
  • FIXED: airdrop crates will no longer drop into buildings (and contents of airdrop crates won’t drop into buildings either)
  • balance: made criminal vicars spawn less often
  • tweaked event timing so events are more likely not to trigger at the same time
  • balance: bandit attacks ramp up more slowly over time, won’t spawn armoured bandit in first few days, will never be more than one attack per day and they won’t spawn next to colony, will tend to attack from land
  • balance: fishpeople attacks ramp up more slowly over time, won’t see major attack in first few days, will never be more than one attack per day and they won’t spawn next to colony, will tend to attack from sea


  • (a bunch of backend work got done but you can’t see it yet! Details are in the development report.)


  • FIXED: game immediately goes from battle music playing to pegging the discovery music and not moving
  • Added looping audio emitters


  • updated the starting tutorial slightly
  • added the first few contextual tutorial events (these will appear if you do not prematurely end the starting tutorial)
  • characters have nametags (can be toggled using button at top of screen)
  • artifact discovery now gives discoverers name in ticker
  • position of event window remembered between events
  • FIXED: some zoom-to alerts didn’t zoom-to
  • added madness/cult contextual tutorial
  • cleaned up the starting tutorial infodump now that we have some contextual tutorials
  • Colonists list now contains mood icons
  • Useful Icons appear above buildings when they need overseers, or have run out of jobs to do.
  • informative icons in Character Info window should update more often
  • FIXED: player will no longer receive notification if a fishperson hurts a bandit
  • added icon for dead fishperson, revolver; hooked up more variety to combat-related memories
  • module placement code improved
  • SHIFT-click now preserves module rotation
  • Moving a wall placed module directly up to a building, without actually moving your mouse into the building, correctly attaches it
  • Modules now display RED when not attached to a building and BLUE when they are. (This will be expanded upon later…)
  • FIXED: rotating a module will occasionally get stuck for no good reason.
  • minor edits to some alert strings for clarity.
  • modules will now send a ticker message when completed
  • FIXED: paragraph rendering UI widgets now support newlines
  • “building materials to be dropped off now show in tooltip
  • Crop Commodity Icon now displays in farm window
  • Use better button art for event window, farm window

It's okay, little guy.


March 2015


  • optimization: removed unnecessary matrix calculations from renderer backend
  • optimization: Rewrote all code for handling of static props to use flat arrays for cache efficiency
  • FIXED: zone decals (farms, graveyards, roads, ???) now correctly render in screen space as volumetric decals


  • Added middle-class character skills:
    • resource collection
    • carpentry
    • smithing
    • cooking
    • science
    • farming
    • construction & repair
  • added a skill progression system (though job time reduction based on skill level is not yet fully implemented – it’s on workshop jobs, resource collection, and construction & repair so far.)
  • related: a whole mess of profession-specific character models have been hooked up (these change based on workcrew overseer’s primary skill)
  • optimization: characters won’t attempt to fulfill dependencies they don’t need (stowing tools when they don’t need to, fleeing from monsters when none are around, etc.)
  • FIXED: invite to cult feedback said it was trying to form a new cult (+ made text description more informative)
  • cults: if a cult doesn’t have a shrine and has >= 3 members, it will attempt to build a shrine
  • colonists will now be woken up by gunshots, melee fighting, and explosions based on distance from source of sound (rather than damage target)
  • “embrace eldritch visions” action now plays a variety of animations
  • weighted down the appeal of “admire painting/fine machinery/implements of science” jobs
  • medicinals (Laudanum, Sulphur Tonic) have a chance to remove the desire to form a cult from maddened colonists
  • FIXED: colonists inspired to start a cult already in a cult won’t start a new cult
  • cults: cult will select most hardcore member to be a new leader if their old leader dies
  • cults: a cult will end if all members are dead
  • cults: cultists will attempt to worship at cult shrines each night
  • cults: non-cultists witnessing cult worship will become upset; cultists witnessing cult worship will become happy
  • cults: cultists will become irrationally happy if they do any sort of cult things
  • cults: a colonist’s religion description string will update if they join a cult (as minion or leader)
  • cults: occult murder re-activated; occult murderers won’t flee from justice (they serve a higher law)
  • cults: a cult will request permission to build a shrine the first time, allowing player to tolerate or persecute cult shrines
  • cults: shrines can be destroyed by any damage source & cultists will be angered if their shrine is destroyed (by any means)
  • added more character names (call me Ishmael)
  • FIXED: stockpile hauling jobs utility would tank due to distance calculation


  • optimization: improved speed of time soldiers spend checking alarm queries
  • optimization: improved speed of time spent checking for hostiles
  • balance: doubled reload time for characters w/o military training
  • made fishguns unusable by humans (because they’re both terrible and would ruin the gun economy)
  • soldiers will attack cult shrines if policy is set to persecute cults


  • overhaul of bandits in-progress (and yes, bandits technically fall under the “monsters” category)
    • improved feedback for various decisions made by bandits (setting up camp, attacking player)
    • bandits will form gangs (like workcrews, but for crime!); bandit gangs get their own names
  • bandit combat behaviour improved (won’t ignore gunfire to steal stuff, usually; entire gang will retreat if > 50% of squad is fleeing, etc.)
  • balance: made fishpeople less excited about attacking gabions
  • polished minor issues with fox pack-hunting behaviour


  • colonists using a stockpile will now always prefer the closet stockpile square
  • FIXED: characters would drop tools in any old stockpile
  • FIXED: game would crash sometimes when cancelling an assignment, cancelling jobs, and picking up a job that was cancelled on the same frame
  • balance: increased interrupt value of “repair module” and “gather building materials for repairing module”
  • balance: doubled output of farms, halved hunger/starvation time
  • added correct description to Chicha (an alcoholic beverage brewed from maize!)
  • FIXED: chalkboards now have a 1×3 footprint
  • the macroscope is no longer backwards
  • FIXED: modules not individually selectable after save/load
  • FIXED: modules sometimes not getting correct tooltips selected and still always displaying module costs
  • FIXED: modules not having correct bounding box set in object grid after save/load
  • FIXED: misspelling of “fibrous” in Flax Straw description
  • combined the Refinery, Arsenal, and Metalworks into the Metalworks building
  • added “Upgrade Musket To Carbine” job; basic single-shot weapons (musket, pistol) can now be upgraded to multi-shot weapons


  • work on determinism
  • work on tools to debug determinism


  • balance: criminal favour gives random 1-3 criminals rather than always 3
  • balance: redcoats favour gives one fewer soldiers
  • added a number of new events based on population and traits, as well as a fun bonus one for mining
  • allowing too many cult shrines to be built may trigger an investigation
  • added “how to use a workshop” contextual tutorial
  • “Research Family Tree” event now has consequences
  • “Lord Palmerstoke’s Science Crate” event has been completely revamped and is ridiculous
  • “Ominous Dreams” event now actually fires and adds madness to its victim
  • FIXED: events w/o consequences (ie. many new memories made in response to player decisions)
  • balance: made supply drop really rare & take a long time


  • added icon for bottle of rum
  • added descriptive text of madness level to character info panel
  • shortened tutorial tooltips (they were overflowing their background)
  • added game website to title menu just because
  • added sound effects to a lot of UI elements
  • added line placer for clicking and dragging out gabions and other rows of elements
  • added feedback for building demolition orders (clicking the button now closes the UI, reopening it shows an alert that it’s slated for removal)
  • added new assignment beacon system for resource collection jobs
  • added “assignment zones “drawn around new assignment beacon areas when their control icon is moused over
  • added contact note on launcher
  • revised some icons to show ceramics kilns vs. smelter modules
  • finished the graveyard icon, finally

Have fun and let us (but not the Ministry) know through our portal or forum if anything goes wrong!


Oh hey, there’s a hotfix on Steam as of March 20, it does this:

  • FIXED: error in jobs/assignments which could break jobs system
  • FIXED: game crash when saving a job system thus broken

These are good things to have fixed. Carry on!


April 2015

The Engine

  • added flag to executable that should (hopefully) automatically select NVIDIA cards on Multi GPU (Optimus) laptops
  • FIXED: beacon/gabion/etc. placers now show up again

Human Characters

  • sight radius is lowered at night
  • Naturalists get increased sight radius
  • rebalanced idle/wander/gossip weighting
  • added more seed memories to characters upon spawn – should make combat morale/behaviour more stable for recent immigrants
  • Small grammar fix to memories while sleeping in a bed
  • angry citizens may occasionally smash a commodity in anger.
  • cultists will attempt to preach The Occult (and spread madness)
  • balance: higher class characters are much more persuasive when recruiting characters of lower classes for cults (class-relevant traits ie Communist also apply to this logic)
  • added ability to lose a friend (& associated sad memory)
  • added concept of rivals/enemies to characters (framework only)
  • added various means for cultists to decide to leave their cult
  • cleaned up cult leader death & selection (will end cult if no one is maddened enough to lead)
  • added more character names
  • characters can have origin stories related to their traits and/or class (and added many new possibilities)
  • added a floating starvation warning icon to starving characters
  • FIXED: starvation floaty icon will not remain over dead people
  • added dress version of “freak out” animation
  • Naturalists will go to any explore beacons, no matter how far away they are
  • colonists can tell what class of bed they are sleeping in, and have different memories depending on the quality of bed relative to their social class
  • butchering fishpeople creeps out (most) colonists
  • added Vicar job to deprogram cult members
  • gossip can no longer be interrupted for more gossip (should fix some of the weird socialization pileups)
  • tools can now be despawned in-place via Magical Stowing rather than requiring walking to a drop position and performing full animation
  • FIXED: issue in civilization calculation that caused erratic “return to civilization” behaviors
  • FIXED: various people getting items stuck in their hands
  • FIXED: occasionally grabbing a social job if you had non-social work you could be doing
  • FIXED: some nonsense with the job mailbox system
  • FIXED: broken nametags (& disappearing nametags on load)
  • FIXED: military characters will no longer use specially skilled civilian outfits if overseer has skill
  • FIXED: characters assigned uniform via office job should stick to those uniforms correctly
  • FIXED: militia NCOs no longer revert to civilian form if they have skills
  • colonists will now be slightly happier eating food in chairs rather than standing

