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The good folks of PC Gamer have posted a very long interview with us, filmed while we were at GDC a few weeks ago.

You will note at the end that we give a new, intended approximate release date. We’ve decided to push our intended release date for CE back a bit, from “late this year” to “early next year”, around February/March 2014. Simply put, this is a large game and we need more time to do a good job of it and make it fun. (Also, we don’t want to compete with a bunch of console launch dates.) We hope you guys understand, and we promise the game will be better as a result.

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18 Responses to “PC Gamer Interview”

  1. MichaelZ says:

    Keep up the good work. I always was a little suspicious of the 1 year of development estimate.
    As long as you keep talking to us, the year will fly by.

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  2. Faldrath says:

    All I’ve learned is that Canadians apparently dislike the Sun for some reason.

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  3. Nick Saklas says:

    Good info and insight on the development/dynamics of the team. Keep up the great work.

    (more sober than I was expecting!)

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  4. Headjack says:

    Was nauseated by the sun recently.

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  5. Wootah says:

    I must say that I really like Daniel. You guys were genius putting him in as CEO of the company… He perfectly balances the quirky eccentricities of David and Nicholas!

    Yay for July/August Target Beta!

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  6. Robert Tseng says:

    I’ll understand the delay, but only if that time is spent integrating an unnecessary always online requirement that periodically kicks you in the gonads to make sure you are not merely idling and that your account has not been hacked.

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  7. Karock says:

    I love getting to see some conversation between you guys!

    In my opinion it should be the ‘core’ of a wonder that you guys design and infuse with story / purpose. Then it’s up to the player how they connect it to their factories / farms / weapons of mass destruction, etc.

    Speaking as a player who is a fairly talented writer, I don’t want to write the backstory of the ‘wonder’ in question, but would rather write the story of how I used it.

    The key then is to make the wonder’s story attachable and changeable by what it as been attacked to. — Perhaps your town has found three mummified hearts, inscribed with nether runes and incantations unearthed in the recent dig for minerals.

    By themselves they are capable of emitting enough nether energy to run a single building. A strange energy that replaces function of steam, integrating with the cogs and wheels with things like single purposed biological creatures designed to turn the cogs all the while connected to the heart power source.

    Together they could be built int an alter that could supply a much wider area of power using extra grid-boosters to cleanly supply your whole town! With the one little caveat worth mentioning is that those boosters are newly mummified hearts made at the original alter.

    What’s more, the more bulk you try to run on the boosters, the higher their fail rate begins to escalate to. Where do you get your hearts? And what to do when, after you’ve become relient on them, you start running out of new hearts?

    It seems like a trinity of mummified, runed hearts that supply eternal but limited power, as well as the power to link and ‘obtain’ new bio conduits for even greater power of a short period of time could be built into the secret structures of a weapon of mass destruction. Maybe at the cost of your farm hands having ‘run away’ more than usual lately… And most importantly, have you really been building a super weapon or somehow constructing something far more sinister… a living nether god who will end up devouring your entire settlement?

    I’m not sure if either of those ideas make sense in what i’m trying to illustrate, one core wonder entity that is predetermined by GlG, but adapted by the player’s actions which in turn write a new story.

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  8. Eric says:

    Just wanted to state for the record: you do not actually have to look at the microphone when you are speaking in order to be heard.


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  9. tentacled-godqueen says:

    Is there a transcript anywhere for those of us with difficulty following audio?

    Because that would really help ^_^

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  10. ShadowTani says:

    Oh dear, I hope you know he was making a joking reference to Sim City 2013 – since you guys where praising it so much. xD

    And really, I beg you, stay away from copying any gameplay mechanics from Sim City 2013; the graphics may be nice, but the gameplay is horrid. I played it for about a hour after the tutorial and couldn’t bear to play it anymore after that. It’s like a giant facebook game at best.

    Anyway, great interview. :3

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      Evan just had to go there! I knew it was coming. But do note what we actually said and did not say. And note that Daniel can be very diplomatic.

      Speaking for myself: I praised the visual design and the work of Ocean Quigley (of whom I’m a fan) — but not the game.

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  11. Godwin says:

    Wow the pigeons are really impressive… Never seen such realistic pigeons in a game before!

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