Clockwork Empires July update: SIR, WHERE’S OUR COLONY?

A Clockwork Empires update has been discovered somewhere entirely unexpected! We present for you:


This update will go live to every Clockwork Empires player via Steam!

We have also updated our Clockwork Empires: Development Progress Report!

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Patch Notes:


  • starting loadouts!
  • first implementation of character desires and personal property
  • Very Serious economic balancing in-action
  • started implementation of overworld
  • UI overhaul rollout

The Engine

  • moved occupancy, occupancy border, and a few other spatial maps to new unrolled pool linked list class (memory and speed improvements)
  • optimized all tests for detecting hostile agents and whether or not a character should raise an alarm or not
  • FIXED: save game won’t crash if you have more than eight thousand jobs (you should probably not have this many jobs)

Human Characters

  • characters now have desires
  • characters now have a record of their personal property
  • characters can now claim modules for their use (this is the start of the personal property system, though right now it’s still Communism; i.e. people will sleep in any bed, even a claimed one.)
  • mood penalties for characters going hungry have been increased.
  • mood penalties for background inter-character behavior have been decreased.
  • characters now forget negative memories of hunger if they eat, depending on how hungry they still are.
  • characters now appropriately forget memories due to drinking alcohol. Low concentrations remove less important memories, higher concentrations remove increasingly more important memories. (This will likely need balancing.)
  • added more names have been added to what will surely one day be the official unofficial Dickensian character generator
  • added “Prisoner” character type
  • all characters gained by prestige favours are now temporary and will depart after a certain number of days.
  • workers will wander near their overseer if idle during the day
  • cultists in a cult that worships a specific type of horror may now worship that horror if they see one
  • cultists in a fish cult will not hassle fishpeople because it goes against their religious beliefs
  • romantically inclined people will occasionally cry over graves.
  • optimized all tests for detecting hostile agents and whether or not a character should raise an alarm or not
  • balance: naturalist will prioritize mineralogical surveys & survey search range increased
  • balance: made colonists made less enthusiastic about Fishpeople hassling outside of civilization
  • FIXED: characters would stop animating when their model was changed due to skill
  • FIXED: some broken job requirements that locked maddened colonists into certain behaviour loops
  • FIXED: Naturalist will no longer avoid workshop duty if assigned to a workshop
  • FIXED: fishpeople hassling requires being in civilization
  • FIXED: sleeping people can no longer object to your policies
  • FIXED: characters will not make friends with themselves, either
  • FIXED: Colonists intending to hug fishpeople will no longer hug normal people. Just fishpeople.
  • FIXED: starvation icon not disappearing after people stop starving
  • FIXED: cultists who worship fishpeople will no longer flee from fishpeople (in non-hostile circumstances)
  • FIXED: favour naturalists should always properly do naturalist jobs. Always!

Combat & Military

  • soldiers without weapons and sufficient morale will use a knife or sabre or whatever they’re holding to fight in melee combat
  • balance: foreign troops stand up to combat better now
  • balance: lowered morale threshold for player soldiers to retreat (requires more negative morale to trigger retreat jobs)
  • FIXED: sabre used incorrect attack animation due to typo

Non-Human Characters (Animals, Monsters, Vehicles)

  • bandits now walk from edge of map to set up camp rather than teleporting in
  • bandit camp size now corresponds to number of bandits in gang
  • bandit stealing logic made less dumb
  • performed animal job cleanup pass (should eliminate some instances of… weird behavior)
  • fishpeople will react (with alarm) to their friends receiving beatings/execution from colonists
  • fishpeople may become more aggressive if they find a fishperson corpse
  • neutral military scouts will now do survey action
  • groups doing attack/plunder missions will perform “search area” if they can’t find a target for attack/plunder
  • balance: Obeliskians made tougher
  • balance: made fishpeople slightly less enthusiastic about destroying your crops
  • balance: made humanoid combatants less enthusiastic about shooting fleeing targets
  • FIXED: various issues with agents carrying out missions freezing in place temporarily (mostly.)
  • FIXED: dead bandits can no longer be harvested by fishpeople for infinite longpork
  • FIXED: scripterror created by foreigner corpses
  • FIXED: various issues with despawned characters
  • FIXED: people’s heads popping off when you conscripted them into the colonial militia

Buildings & Building Creation

  • increased materials range on gabions
  • workshop missing overseer can now be given a reason other than “death”
  • added Naturalist’s Office (assign an overseer here to create a Naturalist)
  • balance: made mineshafts slightly cheaper (requires iron ingots rather than iron plates)
  • FIXED: broken modules should no longer be usable in workshops