Combat & Military

  • added an emote when military decides to retreat due to low morale
  • added new military idle: Stand at attention
  • alarm waypoints will self-delete if no enemies nearby (military should stop responding to alarms after menacing enemy is killed)
  • soldiers will grab gun instead of fleeing if both enemy AND weapon is in range and morale is high
  • tweaked how reloading animation was set so civilians who have a very long reload time don’t look like they’re idling
  • successfully retreating from enemies will make people … well, not happy really, but slightly less upset at least.
  • FIXED: militia was confused about what jobs to take in some cases
  • FIXED: invisible soldiers
  • FIXED: characters ending up with 2, 3, 4 or more guns fused onto their hands
  • added morale feedback to character panel (as it pertains to not fleeing from combat)

Non-Human Characters

  • FIXED: stuff getting really weird with corpses (particularly fishpeople corpses) after they’re moved to another position
  • FIXED: Bandits actually respect truce now!
  • FIXED: bandit drop/flee cycle

Economy & Buildings

  • added airship signalling mast to control airdrop position (only for supply drop right now)
  • flatten terrain job is now in “construction” job category ( & overseers can now take flatten terrain job)
  • gabion construction changed to a civilian job
  • farming time now correctly uses farming skill
  • standalone module construction / deconstruction uses tools & ‘construction’ skill
  • FIXED: Improved understanding of who owns what meat.
  • Work crew job filters now automatically flipped to “off” when a work crew is assigned to a workshop (except hauling). They can be manually re-enabled to allow work crews to work outside the workshop
  • farming: tweaked values for prioritizing the maintenance of existing plants over planting of new ones and removal of dead ones
  • FIXED: characters getting stuck in Ghost Modules
  • framework for containers, smart objects

Biomes & Terrain

  • balance: no (live) fishpeople should appear in (immediate) vicinity of a tropical gamestart
  • added clay & stone near-ish to starting spots

Events, Metagame, and the Overworld

  • implemented seven dwarves mode ’cause yolo
  • balance: reduced starting resources
  • added guaranteed muskets at game-start
  • all events now have a default choice “timeout” so will eventually proceed whether or not you react to them
  • attached all airdrop & immigration events to airdropmast, if player has one active
  • “Population Below 5” bailout changed to “Population Below 3” bailout because the previous system encouraged murdering people for free bonus civilians
  • Fixed script error in “Bandits Offer Plunder” event
  • Clarified effect in flavor text of in “Ominous Dreams” event
  • “Colonist finds overlooked supplies” event has ticker text for items recieved and other minor improvements
  • Small optimizations in a few events
  • redcoats favour NCO now always starts with a pistol
  • FIXED: an error in “Research Family Tree” event
  • events that give randomized items (plunder, etc) now tell you exactly what you got in the ticker
  • added event for bandit to defect to player’s colony
  • new event: Hale and Hearty colonist overcomes affliction
  • new prestige favour: Food shipment
  • new event: Gain rewards for hitting certain population levels
  • added event to give 1 prestige a day for surviving
  • new event: doing paperwork reveals extra supplies that weren’t recorded!
  • new event: commoners feel understood by sympathetic aristocrat
  • FIXED: Dead people will no longer send ministry investigators after you. (Or initiate any other events)
  • FIXED: non-deleting science crates (+ added fun icons to ticker reports for science crates)
  • balance: increased bandit event timers
  • FIXED: isDay wasn’t set to true on first day!


  • backend for basic Steam integration (initiating multiplayer, joining a game from friends lists, Steam P2P  communication)
  • proper multiplayer initiation
  • deterministic network world building
  • in-game determinism checking tools
  • non-deterministic ‘find nearby location

Music & Sound

  • added music cues to events and nightfall


  • added framework for cute progress bars for jobs! (first case: tree chopping)
  • added progress bars to farming
  • added progress bars to construction jobs
  • added new Daniel Nametag Zoom System
  • FIXED: the contextual module tutorial appearing more than once
  • upgraded the old food icon to not be all pixelated (THANKS CHRIS)
  • changing around size of Work Crew subpanels for more efficient use of space (in progress)
  • FIXED: slowdown in jobs menu with lots of gabion jobs
  • UI: workshop button removed from work crew job filters (assignment to workshop implies workshop filter active)
  • FIXED: pumpkin and cabbage stew icons! And yellowcup fungus bushel. And fixed some incorrect smelter icons
  • removing a farm now closes its control window if it was open
  • memories now use specified iconSkin strings (more icons possible for memories; will fix some invisible memories)
  • FIXED: laudanum (and other drinks?!) not showing up in commodities window
  • tutorial: updated refining tutorial to reference Metalworks as place to refine ore



May 2015

The Engine

  • autosaves are in, set to autosave every 10 minutes.
  • autosave now alternates between two files (stability improvement)
  • fixed some capitalization issues (linux compatibility)
  • removed water vertical motion (for now, ominously)
  • FIXED: buffer overflow crash in fog of war
  • FIXED: crashes when characters are deleted with emotions
  • FIXED: the invisible shadows of stacked objects will render after saving and loading a game
  • FIXED: construction costs for buildings do not increment after saving and loading a game
  • FIXED: cannot demolish buildings after saving and loading a game
  • FIXED: items occasionally turn blue
  • FIXED: crash bug when occasionally placing a module with SHIFT-CLICK mode

Human Characters

  • added first iteration of a new hunger system aka “the cascading cannibalism decision tree”
  • added new sleep system (day 1: sleep in bed, day 2: sleep on floor, day 3: sleep on ground)
  • balance: altered calculation of colonists’ willingness to take part in cannibalism
  • added new social jobs: “inspect food, inspect body, cower inside building”
  • social jobs have been rebalanced. (Many more are planned, as there is still a relatively small number of available options to characters until buildings are constructed & economy started.)
  • rewrote all friendship and rivalry-ship code to be stored in C++; added new requirements for checking if somebody is a friend or rival before doing something to them (enables lots of new (anti)social behaviours)
  • characters now use walk animations appropriate to their mood
  • added several new social jobs that allow characters to interact with each other (slap someone else, hug, etc)
  • characters can now punch each other and cause tantrum spirals of punching (and this is almost certainly under- or over-tuned)
  • fixed typos in laudanum-themed character history string
  • if really hungry, people will attack animals for their meat
  • if really hungry and mad/has certain traits, people will attack people for their meat
  • frontier justice is now only auto-applied AFTER a murderer hits someone with a weapon, not before
  • added terrible memories for very hungry/starving people
  • eating raw_meat now requires a higher level of hunger than other raw_foods
  • some traits are now restricted to certain social classes
  • fixed some cult prefix string typos
  • fixed minor typo in a hunger memory
  • added “Suck up to superior” job
  • added “Cower inside” job
  • added “Sleep due to sadness” job
  • added “Drink due to sadness” job
  • fixed lots of memory icons
  • minor fixes to Vicar jobs
  • colonists will now drop tools/guns when profession is switched (conscription/deconscription, assignment to laboratory, etc)
  • FIXED: labourers whose models changed cannot be selected (that is to say, they can now be selected)
  • FIXED: some memories not showing up correctly on bandits who joined your colony
  • FIXED some broken cult behaviour
  • FIXED: walk_to_nearest_position throwing a script error when the item being walked to is lost or destroyed
  • FIXED: minor nerve-stapling bug
  • FIXED: an insidious drop_item scripterror
  • FIXED: Corpses still wanted to be buried even after they were chopped up & eaten
  • FIXED: hunger/tiredness values in gossip topic calculation

Scripting System

  • (determinism stuff related to multiplayer, see that section instead)

Combat & Military

  • hooked up new ‘unskilled reload’ animation
  • fishpeople weapons now properly delete themselves when dropped
  • balance: greatly reduced gabion construction time
  • FIXED: long reload anim wasn’t properly set on militia
  • FIXED: a number of military stalling issues and incorrect behaviours

Non-Human Characters (Animals, Monsters, Vehicles)

  • implemented big Fishpeople overhaul + lots of new content for Fishpeople (in-progress)
  • official policy toward fishpeople can be set in response to interaction events/crises
  • fishpeople now spawn in groups with goals/missions that they will attempt to fulfill (lots of infrastructure done for this)
  • fishpeople & colonists can interact in various peaceful ways if policy is friendly (note: this is far from feature complete)
  • colonists can attempt to non-violently intimidate fishpeople (and vice versa)
  • added fishpeople scout mission/event
  • added fishpeople beach patrol mission/event
  • added fishpeople friendly envoy mission/event
  • added fishpeople property destruction policy event
  • added fishpeople hassling crisis event
  • added fishpeople vandalism crisis event
  • added fishpeople assault crisis event
  • fishpeople combat logic improved
  • balance: replaced fishpeople in tropics w/ Deathwurms (note: deathwurm attack anim needs tweaking)
  • balance: boosted hp and aggressiveness of Deathwurms
  • changed armoured hit sound on animals (so it doesn’t sound like metal)

