PAX Prime 2012 Photos

It is customary, at this time, to tell the audience what they missed. So here are some photos of our PAX 2012 booth, our PAX 2012 staff dinner, and a small yet modest cocktail party we threw for Visiting Dignitaries.

Chris Dykstra and Derek Bonner at our booth. Also, a Diggle.

A banner; also, some Diggles.

Happy Dredmor players, playing Dredmor happily, for the glory of the Gaslamp Games Brain-Leech-o-Tron 9000. (Headphones sponsored by Madcatz and Intel.)

Micah J. Best sneaks in a little programming me-time, and tells fans the answers to questions that they didn’t really want answers to. Chris Dykstra watches, approvingly, from the shadows.

Team Gaslamp at PAX! L to R: Micah J. Best, Nicholas Vining, Sean Hamilton, Chris Triolo, Chris Dykstra, David Baumgart, Derek Bonner. (People not in the photo: Daniel Jacobsen, Matthew Steele; People not at PAX: Chris Whitman, Joseph Nejat.) Where is Chris Dykstra’s hand in this photo, and why is Triolo making that face?

Momentarily weakened by boothing, I collapse in a heap. David moves in for the kill.

We also had a nice dinner:

Serious Business at the Serious End of the Table.

And here is a picture of an enormously large table.

Please enjoy pictures of Gaslampers and their steamed buns. (Oh, and Avery from PopCap, who crashed dinner. We let him because he’s pretty awesome.)

and some people over for drinks!

Ben McGraw and Daniel Jacobsen enjoy DRINKS by SCREAMING AT THEM.

While David and I distract Evan from PC Gamer, Daniel moves in for the kill.

The ShouldBee guys enjoy the TerrorHug from Chris Dykstra.

Nicholas Vining, Sangram Pradham (ShouldBee), Sean Hamilton, BERGSTROM!, and Daven Johnson (ShouldBee.) My head seems to be warping space and time here a little.

Thank you all very much for coming, and we look forward to seeing you in 2013!


(all photography by Andrew Ferguson.)

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6 Responses to “PAX Prime 2012 Photos”

  1. BDSb says:

    Looks like too much fun, and plenty of mana.

    { reply }
  2. Fax Celestis says:

    I hereby officially demand you come to a San Francisco bay area convention.

    { reply }
  3. Matt says:

    Any plans t goo to PAX in Australia?

    { reply }
  4. Essence says:

    I have never been so jealous.


    { reply }

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