Economy & Logistics

  • cleanup of stockpile handling code performed; prevents duplicate entries being put in the stockpile list
  • stockpile handling code optimization performed: do an early out from the job handling code once one goods job has been successfully evaluated
  • balance: musket is now cheaper
  • balance: pistol -> revolver upgrade is now cheaper
  • balance: landmine crafting output tripled
  • balance: food will no longer count towards The Empire’s opinion of your economic progress. (This will affect the rate at which you recieve overseers and the system has been rebalanced accordingly)
  • FIXED: when bandits/foreign soldiers/fishpeople drop weapons, they will be added to your commodities list

Biomes & Terrain

  • coconut palms will provide some lumber when removed
  • player can now directly order a mineralogical survey
  • animal herds appropriate to biome will randomly show up from edge of map
  • Giant Beetles will now, confoundingly, explode into smaller beetles when killed
  • balance: removed a ton of surface nodes, put in a bunch of hidden ore that requires surveying & underground mining

Events, Metagame, The Overworld

  • hooked up generated world to embark screen (hack! this will be done better in future)
  • added various selectable game-start loadouts to the starting screen
  • added “Ravenous Herd” event
  • added “Foreign Invasion” event
  • added major bandit attack event
  • added tooltips to bandit event dialogs
  • bandit gang selection for bandit attack event improved
  • the Ministry Investigation event has had some text clarifications and an alternate outcome added depending on character traits.
  • the Empire will now deliver population milestone rewards to an airship mast, if you have one.
  • added new event: A lower-class character may discover they are a member of the nobility.
  • “Call Favour” event will no longer appear if you can’t afford any favours
  • balance, prestige favours: prisoner favour now comes with a manager to oversee the prisoners.
  • balance, prestige favours: artisan favour now comes with high starting skills.
  • balance, prestige favours: most commodity-granting favours removed
  • balance, prestige favours: food favour now grants food amount based on current population
  • balance: Lower-class and middle-class immigration are now separate events. Lower-class will continue to be sent by the empire every few days. Middle-class overseers will come when you reach commodity production milestones.
  • balance: all starting guns are now pistols
  • balance: radar favour made to be more consistently useful
  • balance: bandits give gifts less often
  • balance: bandit, fishpeople, foreign attacks should no longer show up so early
  • balance: lowered chance of receiving aristocrats during immigration
  • balance: added 3 pistols to all loadouts that start with supplies
  • balance: the overseer allocation system will continue giving you additional characters after you have hit the overseer cap if some of your overseers have died. (Note: Temporary overseers are tracked separately, so you can’t game this for freebies.)
  • FIXED: scripterror when Upper Class Sympathy event fired
  • FIXED: first character in your list will not always be the person upset about illegal goods (and various other events will now also pick a character at random correctly)
  • FIXED: characters will no longer discover they are distant relatives of themselves


  • added option to disable tutorials to loadout screen
  • Bandits/Fishpeople/Foreigners now have proper tooltips which describe their state as neutral, hostile, or friendly
  • polished the ui a bit in many different places
  • removed the bit of the tutorial that said you must shoot fishpeople
  • mineralogical survey results will create an alert
  • did more UI tweaks to reign in some wandering elements that thought just because we rewrote the UI system they could take a break
  • adjusted work crew window scroll speed
  • clicking character portraits once again pulls up the character info panel.
  • reworked tooltip alignment and sizing to be more standardized.
  • FIXED: slowdown in work crews panel when colony has a high population
  • FIXED: temptools no longer show up in commodity window
  • FIXED: flax to cloth said it took more flax than it did
  • FIXED: various typos
  • FIXED: gabion deconstruction now displays a progress bar
  • FIXED: right-clicking to create a shortcut on Steam now actually creates a shortcut with the correct icon
  • FIXED: about 20 instances of “receive” are now spelled correctly
  • FIXED: scrollbar rendering
  • FIXED: gear for clicking on individual objects sometimes appears in the wrong place
  • FIXED: some objects cannot be interacted with after save/load
  • FIXED: issues with stockpile UI
  • FIXED: issues with office UI
  • FIXED: issues with scrollable list boxes.
  • FIXED: ore tutorial won’t fire when you mine clay (which is not an ore!)
  • FIXED: scrollbars use art for scrollbars!
  • FIXED: various issues with scrollbar sizing

Have fun and let us know through our mysterious portal or forum if anything goes wrong!


5 Responses to “Clockwork Empires July update: SIR, WHERE’S OUR COLONY?”

  1. Nikolay Talyzin says:

    Good day
    Just downloaded update from steam, and got a crash on starting a launcher. Please help %)
    I really like your game

    { reply }
  2. Trick2G says:

    I’m SO happy you updated the progress report! Please don’t run out of $$$! Keep the frequent updates and friendly outreach to your players up.

    { reply }
  3. Donosaur says:

    I’m really enjoying the choose-your-own-tag-adventures. The patch is wonderful too, so glad that this game is a thing that exists. Keep up the Quite Exemplary Job.

    { reply }
  4. Jabberwok says:

    This choose your own adventure is getting pretty meta..

    { reply }

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