Buildings & Building Creation

  • Added deletion of individual models
  • Moving a module to an invalid location (say, taking a door and dragging it off into space) will now snap the module back to its original location and parent and not move it.
  • FIXED: handful of memory corruption bugs when moving modules
  • FIXED: cannot demolish the same house multiple times
  • FIXED: script error on building demolition (multiple script errors, really)
  • FIXED painting scripterror

Economy & Logistics

  • containers and stacking: stacks can now be created, and colonists will attempt to move things into stacks and then organize their stacks in stockpiles. Colonists w ll now also produce stacks of goods as the output of some workshop processes
  • stacked commodities now respect stockpile filters
  • moved a bunch of container and stack code to C++ from Lua (perfomance should be improved)
  • containers and stacks can now be merged by characters
  • balance: doubled output for cooked food based on farmed or foraged ingredients
  • balance: tripled output for cooked food based on hunted ingredients
  • balance: brick-making should actually make a bunch of bricks because wow, did we ever need a lot of them.
  • surface mining jobs are now a single job that selects the correct tool rather than two jobs, one for each tool
  • rewrote the code for handling jobs in assignments: we now actually store the jobs that are being done on an assignment on the assignment object, rather than just trying to add or subtract them. Consequently, this means that the bookkeeping of such jobs is accurate. The hope is that this fixes the bug where people will get stuck in an assignment, but we’ll see. (At the very least, it should give us more information.)
  • FIXED: “remove spoiled crops” now correctly given lower priority than “tend crops”.
  • FIXED: crash saving game after aborting a job targeting a stockpile object or container due to item being lost or misplaced

Biomes & Terrain

  • Vexing plateaus should no longer cut off player’s colonists from the rest of the world. Usually.

Events, Metagame, and The Overworld

  • FIXED: Incredibly generous bandits have been taught how to be greedy and will no longer give you their stuff every 8 seconds
  • FIXED error in “bandit wants to join colony”
  • Communists are now upset by upper class sympathy
  • New Prestige Favor: “Airship overflight”
    Fixed bug with “ominous dreams” event
    fixed typos in Bandit spawn event & tutorial
  • FIXED: memory leaks in events
  • FIXED: error in upper class sympathy event
  • FIXED: errors in ministry investigation event tree
  • accepting criminal goods may trigger an investigation
  • “Doomed” characters now much more doomed
  • added some defensive checks to avoid crashy bandit events if bandits are killed before the dialog is triggered by the player


  • networking: restored engine determinism (with determinism safe script math)
  • networking: fixed cross platform world building (Mac and PC)
  • networking: fixed maximum message size problem when using Steam
  • networking: introduced command buffering to hide networking latency (and allowed clients that were behind to speed up slightly to catch up)

Music & Sound

  • day-night music transition will now start when the visual transition starts instead of when it ends
  • music now fades out Discovery/Productivity Tracks at night (Battle, Tragedy and Insanity are still things that can happen at night.)


  • FIXED: removal of factions from UI now works
  • UI: added highlight showing currently displayed faction to Factions Menu
  • Options menu is back, but the options which weren’t being used/tested properly have been removed. Currently only allows on/off for music and for autosaves.
  • emotes for conversations are back, but are now limited based on zoom level. (We’ll probably put in a keyboard command to disable all of these for screenshots)
  • FIXED: size of work crew portraits in work party UI now has no blank space
  • FIXED: selection of trees and other static props is now triangle-accurate
  • Clicking a module in the module placer mode now brings up a choice: move the module, or delete it. Modules that are built cannot be moved, and can only be deleted.
  • added “need_sleep” and “explosion” icons, redrew “propeller” icon.
  • selected objects in an assignment beacon now tint blue, highlight
  • mood icon now correctly displays character’s mood in character info panel
  • added “morale” and “sanity” icons to character info panel
  • (deep overhaul of fundamental UI system in-progress)


June 2015


  • various stability improvements!
  • windows: Screenshots are now saved into My Documents\Gaslamp Games\Clockwork Empires.


  • butchered humans will now leave a skeleton behind
  • cults now form with a specific object of worship (“theme”) based on eldritch interactions & personality of cult leader
  • added a bunch of new actions for colonists experiencing Madness
  • morbid colonists are fascinated rather than horrified by fishpeople butchering humans
  • yield added to butcher corpse jobs (so they don’t get cancelled forever in certain cases)
  • FIXED: scripterror in “hearExclamation”
  • FIXED: scripterror when cult leader died under certain circumstances
  • FIXED: upper class should no longer bury corpses (it’s beneath them)
  • FIXED: confessions are no longer a hollow charade
  • FIXED: vicars no longer preach from unfinished altars
  • FIXED: “sleep due to sadness” now requires a character actually be sad (AND is now weighted correctly)
  • FIXED: all lower-class colonists are correctly auto-placed in workcrews after immigration
  • FIXED cults with no name will no longer be formed (39C)
  • FIXED: “Butcher Human Corpse” job should no longer be confused between Fishpeople & Human version (this led to problems)
  • FIXED: colonists don’t recognize airdropped item stacks as valid items


  • FIXED: crash in gameRequireToolUses if user not holding a tool
  • FIXED: crash trying to set up a nuked locked job instance


  • balance: slightly adjusted morale threshold for retreat jobs for military trained soldiers vs. untrained


  • added Obeliskian horrors (in-progress)
  • added 3 foreign factions: Stahlmark, Republique, Novorus
  • added foreign military characters, soldiers + NCOs
  • added foreign military squads w/ mission logic
  • bandits will now fight back against hostile animals
  • fishpeople leaders now wear hats
  • fishpeople will now eat dead bandits
  • butchered bandits will turn into skeletons
  • balance: reduced # of tents that bandits spawn with
  • balance: adjusted Foreign Military mission pathing to be less boring
  • FIXED: Stahlmarkians given correct uniforms
  • FIXED: foreign military units now reload like properly trained soldiers
  • FIXED: error when fishpeople groups are wiped out
  • FIXED: foreign military will properly retaliate against hostile animals & obeliskians
  • FIXED: allied military soldiers immediately bayonet each other upon arriving in colony
  • FIXED: friendly fishpeople will no longer attack your gabions for no good reason
  • FIXED: foreign military & bandit weapons will no longer show up in commodities window
  • FIXED: conscripted Vicars will no longer do vicar stuff
  • FIXED: fishpeople now spawn correctly with gifts/weapons depending on group’s mission (39D)


  • added volumetric blueprints
  • workshops: All workshop logic completely rewritten from scratch. Workshops are now evaluated as part of the C++ job loop; we create a workshop assignment when/if we can do the job, and we will now always actually obey the ordering in which jobs are given to the workshop by the user.
  • mineshafts will now output ore based on what oreNode clusters were nearby (mining the surface nodes doesn’t affect the underground ore)
  • balance: weighted mine output slightly more toward ores, if available
  • FIXED: smoke now consistently turns off when an oven is complete or a module has finished production
  • FIXED: a second, totally different issue with oven smoking not finishing; this time after a load and save
  • FIXED: demolishing a farm zone did not correctly clear the farm assignment
  • FIXED: stockpile deletion crash
  • FIXED: Brewery foundation texture set to bricks
  • FIXED: Beetle steaks now produce correct number of cooked output
  • FIXED: various issues when deleting a stockpile, including crashing
  • FIXED: workshop owners will set bad/good workshop names again depending on their madness


  • general overhaul of jobs code for stability & optimization
  • also overhauled assignment system over to use flat arrays (this makes everything more stable, better, faster, stronger)
  • surface ore nodes will leave a mineralogical survey beacon which can be surveyed by a Naturalist to tell you what product it will output (this is pretty direct right now)
  • made ingot textures shinier
  • farms now output harvest in stack rather than two individual units
  • (most) starting items will now arrive pre-stacked
  • balance: moved “Make Gunpowder” from Metalworks to Chemist
  • balance: when a module breaks, it should become inoperative immediately rather than having an intermediate broken but still working state.
  • balance: tripled beer production (huzzah!)
  • balance: smithing forge now requires iron ingot rather than iron plate
  • balance: higher skill no longer changes amount produced in any workshop – just time to perform work
  • FIXED: memory leak when a job has a dependency which we later fail to do anything with
  • FIXED: game-side commodity count not being saved and loaded correctly (probably causing standing orders to go berserk)
  • FIXED: lingonberry preserves are now edible again
  • FIXED: workshop job counter not incrementing correctly for “Finish Production” jobs (in 39B)
  • FIXED: workshop job ordering buttons (in 39B)


  • balance: Deathwurms on start position are now shoved to the side
  • balance: Deathwurms are now shoved much further
  • balance: Dearthwurm balance pass #3 – removed Deathwurms from tropical biome spawn (a handful are spawned via script now, well away from the start location)
  • FIXED: foragables (ie. Coconut Palms) can be cleared from any state of harvest


