The Indie Things.

Brief status update on the goings on at Gaslamp Central:

  • We are still interviewing people for the programming positions we posted here, so you are not too late to submit.  At this point though, we reserve the right to charge you a late fee of beer or donuts.
  • I will be dropping by the Global Game Jam at the University of Victoria this evening at around 5pm to say hi, see what the whole thing is about, maybe pitch some ideas and participate, who knows.  The whole thing sounds really interesting: you can find more info about it here.  If you are interested in seeing what it’s all about but don’t want to do any development, evidently you can sit there and heckle us while you play Minecraft!
  • We are super excited that we may be moving into some office space that is sufficiently insulated that yesterday’s coffee doesn’t freeze in the night.  Woo!  Also, it reminds me of the offices of the Ghostbusters, which is potentially even more important.
  • Lastly, we received word this morning that we are in PC Gamer’s March issue listed as number 58 of the top 100 video games of all time, which, frankly, floored each of us. Seriously.  We are staggered and supremely honored.  The issue hasn’t made it into our cold Canadian mittens yet, but I am certain that we stand with some very illustrious company.  We know that we owe all of our success to you guys, and we hope to continue to make you happy for years to come.
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  1. Congratulations on getting such a neat ranking on PC Gamer! You really do deserve it 😉

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  2. Squidboy says:

    When will Realm of the Diggle Gods be available on Desura? I’ve been hoping to play it for awhile now.

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  3. avarisclari says:

    It’s a shame you didn’t make it to 55 :P, I’d honestly put you at 38, seeing as how I’ve played a lot of games that couldn’t keep my interest, that they probably ranked above you.

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  4. SamuelMarston says:

    Congratulations! I think beer and/or donuts are definitely in order!

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  5. BananaGladiator says:

    Congrats on the recognition! Honestly you guys deserve it. I can’t think of many other games that I have gladly given as much of my time as I have to Dredmor.

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  6. Godwin says:

    Congratualtions!! 😀

    Well deserved.

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  7. Kino5 says:

    Congratulations, you deserve it without a doubt.
    Good job!

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  8. CJSimmons says:

    Ya’ll totally deserve that recognition. I hope that the next time I mention Dredmor to someone that they’ll know what I’m talking about.

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  9. Polychrome says:

    Does your new office have a fire pole?

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  10. keeveek says:

    You deserve this! I haven’t played a game that addicting in years!

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  11. Selvah says:

    Congrats, but it’s no surprise to me. Purchase Dungeons of Dredmor : obviously the best decision I made last year.
    Greetings from France – you got fans there.

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  12. Morty says:

    You deserve the spot! DoD is amazing… dying over and over and over has never been so fun!

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  13. totalizator says:

    You rock guys! Except that my achievements in progress on Steam got reset yesterday. C’mon!

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