We are really busy.

Working for the weekend.  Deadlines.  No time for coherent post.

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15 Responses to “We are really busy.”

  1. BenSutton says:

    Ah ah ah ah ah.

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  2. Troacctid says:

    Even the teeny tiny post is worth reading just for the tags.

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  3. Falingard says:

    No time for a coherent post, but PLENTY of time for funny tags, it seems!

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  4. Zeek Silverfire says:

    We are really busy, so have a bunny with a waffle on it’s head.

    I hope no waffles were hurt in making that picture behind Digula.

    P.S. What the hell captcha? esRumen included? You heard it first Gaslamp, make it so. Whatever esRumen is.

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  5. Samuel Marston says:

    Was this supposed to make me concerned? Can’t wait for the first, guys. Keep up the good work.

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  6. Psiweapon says:

    I guess I’m a wizard then %D

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  7. Catbread says:

    I heart waffles

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  8. Wootah says:

    Stoked Stoked Stoked.
    Hopefully the crash thing for realm of the digglewizards (as mentioned in the tag) is fixed by release! Sorry you had a long weekend!

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  9. Warlock says:

    Oh great, Diggle Dracula. Alas, if that were all we had to worry about.

    Here, have some booze. *gives bottle of brandy*

    Don’t feel too bad about delaying the release; you know what they say. Better twee tetten in de hand dan tien op die vlucht.

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  10. Jarenth says:

    Someday, I want to see the tag cloud for the whole Gaslamp Games website. It will be glorious.

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  11. James says:

    Diggleform and Vampirism, an interesting combination indeed.

    Really looking forward to this expansion.

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  12. IFYOUSEEBOB says:

    Someone has been playing Dominions! (Ermor!)

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  13. Org says:

    Graah do want now! It’s time right?

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  14. WarpCrow says:

    Another three hours until the Steam day turns over and things usually release. Of course if Valve balls it up like they usually do (and they did for the free expansion at least) we might be looking at a couple hours on top.

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  15. TheSeventh says:

    What TIME today is it released? I waited until MIDNIGHT in Diggle Time (UTC-8 (That IS the right time zone, correct?)), forgoing sleep! And it’s Not Out Yet! *begins frenzied sobbing*

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