  • added foreign military intervention event to spawn foreign military squads
  • added “fishpeople butchered human” crisis event
  • fishperson crisis events will no longer fire if you’re hostile w/ fishpeople
  • bandit corpse decision event only fired if their bodies are in the bounds of your colony (near buildings & zones, basically)
  • colonists w/ certain traits can now object to fishpeople status quo & propose alternate policies
  • balance: fewer foreign troops will show up early in game (& now require it be daytime to arrive)
  • balance: immigration event has been revamped to reflect the value of colonists to the player
  • FIXED: scripterror in bandit joining colony event
  • FIXED: error in bandit_wants_to_join_colony
  • FIXED: some character events not firing
  • FIXED: various minor typos in events
  • FIXED: Script error during “Research Science Crate” event
  • FIXED: non-existent bandit gang attempts to give you stuff
  • FIXED: fishpeople marked for execution can’t trigger further crisis events
  • FIXED: incorrect ticker message sent when deciding to execute fishperson for assault


  • animals can make more sounds now
  • made & implemented Obeliskian sounds
  • FIXED: some explosion sounds were only using default sound


  • workshop job currently being done is now displayed in the workshop panel
  • workshop output that the current work party will produce using the current equipment is now displayed in the workshop when mousing over the product
  • added icons for foreign flags & troops
  • added new icons for Xenophobe, Brutish traits
  • redrew Bucket of Raw Opium icon
  • some events will auto-zoom camera to their location (polishing in-progress)
  • FIXED: incorrect icon in recipe for Blunderbuss & broken icon for Musket
  • FIXED: various misspellings of words
  • FIXED: jobs not correctly removed from assignments in jobs UI window after saving and loading a game; can cause “jobs that are never completed”, “multiple people doing the same job”, etc.
  • FIXED: random autosave crash and/or memory corruption caused by machine expression timing error
  • FIXED: progress bars and nametags appearing through windows during gameplay
  • FIXED: emotions and speech bunch up when zoomed out, and all display at once when visible
  • FIXED: small typesetting errors in “wrapped text renderer” (putting a period by itself at the end of a newline, etc.)
  • … and the giant UI backend overall is almost done aside from some edge cases; we’re holding off making this available until after revision 40 so that we can ensure stability in the public branch.


July 2015

The Engine

  • moved occupancy, occupancy border, and a few other spatial maps to new unrolled pool linked list class (memory and speed improvements)
  • optimized all tests for detecting hostile agents and whether or not a character should raise an alarm or not
  • FIXED: save game won’t crash if you have more than eight thousand jobs (you should probably not have this many jobs)

Human Characters

  • characters now have desires
  • characters now have a record of their personal property
  • characters can now claim modules for their use (this is the start of the personal property system, though right now it’s still Communism; i.e. people will sleep in any bed, even a claimed one.)
  • mood penalties for characters going hungry have been increased.
  • mood penalties for background inter-character behavior have been decreased.
  • characters now forget negative memories of hunger if they eat, depending on how hungry they still are.
  • characters now appropriately forget memories due to drinking alcohol. Low concentrations remove less important memories, higher concentrations remove increasingly more important memories. (This will likely need balancing.)
  • added more names have been added to what will surely one day be the official unofficial Dickensian character generator
  • added “Prisoner” character type
  • all characters gained by prestige favours are now temporary and will depart after a certain number of days.
  • workers will wander near their overseer if idle during the day
  • cultists in a cult that worships a specific type of horror may now worship that horror if they see one
  • cultists in a fish cult will not hassle fishpeople because it goes against their religious beliefs
  • romantically inclined people will occasionally cry over graves.
  • optimized all tests for detecting hostile agents and whether or not a character should raise an alarm or not
  • balance: naturalist will prioritize mineralogical surveys & survey search range increased
  • balance: made colonists made less enthusiastic about Fishpeople hassling outside of civilization
  • FIXED: characters would stop animating when their model was changed due to skill
  • FIXED: some broken job requirements that locked maddened colonists into certain behaviour loops
  • FIXED: Naturalist will no longer avoid workshop duty if assigned to a workshop
  • FIXED: fishpeople hassling requires being in civilization
  • FIXED: sleeping people can no longer object to your policies
  • FIXED: characters will not make friends with themselves, either
  • FIXED: Colonists intending to hug fishpeople will no longer hug normal people. Just fishpeople.
  • FIXED: starvation icon not disappearing after people stop starving
  • FIXED: cultists who worship fishpeople will no longer flee from fishpeople (in non-hostile circumstances)
  • FIXED: favour naturalists should always properly do naturalist jobs. Always!

Combat & Military

  • soldiers without weapons and sufficient morale will use a knife or sabre or whatever they’re holding to fight in melee combat
  • balance: foreign troops stand up to combat better now
  • balance: lowered morale threshold for player soldiers to retreat (requires more negative morale to trigger retreat jobs)
  • FIXED: sabre used incorrect attack animation due to typo

Non-Human Characters (Animals, Monsters, Vehicles)

  • bandits now walk from edge of map to set up camp rather than teleporting in
  • bandit camp size now corresponds to number of bandits in gang
  • bandit stealing logic made less dumb
  • performed animal job cleanup pass (should eliminate some instances of… weird behavior)
  • fishpeople will react (with alarm) to their friends receiving beatings/execution from colonists
  • fishpeople may become more aggressive if they find a fishperson corpse
  • neutral military scouts will now do survey action
  • groups doing attack/plunder missions will perform “search area” if they can’t find a target for attack/plunder
  • balance: Obeliskians made tougher
  • balance: made fishpeople slightly less enthusiastic about destroying your crops
  • balance: made humanoid combatants less enthusiastic about shooting fleeing targets
  • FIXED: various issues with agents carrying out missions freezing in place temporarily (mostly.)
  • FIXED: dead bandits can no longer be harvested by fishpeople for infinite longpork
  • FIXED: scripterror created by foreigner corpses
  • FIXED: various issues with despawned characters
  • FIXED: people’s heads popping off when you conscripted them into the colonial militia

Buildings & Building Creation

  • increased materials range on gabions
  • workshop missing overseer can now be given a reason other than “death”
  • added Naturalist’s Office (assign an overseer here to create a Naturalist)
  • balance: made mineshafts slightly cheaper (requires iron ingots rather than iron plates)
  • FIXED: broken modules should no longer be usable in workshops

Economy & Logistics

  • cleanup of stockpile handling code performed; prevents duplicate entries being put in the stockpile list
  • stockpile handling code optimization performed: do an early out from the job handling code once one goods job has been successfully evaluated
  • balance: musket is now cheaper
  • balance: pistol -> revolver upgrade is now cheaper
  • balance: landmine crafting output tripled
  • balance: food will no longer count towards The Empire’s opinion of your economic progress. (This will affect the rate at which you recieve overseers and the system has been rebalanced accordingly)
  • FIXED: when bandits/foreign soldiers/fishpeople drop weapons, they will be added to your commodities list

Biomes & Terrain

  • coconut palms will provide some lumber when removed
  • player can now directly order a mineralogical survey
  • animal herds appropriate to biome will randomly show up from edge of map
  • Giant Beetles will now, confoundingly, explode into smaller beetles when killed
  • balance: removed a ton of surface nodes, put in a bunch of hidden ore that requires surveying & underground mining

Events, Metagame, The Overworld

  • hooked up generated world to embark screen (hack! this will be done better in future)
  • added various selectable game-start loadouts to the starting screen
  • added “Ravenous Herd” event
  • added “Foreign Invasion” event
  • added major bandit attack event
  • added tooltips to bandit event dialogs
  • bandit gang selection for bandit attack event improved
  • the Ministry Investigation event has had some text clarifications and an alternate outcome added depending on character traits.
  • the Empire will now deliver population milestone rewards to an airship mast, if you have one.
  • added new event: A lower-class character may discover they are a member of the nobility.
  • “Call Favour” event will no longer appear if you can’t afford any favours
  • balance, prestige favours: prisoner favour now comes with a manager to oversee the prisoners.
  • balance, prestige favours: artisan favour now comes with high starting skills.
  • balance, prestige favours: most commodity-granting favours removed
  • balance, prestige favours: food favour now grants food amount based on current population
  • balance: Lower-class and middle-class immigration are now separate events. Lower-class will continue to be sent by the empire every few days. Middle-class overseers will come when you reach commodity production milestones.
  • balance: all starting guns are now pistols
  • balance: radar favour made to be more consistently useful
  • balance: bandits give gifts less often
  • balance: bandit, fishpeople, foreign attacks should no longer show up so early
  • balance: lowered chance of receiving aristocrats during immigration
  • balance: added 3 pistols to all loadouts that start with supplies
  • balance: the overseer allocation system will continue giving you additional characters after you have hit the overseer cap if some of your overseers have died. (Note: Temporary overseers are tracked separately, so you can’t game this for freebies.)
  • FIXED: scripterror when Upper Class Sympathy event fired
  • FIXED: first character in your list will not always be the person upset about illegal goods (and various other events will now also pick a character at random correctly)
  • FIXED: characters will no longer discover they are distant relatives of themselves


  • added option to disable tutorials to loadout screen
  • Bandits/Fishpeople/Foreigners now have proper tooltips which describe their state as neutral, hostile, or friendly
  • polished the ui a bit in many different places
  • removed the bit of the tutorial that said you must shoot fishpeople
  • mineralogical survey results will create an alert
  • did more UI tweaks to reign in some wandering elements that thought just because we rewrote the UI system they could take a break
  • adjusted work crew window scroll speed
  • clicking character portraits once again pulls up the character info panel.
  • reworked tooltip alignment and sizing to be more standardized.
  • FIXED: slowdown in work crews panel when colony has a high population
  • FIXED: temptools no longer show up in commodity window
  • FIXED: flax to cloth said it took more flax than it did
  • FIXED: various typos
  • FIXED: gabion deconstruction now displays a progress bar
  • FIXED: right-clicking to create a shortcut on Steam now actually creates a shortcut with the correct icon
  • FIXED: about 20 instances of “receive” are now spelled correctly
  • FIXED: scrollbar rendering
  • FIXED: gear for clicking on individual objects sometimes appears in the wrong place
  • FIXED: some objects cannot be interacted with after save/load
  • FIXED: issues with stockpile UI
  • FIXED: issues with office UI
  • FIXED: issues with scrollable list boxes.
  • FIXED: ore tutorial won’t fire when you mine clay (which is not an ore!)
  • FIXED: scrollbars use art for scrollbars!
  • FIXED: various issues with scrollbar sizing


August 2015

The Engine

  • FIXED: crash caused by runaway iterator in AI preference code
  • FIXED: infinite loop cancelling assignment jobs
  • OPTIMIZATION: fog of war rendering
  • FIXED: buried corpses becoming visible after save/load
  • FIXED: child jobs in an assignment would not be shown as being done in the jobs window after save and load, despite being done
  • FIXED: random crash deleting assignment

Human Characters

  • balance: Naturalists will prioritize player-ordered Mineralogical Surveying over player-ordered Exploration Beacons
  • colonists will abort hugging more accurately
  • added new desires for colonists to desire
  • added Prisoner character history backgrounds
  • balance: overseer immigration rate has been rebalanced based on player data
  • balance: slowed down middle class immigration.
  • balance: lower class immigration will give even fewer aristocrats (yes, we realize the contradiction inherent in this statement)
  • FIXED: people getting stuck returning to civilization
  • FIXED: favour redcoats won’t be demoted to militia anymore
  • FIXED: lower-class characters now properly inherit skills from their overseer for purpose of determining length of job time
  • FIXED: favour naturalists are now properly counted as temporary characters
  • FIXED: job dependencies to get new tools not being filled when a character has a tool, but it is stowed on their back (affects burial, probably some other stalled work crew stuff)
  • FIXED: characters now do not abort a raw food eating job to eat cooked food if the cooked food is locked by somebody else, or not owned by the player
  • FIXED: people no longer get memories for killing “Unnamed”
  • FIXED: temporary characters can no longer leave your colony without unlocking their jobs first (this could cause frozen jobs!)
  • FIXED: player-ordered butcher job filters aligned (it’s just “hunting” now)
  • FIXED: mundane seed memories for fresh-off-the-airship colonists work correctly now
  • FIXED: work crews would occasionally reset all their job filters
  • FIXED: corpses thinking they weren’t in the world and thus messing up burial jobs
  • FIXED: miners won’t return to stockpiles to drop their imaginary shovel/pickaxe (this will be more thoroughly fixed post 42)
  • FIXED: Aristocrats will never get “no workcrew” alert

Scripting System

  • character desires can now be fulfilled by having a memory of doing a thing
  • FIXED: if a tag can be filled by multiple objects with the same utility, we now pick one at random rather than just the last one. (This mainly shows up in the distribution of where people sleep, as well as other issues which hopefully won’t stick in loops.)
  • FIXED: if an object is deleted, don’t let it be used for a job (this should never happen anyway, but did in a save game we received so we’re handling it correctly now)

Combat & Military

  • added concept of training to barracks: assigned NCO will order militia soldiers to “get swole” so they become proper redcoats
  • added Barracks (assign workcrew to conscript them)
  • added military skill to replace “Military Training” trait (more work coming on this)
  • removed NCO option from middle class immigration (due to barracks)
  • balance: morale threshold tweaks for less scarpering
  • FIXED: NCO in military-themed loadout did not have proper military skill
  • FIXED: you will not longer see “Her Majesty’s 11st Regiment”
  • FIXED: case where soldier would use civilian morale levels to calculate choice to retreat

Non-Human Characters (Animals, Monsters, Vehicles)

  • added “Idle Suspiciously” job for foreigners
  • FIXED: various issues with bandit gang retreating
  • FIXED: non-player ai agents will now correctly delete their carried weapons or items when despawned
  • FIXED: non-colonist ai_agents did not interrupt jobs correctly
  • FIXED: issues with bandits fleeing back to their camp
  • FIXED: bandit gang defeat scripterror
  • FIXED: bandit hostility state toggles for ALL bandits on the map whenever a decision is made about them
  • FIXED: scripterror caused by vermin
  • FIXED: dormant obeliskian hostility toggling
  • FIXED: dead things very specifically can’t become hostile now even if they try
  • FIXED: bandit scripterrors (due to groups not being removed from global list)
  • FIXED: former bandit appeared to re-join colony when dead and buried in grave
  • FIXED: Bandits killed while stealing your stuff will no longer leave commodities hanging in mid-air

Buildings & Building Creation

  • balance: Naturalist’s office no longer requires iron plates, Laboratory uses copper plates instead of iron
  • FIXED: very small, fairly unlikely crash building buildings and then loading them afterwards
  • FIXED: kitchen gets stuck on an assignment
  • FIXED: gabion deconstruction (and gabion deconstruction progress bar)
  • FIXED: logs/bricks recovered from airshipmast & gabions now properly set to owned by player
  • FIXED: infinite pickup/drop loop trying to build or repair modules that are inaccessible from the current worker position but NOT with invalid access points
  • FIXED: brewery description no longer claims that the brewery is a kitchen
  • FIXED: “Flatten Terrain” is now a construction job
  • FIXED: unbuilt gabions will no longer create rubble when “destroyed”.
  • FIXED: descriptions for metalworks and ceramics are no longer the same, and are now useful.
  • FIXED: repairing a module had a lower utility than anything else in the game; this is now fixed
  • FIXED: workshop could be broken by cancelling an assignment

Economy & Logistics

  • different edible crops now have different growth rates and yields. Try experimenting with them!
  • farm growth rates have been completely overhauled. You will have to pay more attention to ramping up you farming as your colony grows, now.
  • crops now (usually) output 1 item, dropped immediately to ground
  • farm field max dimensions doubled
  • stockpile max dimensions limited to 7×7 (in anticipation of stockpile mechanics improvements)
  • balance: cooking food no longer gives you 2-for-1 output.
  • balance: crops now only grow/spoil during the day (because Samut bugged us about doing this again)
  • FIXED: foraging can only be done during the day now
  • FIXED: item ownership for lots of items
  • FIXED: commodities will only stack with other commodities if they have a common owner (for now)
  • FIXED: planks were being calculated at 1/4 their intended economy value
  • updated crop descriptions to reflect balance changes

Biomes & Terrain

  • balance: foragable plants take longer to regrow
  • maize can now be grown in the New Antipodia biome

Events, Metagame, and The Overworld

  • ai_agent missions that target civilization will now aim closer to civilization
  • FIXED: increased ravenous herd hunger so they dont have to get hungrier before eating your crops
  • FIXED: rare scripterror in Fishperson Butchery Crisis
  • FIXED: various issues with Bandit attacks not finding their target
  • FIXED: favour troops will no longer perform all jobs
  • FIXED: airship flyer event no longer fails due to thinking north is south


  • added morale & health bars to nametag when a character is in combat
  • shift-clicking on a workshop +/- icon increments (decrements) the # of products being produced by 10
  • items may now be forbidden and claimed using the click-drag interface; forbidden items turn red
  • tooltips now offset to account for cursor size when set to follow the cursor
  • overhauled work crew window to remove unnecessary information, increase readability, oppress the lower class (in-progress)
  • edited faction and commodity window sizes
  • added “mysterious figures” icon to mysterious situations
  • assignment beacons now correctly display the work crew name and subtasks
  • tooltip over assignment beacon now tells you the name of the job, the work crew doing the job, and the # of tasks remaining in the job
  • improved tooltips for workshops
  • lower class worker cameos in Work Crew menu will highlight if doing job for the Work Crew’s assignment & display current job in tooltip – weed out idlers!
  • the Farm UI now shows descriptions of plants
  • conversations and thoughts that are sufficiently important and not just idle gossip will be displayed, regardless of zoom levels
  • various typos and incorrect descriptions corrected
  • OPTIMIZATION: game does not reload work crew tooltips from disk when regenerating work crew menu
  • OPTIMIZATION: only regenerate work crew window elements that actually need regenerating, not the entire window
  • FIXED: slowdown in work party menu with > 100 colonists
  • FIXED: tutorial for cooking will no longer launch 10 times in certain cases


September 2015

The Engine

  • gave some shaders a stern look

Human Characters

  • all farming actions now increase a work crew’s farming skill
  • added additional desires to Colonists
  • overseer immigrants will occasionally have random skills that aren’t terrible
  • clear terrain, clear stumps now considered a “construction” job + “Clear Stump” and “Clear Sapling” jobs are now part of “Clear Terrain”
  • characters now have a maximum total name length (fixes potential UI overflow)
  • began changes to workcrew naming (this step fixes potential UI overflow)
  • colonists who are happy/drunk will occasionally dance
  • occult murder added to death cults
  • colonists will be comforted by seeing soldiers do impressive-looking soldier things
  • added Prisoner trait for prisoners
  • prisoners have been given hats
  • prisoner overseers will now be identified as such
  • added holy book to some Vicar animations
  • colonists will now show up looking for a sermon if a chair is available for them to sit in at the chapel
  • colonists will also look for confessions if a vicar is in a chapel to hear them (note: confession mechanism currently uses the Cult Deprogramming code.)
  • cultists may use unoccupied chapels to do interesting things
  • added case for eating “starvation food” (to make a clear hierarchy of food colonists are willing to eat at various levels of hunger)
  • balance: massive madness balance done to fit with madness system revisions (madness attached to memories)
  • FIXED: weird tool handling with surface node mining is now not weird
  • FIXED: aristocrats will no longer attempt to order around sleeping workers
  • FIXED: Militia NCOs that earn Redcoat NCO status while assigned to barracks will correctly transform into an NCO
  • FIXED: unassigning a crew from a barracks will no longer leave the labourers acting like militia
  • FIXED: cults will no longer decide to build two cult shrines in rare cases
  • FIXED: despawned temp characters correctly remove their weapons & drop held commodities
  • FIXED: people no longer get unique memories for killing just beetles (why beetles!)
  • FIXED: epicurean colonists will no longer try to butcher fishpeople to admire their meat (and cause an error in doing so)
  • FIXED: error when a cult leader drinks laudanum and decides to leave their cult
  • FIXED: colonists should no longer get memories for killing vermin
  • FIXED: colonists will no longer attempt to interact in various ways with fishpeople meat as if it were a fishperson
  • FIXED: miners mining in mineshafts will no long leave a floating pickaxe by the door
  • FIXED: characters hunting an animal will attack it until it is killed rather than taking just one shot
  • FIXED: ranged attack would always send out a gunshot alert to sleeping characters upon completion even if a gun wasn’t fired
  • FIXED: building name change spam when mad & overseer switched
  • FIXED: characters occasionally being unable to do new work after they no longer belong to a workshop
  • FIXED: a bunch of weird business going on deep inside the vaguely Jungian collective memory system
  • FIXED: various issues w/ retreat jobs getting stuck (in short: now they shouldn’t.)
  • FIXED: people will actually listen to sermons that aren’t somebody preaching about the end times

Combat & Military

  • a number of military jobs have been flagged as military jobs so soldiers won’t appear idle when training/patrolling
  • soldiers will now stow rather than drop their weapons to train
  • hunting will no longer display character combat info panel
  • balance: civilians no longer pull out knives & sabres when engaged in melee combat (only soldiers will do this)
  • balance: militia requires more training
  • FIXED: if you build gabions with your military, they won’t try to collect more than one gun on their back, creating some kind of Ur-gun
  • FIXED: scripterror in some cases when an agent attempts to drop an item due to death
  • FIXED: if starting NCO was assigned to a barracks, soldiers wouldn’t train

Non-Human Characters (Animals, Monsters, Vehicles)

  • added “Dissect Obeliskian” job (for naturalists to perform)
  • added “Dissect Fishpersom” job (for naturalists to perform)
  • added Obeliskian gibs
  • added Fishpeople Organs commodity
  • when a rampaging animal hurts a colonist, it will be marked as a military attack target
  • corpses left to rot will attract vermin
  • vermin will now make a nice “squish” sound when stomped
  • weapons dropped by non-colonist characters outside of town have to be ‘claimed’ by player before they will be used (aka ‘fix to the Dwarf Sock Problem’)
  • FIXED: foreign troops leaving map no longer subtract their guns from your weapon count
  • FIXED: if an assignment targeting an obeliskian is cancelled, it can be recreated
  • FIXED: a ghost bandit is not longer left behind after a bandit joins your colony
  • FIXED: in some cases, non-colonist agents would be unable to path to edge of map
  • FIXED: error when Fishperson would attempt to talk to a piece of human flesh
  • FIXED: foreign troops will properly interrupt going to mission goals to fight enemies (or friends, if they’re hostile)
  • FIXED: all factions will now properly update their UI description string to reflect whether you’re shooting them or not
  • FIXED: Bandits will now fight back when attacked by rampaging Aurochs/Beetles
  • FIXED: Foreigners won’t die again from splash damage after already dead
  • FIXED: fishpeople no longer attempt to intimidate or otherwise interact with human meat unless it’s to eat it

Buildings & Building Creation

  • gabions are now built using assignments
  • added “office jobs” that will be done by the office crew assigned to an office & office job UI display to chapel (with backend done, will be implemented on other offices)
  • clicking on a building under construction pulls up an assignment beacon; the building construction can be cancelled by clicking on that beacon
  • gravestones now use random models
  • balance: graveyards now pack in graves a little more efficiently
  • balance: the time it takes to construct a building is now based on its area
  • balance: reduced the time it takes to build modules
  • balance: changed material requirements to lots of modules and buildings
  • FIXED: aborting a Finish Production job, or an assignment with “Finish Production” in it, will no longer cause the module in the production state to be permanently unusable.
  • FIXED: cancelling a building assignment now removes the blueprint

Economy & Logistics

  • colonists now can be assigned workshifts, and players can now force them to work overnight, which makes them very unhappy
  • stockpile logic adjustment: when a character is free to do a hauling job, they will first check all stockpiles for
    • mismatched filter objects, removing them;
    • objects in the same stockpile which can be combined into a stack, freeing a square;
    • filling any empty square in the stockpile with an object that can fill the square, which does not currently correspond to a stack in the stockpile square
  • stockpiles: characters now assess the closest stockpile to them at all times
  • stockpiles: if a character can merge an incoming item with a container already in a stockpile, they will do so rather than dropping and doing it en route (as it were)
  • added new “Basic Food” recipe to kitchens that merges stew, meat, and many other recipes into a single button (and removed recipes now made extraneous by Basic Food)
  • crops will now reach their “mature” model one stage earlier so you can actually admire them for a bit
  • crops will sparkle when harvestable
  • workshops: a character will now do the next available workshop job to them at all times, rather than waiting for the current product type to complete; this also strictly obeys the workshop job order on the production list
  • added warning when burial job cannot complete due to full graveyard (a common problem)
  • balance: slowed down growth/spoilage rate of, and reduced labor required to grow, cabbages and chillies
  • FIXED: containers would forget to go back in a stockpile after being removed from a stockpile
  • FIXED: animal carcass meat output, when butchered by a player-owned colonist, is now reported as being owned by the player. (And is forbidden otherwise – player must manually ‘claim’ to have colonists stockpile the meat.)
  • FIXED: you can click directly on a mine survey point OR drag a box around it to order a survey done (also gave the job a proper icon)
  • FIXED: The Fleshcube is now a valid ingredient
  • FIXED: optimized stockpile code when you have a lot of goods that need to be stockpiled
  • FIXED: bricks will now be stacked

Biomes & Terrain

  • deer will now appear in the New Antipodia biome
  • balance: increased starting exploration radius

Events, Metagame, and The Overworld

  • rewrote day/night cycle code to allow for different lighting options throughout the day
  • added a randomized welcome event for those with the tutorial disabled
  • “Call Favour” will only fire if you have 2 or more prestige, the minimum required to call a favour
  • added new “Quick-start” loadout
  • scholar Praise Event will now show how much prestige you earned
  • colonists Denounce Bandit Cowardice event now has an additional possible response
  • upper class immigrants have been removed from regular immigration.
  • upper class immigrants will now emigrate at a rate of 1 per available upper class house.
  • balance: fixed prestige cost for food favour
  • balance: throttled back beginning time & strength various attack events (bandits, fishpeople, foreigners)
  • balance: removed 21-colonist start. Because it was just way too good.
  • balance: Foreign Intervention event has slightly more stringent requirements (so you won’t get attacked super early)
  • FIXED: scripterror case in bandit_plunder_major event
  • FIXED: scripterror case in cultist_preach job
  • FIXED: airship overflights will now travel in the direction they claim to
  • FIXED: fishperson assault crisis scripterror


  • game now remembers the game window location on restart
  • completely overhauled character information panel to better display colonists’ rich inner life  (note that this element is still in-progress)
    • character window: emotions and madness now shown on a scale
    • character window: mousing over a memory will show information about how that memory affects the character’s state
    • character window: memories now shown with more detail, image fades as they are forgotten
  • split buildings into “workshops”, “offices” and “housing”; added support for subcategories to the module placer.
  • added ticker text when militia trains to soldier
  • workshop warnings are now zoom independent
  • added progress bars to workshop jobs
  • work crew display now correctly displays only the # of idle overseers. Idle artisans are moved to their own counter.
  • updated a number of tutorials to reflect the current state of the game.
  • FIXED: objects would occasionally correctly highlight themselves, but would not actually let you click on them or select them (or produce a tooltip)
  • FIXED: various typoes/grammatical inconsistencies/spelling errors fixed
  • FIXED: assignment beacons now disappear when an assignment is cancelled from the jobs menu
  • FIXED: assignment beacon “cancel assignment” X now works
  • FIXED: Broken memory icon for recruited bandits
  • FIXED: Tooltips showing the wrong name for stacks after items had been removed from them
  • FIXED: lingonberry pie icon was misaligned by 2 pixels and it was really important to fix this because otherwise it looked slightly off compared to the other pies


October 2015


  • added first iteration of Public House & associated jobs for workcrew operating the Pub
  • added Barber (to heal afflictions) & associated jobs for workcrew operating Barber Shop
  • added new step styles determined per-building
  • Offices can now do internal “standing orders” to keep the office running when it is not performing an office service (for instance, putting drinks in the Booze Vat for safe-keeping.)
  • Barbers, Vicars and Publicans now have “service hours” automatically assigned when they are assigned to the corresponding building, in order to allow better service for clients.
  • “office” type buildings display a more descriptive title to text ticker now



  • “office” type buildings display a more descriptive title to text ticker now
  • buildings now have grayed out icons if player doesn’t have minimum construction requirements, tooltips with red text indicate what is needed.
  • workshop recipes can now be grayed out or hidden based on whether required modules are present in the workshop. Tooltip changes to reflect what is needed. (roll-out to other workshops in-progress)
  • graveyards now have tooltips, as do farms without a selected crop
  • balance: changed one overseer to a labourer in all loadouts
  • FIXED: engine would draw building shadow when mousing over it during construction mode
  • FIXED: modules placed in the corners of buildings such as ovens would cause problematic building geometry and geometry explosions
  • FIXED: people will stop trying to find closer crops to haul to stockpiles once they check their first stockpile
  • FIXED: issues with various job requirements (require_smart_object and require_container_object) causing various problems with stockpiles
  • Rewrote stockpile handling code again to more thoroughly fix everything


  • added “Basic Brew” recipe to breweries (this job ill auto-brew valid ingredients)
  • merged Brewery into Kitchen. They have become one! Power overwhelming!
  • Farms are now directly assigned work crews. A work crew can work on and operate multiple farms.
  • disabled farming Workcrew filter buttons to reflect new assignment control for farms.
  • added tooltip text to farm crop information icons
  • balance: eating cooked food now totally resets hunger (so you don’t have to climb out of a huge hunger deficit as soon as you start cooking food – when a player started cooking food, colonists would consume more than expected to get their hunger down, so cooking appeared to be an inefficient solution to hunger)
  • balance: farming made very slightly easier
  • balance: made small tweaks to how long it takes to cook things
  • balance: pumpkin is now a mechanically distinct crop from corn and has its own stats


  • performed visual cleanup of character information panel layout & implemented some pretty new UI art
  • character ui: memories now have borders to show significance of memories relative to one another
  • character ui: made emotion bars longer
  • implemented “short term memory” functionality: the most recent memory will always contribute to overall emotional state even if less important than others. If another memory is created, it can push this memory outside of consideration if all other memories are more important.
  • balance: performed significant rebalance to the values of most of the memories in the game (includes emotional and madness values)
  • FIXED: some memory related bugs
  • FIXED: missing memory case for when Fishy individual is attacked by Fishpeople
  • FIXED: will no longer receive memories for “murdering” animals (TODO: unless vegan)


  • night has been made lighter (so you can actually see anything)
  • sleeping people given smaller sight radius
  • if objects are damaged near a sleeping colonist, the sound will wake them up
  • balance: sleep time reduced by 25% to make nights more Interesting
  • balance: characters now get 3 shifts off by default instead of 2 (to give them more time for non-work actions)
  • balance: characters get upset for overwork at 1 fewer subsequent workshifts to reflect the rebalancing of workshifts
  • balance: did review & rebalance pass on relative utility of all “social” jobs


  • colonist corpses should no longer try to initiate burial job there are still hostiles nearby (note: if hostiles leave and come back, you’ve still got a problem)
  • overriding auto-burial of a corpse with manual controls will make corpse will only respond to manual orders for burial/dumping from that point forward
  • bandit corpse policy event can have “no answer” selected & will fire no more than once per day
  • balance: (all) corpses no longer spawn infinite vermin
  • FIXED: performed overhaul of handling of all jobs that affect the corpses of all types of characters (burial, dumping, butchery, dissection, etc)
  • refactored details of death script for all agents so that common actions/tagging is all handled by base “agent” class; also cleaned up all searches/jobs looking for corpses to use consistent terminology


  • added ability to change character names; players may now subject their friends and family to The Frontier Life
  • workers in a workcrew will change uniform to match their overseer’s highest skill, if applicable
  • added more random names
  • Cultist vicars handle confessions … differently.
  • improved text parsing so eg. an event can parse text to be subjective to an involved character and sub in correct name & pronouns
  • custom character name length now limited to avoid Problems
  • colonist choosing to commit murder decision making made more sophisticated (& scripted process to move to this state is now cleaner)
  • added an alert the first time someone sleeps on the ground to inform you that you should build beds
  • balance: people recently involved in combat will be less inclined to stomp beetles to avoid character confusion during combats
  • FIXED: a colonist that attacks an animal due to hunger will attack it until it is dead, then will butcher it (rather than being non-committal about the whole matter)
  • FIXED: unclear status of longpork ownership after people are butchered
  • FIXED: people making friends or rivals with themselves
  • FIXED: people making friends or rivals with the same person multiple times
  • FIXED: tooltips broke for characters after they change class and get stuck (incorrectly!) on the same job
  • FIXED: characters with renamed names using old names in some events (other bits of game logic)
  • FIXED: dark and red UI portraits for characters (gamma correction)
  • FIXED: people trying to shoo vermin beetles rather than squishing them (again)
  • FIXED: errors in a number of memories that caused them to display the wrong character name
  • FIXED: some desires were unfulfillable & used incorrect icons
  • FIXED: added pathing check to require_gameobject to see if an agent can actually reach an object
  • FIXED: bug that was keeping afflictions from being removed by the barber
  • character name parsing now done as a step in sending strings to the renderer rather than baking it into stuff, to allow for better dynamic parsing once names etc have been changed.


  • added Fishperson nesting mission
  • thus: exotic caviar re-added to game (and given new, unique effects)
  • added Fishpeople Convoy event
  • added more response options to Fishperson Vandalism event
  • Fishpeople made much more likely to run when hassled by military, though there’s a chance they will become enraged & attack
  • added Fishpeople egg collection mission & event
  • if Fishpeople see humans near their eggs, they will attempt to scare them away
  • added Egg Collection mission for Fishpeople
  • made fishperson crisis events slightly more willing to pile up (to avoid lost crisis events)
  • FIXED: soldiers should no longer hassle fishpeople who are already fleeing
  • added various consequences to plundering Fishpeople nests, both in the act itself and if Fishpeople discovered plundered nests. Reactions can vary by individual Fishperson.


  • Foreigner military units may appear to attack bandits
  • when faction groups are destroyed the ticker will give a vaguely accurate cause for their disappearance
  • all foreign factions are now hostile to bandits and fishpeople
  • Novorusians now have appropriately gendered slavic surnames
  • Fishpeople may bring food to your colony if you’re starving and have good relations with them
  • item dropped by non-colonist agents outside of your settlement will be auto-forbidden when dropped
  • and if player claims items dropped by non-colonist agents outside of settlement, they will be added to commodities list
  • balance: Foreign invasion delay increased & given better notification
  • FIXED: items carried by non-colonist agents won’t show up in your commodities list
  • FIXED: items dropped by non-colonist agents as part of mission should properly set ownership to player if dropped near your colony
  • added additional info to ticker when foreign troops spawn in certain cases
  • balance: Foreign Invasion event is now less soul-crushing (ministry will send landmines, allies will send troops)


  • added useful descriptions to most commands & modules in the build menu
  • added descriptions to all menu commands
  • FIXED: buildings menu category button could occasionally get stuck in the “on” position
  • FIXED: selections in the quick menu sometimes not appearing after click-drag
  • FIXED: enormously wide tooltips for workshop names
  • FIXED: colonists overview panel occupation text doesn’t just say “occupation”
  • FIXED: doubly doubled entry for Bushel of Orange Cup Fungus would appear in Commodities panel when it was foraged
  • FIXED: various typos


  • Dodos now know when their nest is destroyed
  • added wall-mounted aurochs/beetle head building decor modules
  • handling of jobs that target animals given a big cleanup


  • added “Colonists want a chapel” event
  • Lower class Immigration event has been entirely rewritten! Expect more variety.
  • balance: lower class immigration now happens 20% more often
  • FIXED: dead and/or fleeing colonists can no longer raise objections to your policies concerning Fishpeople
  • FIXED: issues w/ “Colonists denounce cowardice” event


  • script errors now should correctly throw their callstacks so we can find out where they are without guessing.
  • workcrew names are now no longer stored in a billion fragile places. :carlsagan:
  • lots of new abilities added to workshop/office code, including ability to query for modules in workshop
  • zones (farms, graveyards, etc) can now display “expressions” aka those little thought bubbles
  • major rewrite of requirement code to be safer & support expanded features for jobs/events/commands/puppies
  • added require commodity GEQ
  • cleaned up headers of project to reduce compile times by 3-5 minutes
  • a ton of work on a new decision tree system & decision tree editor
  • FIXED: bug in replay system meaning that replay determinism could (and would!) break when the game was paused


  • FIXED: logs from chopped down coconut palms now properly set as owned by player
  • removed some underwater junk that can’t be seen, but was still rendered


November 2015

Engine, misc

  • FIXED: OS X crashes when cancelling assignment via assignment beacon
  • FIXED: OS X crashes when crops are finished being harvested
  • FIXED: some leaking memory (what a mess!)
  • replaced dynamic allocations for moving tags about in the game space dictionary with a static pool of memory and a large buffer
  • replaced dynamic allocations of particle system VBOs and memory during the render frame with a pool of VBO resources to draw from; eliminates a memory leak and General Badness with drivers that do not like you creating/deleting VBOs on the fly all that much, and should also provide a modest speed increase.


  • FIXED: Display of work schedule data is no longer reset on load.
  • FIXED: environmental light values now set correctly after save/load

Combat AI / Decision Tree

  • added a bunch more code to the decision tree parser, specifically “enough code to make it work” and “enough code to unbreak the editor.”
  • replaced all old military logic with military decision tree code (it is smarter! also: should fix rallying)
  • FIXED: require_work_party_rally_point not firing consistently

Renderer / Lighting Rewrite

  • added dynamic point lights! they can be attached to a model placer for rigid body and skeletal models
  • lights can now be attached to/removed from placers; UPM version 2.9 created
  • the renderer now applies interior ambient lighting for objects inside buildings, and tracks it on the interior
  • renderer now does lighting in a completely different way for the two existing lights, but this will probably be invisible to the user. It is, however, necessary for everything else.
  • things can now cast shadows on farms (and other decal-type zones)
  • increased transparency of semi-transparent building walls.


  • added Haunting Spectres
  • added Vengeful Spectres
  • added job for Vicar to confront spectre (+ticker message is created when vicar confronts spectre)
  • added spectre report event (spectres can be reported once per night)

Building Quality / Workshops

  • added Building Quality system! You will now have to balance the ratio of work modules to decor in your buildings. Nicer buildings mean happier colonists!
  • and added building quality display on UI for workshops/houses
  • buildings now robustly track modules they contain.
  • added 14 new decor modules
  • appropriate decor has been added to all buildings’ default module lists
  • many modules have been renamed
  • many modules have new descriptions
  • performed reorganization of our workshop edb to be actually legible
  • added icons for mounted aurochs/rhino heads
  • balance: build costs on all decor have been adjusted
  • FIXED: orientation/placement on a number of previously unused models
  • FIXED: script error when building clotheslines
  • FIXED: issue w/ some decor modules not deconstructing correctly
  • FIXED: footprint size on carpets


  • balance: added various eldritch means which help sustain madness levels
  • added evil book prop
  • added madness sustaining memory creation for colonists w/ cult_seed tag
  • added madness-sustaining effect for colonists w/ occult_mark_black_magic
  • made vermin corpses last longer to encourage Beetle Curses
  • Increased weighting on many madness jobs
  • balance: contact with Obeliskians made slightly more maddening & for longer (due to rarity)
  • FIXED: rare scripterror when attempting to spawn eldritch artifact


  • added ability to order shrines destroyed
  • added attack_object_until_destroyed.fsm
  • cultists will become upset if your order shrines destroyed, especially at whoever destroyed the shrine
  • balance: slightly increased chance to perform cult recruitment
  • added cultist madness-sustaining memories + new icons for some of them
  • balance: many more experiences can now trigger “cult seed” depending on character traits
  • balance: more strange/terrible events may now provoke cult formation
  • FIXED: possible error cases when cultist leader dies
  • FIXED: cult leadership now transitions correctly when leader dies
  • FIXED: cult group ending due to lack of sufficiently enthusiastic leadership scripterror
  • FIXED: cultist preaching was pushing memory to wrong party in conversation

Offices (Chapel, Pub, Barber)

  • Pub jobs cleaned up to be vastly more efficient at actually stocking and serving drinks
  • Barber/Pub/Chapel: if a colonist seeks treatment/confession/a pint of beer and can’t find a barber/vicar/pub worker nearby, they will abort waiting and create an alert
  • cleaned up confession fsm to not be a huge mess, and thus
  • FIXED: vicars giving confession will no longer permanently paralyze colonists


  • colonists will now pray at wall shrines
  • added access point to wall shrines
  • made praying at wall shrines something both Spiritually Inclined and Staunch Traditionalists can do


  • made significant improvements to how colonists decide to engage in murder
  • added Beetle Curse (murder)
  • added Tree Curse (murder)
  • added Occult Murder witnessed event
  • killing someone for the first time will now record their name in the memory
  • cleaned up memories for killing and killing memory creation
  • FIXED: murder due to hunger


  • balance: corpses will only spawn vermin after being left out for a day
  • made a ForceDropEverything receiver in ai_agent.go which drops every damn thing being held; all agents now call this upon death
  • as such, removed a bunch of extra ForceDropTools calls from all the agent scripts
  • therefore FIXED: commodity drops upon character death
  • corpses will now only reset their burial job at sunrise rather than every 10 seconds (it was spammy)

Memories & Character

  • can now query LEQ or GEQ on happy, sad, angry, fearful (for internal scripting)
  • did more memory creation cleanup in citizen.go
  • cleanup: moved creation of building quality memories into citizen.go
  • cleaned up defs for bunch of data back-end for memory events
  • balance: tweaked many some memory descriptions & values
  • did an audit of all memory icons and changed/updated/fixed where necessary
  • memories will now use greater range in icons
  • re-added conscription/de-conscription memories
  • cleaned up more food memories
  • cleaned up immigrant & bandit seed memories
  • re-jiggered all damage/murder memories & frontier justicing & murder witnessing
  • reworked food memory creation to more cleanly use makeMemory function
  • did more memory creation cleanup in citizen.go; changed lots of previously hardcoded memory values to read from histories.edb
  • cleanup: removed a bunch of memory creation / justice tagging from ai_damage.go and put it in citizen.go where it belongs
  • FIXED: minor starvation scripterror in citizen.go
  • FIXED: some memories were not being triggered correctly
  • FIXED: some more broken memory creation logic
  • FIXED: some broken memory icons
  • FIXED: some broken icons in thoughticons.xml

UI Misc

  • removed all UI filters for military crews except for hunting (Hauling is not a suitable job for the brave troops of Her Majesty’s 40th Civil Engineering Brigade)
  • re-added friendship ticker notification
  • stockpile UI edited for better usability
  • added new code hooks for building UI windows
  • new Office UI code refactored to apply generally to all buildings
  • did framework code for skill progression info on character.
  • did fixes to various minor bugs in UI element sizing
  • did fix to tooltip searching in UI code
  • did fixes to icon -> tag lookup table
  • made gabions log warning refer to “logs” rather than “timber” and say it may be a range problem
  • polished up some icons, added some other new icons. Just a good bunch of icons.
  • FIXED: was possible to order dissection of an Obeliskians more than once on the same specimen
  • FIXED: various crashes in character info panel, hopefully without breaking anything
  • FIXED: various broken icons


  • fixed various event typos
  • fixed typo in memories
  • FIXED: various typos & grammar (farm text, immigration event)
  • FIXED: various typos

Events, MISC

  • audited and improved spawn locations for all fishperson events
  • added one-time bailout event if you have more workers than you can allocate to all of your overseers
  • below 3 chars bailout only gives overseers now and is somewhat rewritten
  • some events have been given more detailed descriptions for number of ai agents involved
  • doubled timeout length for all events
  • updated job filters tutorial
  • contextual tutorials will no longer fire if the main tutorial is still going
  • balance: reduced max bandits that major bandit attack can send
  • FIXED: scripterror in certain decision case of “Colonists Denounce Cowardice Vs Bandits”


  • Small code cleanup to Colonists Denounce Cowardice
  • increased log search range for half-size gabions (it was super low)
  • hunger incrementing moved to evening instead of night
  • balance: fishpeople made less likely to turn murderous when intimidated by soldiers
  • FIXED: aborting a “Gather Building Materials” job due to an explosive injury would put the job in the wrong assignment, causing it to be completed infinitely
  • FIXED: “isObjectInRadiusWithTagReverseMustOwnTwoTags” function never checked the second tag


  • added Grape Vine crop (commented out)
  • added Wine commodity & production (commented out)
  • drew grapes + wine icons, attached to commodities (commented out)
  • re-added poetic memories to use hearExclamation (Poets just don’t spawn right now)
  • cleaned up some junk code from bandit.go
  • started some defs for Obeliskian tech/commodities
  • adding infrastructure for obeliskian forge (not fully implemented)
  • added Nicholas’s new Arcane Symbols to the documentation on spacial maps (I have no idea what this means)

This game has come really far. Just as you have, with us, through this huge changelog.

So at that, Gaslamp Games wishes you a Happy Holidays, a Merry Fishmas, and in Indescribably Abominous New Year As The Stars Aline!



2 Responses to “2015: The Year In Review Clockwork Empires Style”

  1. Jabberwok says:

    I hadn’t seen the fishman in The Terrible Truth in quite this way until you mentioned it, but he really looks like he might just be saying hello.

    Also, perhaps just because of DoD, but looking at these makes me think you have a passion for eyebrows.

    Personally, I enjoy the hugs and floor scrubbing.

    { reply }
  2. Thomas says:

    Wow 🙂
    Its crazy seeing how much the game has progressed in just a year.
    Also that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see that all of your crash and bug reports are actually helping.
    Can’t wait to see how crazy this stuff gets next year!

    Merry Christmas, Gaslamp Games 😀

    { reply }

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