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In what is clearly a sign of the apocalypse, we are hiring. If you think you’ve got what it takes to work for Gaslamp Games? Then we’re interested in talking to you.

Specifically, we are looking to fill four positions at this time. These are contract positions, mainly due to the fact that we are independent and therefore hideously unstable. We are looking to start with about two months worth of contract work, and should that be successful continuing onwards for up to a year (and beyond, if our next project is a success.) If you think you have what it takes, send your resume/CV and a cover letter containing a link to your work portfolio to

Preference will be given to candidates who are local to the Vancouver or Greater Victoria regions of British Columbia. (EDIT: We are open to remote work. But, we prefer locals.) Gaslamp Games is an equal opportunity and LGBTQ-friendly employer. Only those candidates we are interested in will receive a reply.

We are looking for:

– one gameplay programmer
– one generalist programmer
– one character artist (3D)
– one environment artist (3D)

Job descriptions under the cut. Thanks for applying!


Gaslamp Games wishes to hire one contract programmer at the junior or intermediate level. You will be working on the continued development and maintenance of Dungeons of Dredmor, as well as our next title, Project Odin, on a contractual basis. This work will involve the design and implementation of gameplay systems related to Dredmor, and taking a role in its on-going development both as a game and as a code base.


– 2 or more years of game development experience in the commercial game industry, or a sufficient involvement in the independent game development community that convinces us that you know what you’re doing.
– Experience as a game designer and as a gameplay programmer on at least one shipped title. We want to see some blood on your hands.
– Something that indicates that you can handle working on a live codebase, and not blowing it up any more than we already do.
– Strong C++ skills, including familiarity with STL, templates, and Boost.
– Cross-platform development experience is a plus.
– Experience with the Simple DirectMedia Layer is a plus.
– iPad development experience is a plus.
– Strong independent work ethic; you should be experienced at completing tasks independently and with minimal supervision.
– Caffeine addiction. It should *rage* within your veins.


Gaslamp Games is looking for one generalist programmer to perform contract work on an ongoing basis on our next title, code-named Project Odin. You will be working with our Technical Director (hint: me) to build an engine, build a game on top of the engine, and hopefully ensure that nobody dies in the process.


– 3 or more years as a game programmer in the commercial realm, or enough experience in the game programming community that we are convinced that you know what you’re doing.
– At least one, preferably more, shipped titles – and by shipped, in this case, we mean “you took the project from near its beginning to its end.”
– Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is a plus, but not a strict requirement.
– Strong C++ background, including STL and Boost. You know the drill.
– Some math background would be good, especially in the areas of linear algebra and computational geometry.
– A demonstrated track record in some of, if not all of, the following areas: artificial intelligence, network programming (with a focus on real-time strategy games), user interface development and user experience design/HCI, Javascript programming (and/or the Google V8 engine), audio programming and development, multi-threaded programming, and automated build systems.
– Should program like Samuel L. Jackson, if he were a programmer.


We need somebody to build some large, ominous machines. Do you want to build large, ominous machines for us?


– Sufficient experience. Again, let us say that we would like you to have been working in the business for a couple of years.
– Credit on at least one shipped title, or – again – some evidence of an ability to take projects from start to completion.
– Grace under pressure.
– Experience with low-polygon, hard-surface modelling, UV unwrapping, texturing, and mild animation when necessary (i.e. for animated props)
– Familiarity with Luxology Modo is a plus, as is experience with Maya. Also, probably ZBrush or another program of its ilk.
– Creativity, grit, and a nice portfolio.
– Experience with non-photorealistic, painterly art creation is a plus.
– A demo reel that is *not* set to Prodigy’s “Firestarter.”


Populate a tiny world of denizens!


– Again, you know the drill by now, having scrolled down to get here. Two or more years of experience; one shipped title or sufficient evidence that you can ship a title.
– Experience modelling, unwrapping, texturing and rigging low-polygon to medium-polygon characters and monsters. High-res, normal-mapped asset creation is a plus, but not a requirement. Animation is also a bonus.
– Strong degree of skill with Maya.
– Unbridled creativity.

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29 Responses to “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”

  1. Ben McGraw says:

    (notice that the programmers do not need to have grace under pressure.)

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  2. Ashley says:

    Although I won’t be applying, I really appreciate you guys coming out and saying you are LGBTQ-friendly. Thanks for being awesome!

    { reply }
  3. Mr E says:

    I am a fan, don’t get me wrong. But isn’t it kinda funny, that you require more experience from the folks you want to hire – that you do have yourself?

    { reply }
  4. Yushatak says:

    Y U only want C++ coders? D:

    { reply }
  5. Stoz says:

    So Project Odin is a web-based multiplayer real time strategy game exclusively for the iPad where players build large, ominous machines that are powered by linear algebra?

    { reply }
  6. Matt says:

    So – you guys need a sysadmin? A damn good one? Hint…hint…

    { reply }
  7. Polkm says:

    I wish I had enough experience 🙁

    { reply }
    • MOOMANiBE says:

      If you think you do good work, try applying anyway. If you don’t submit, you’ll never even have a chance.

      { reply }
  8. AishaLove says:

    if you would like play testers who are “red/green” color blind to test that kind of thing, I’m willing to help, for free!!

    { reply }
  9. Locke says:

    Damn, positions I’D be qualified for (Coffee Slave, Foot-Stool, Human Sacrifice, Meatshield, ETC.) are all filled, I guess. Dammit. Oh well, gotta keep looking…

    { reply }
  10. ecc says:

    I’m not looking for a job, but wanted to say:
    ipad version, ipad version, ipad version. also, ipad version.

    { reply }
  11. Dakota S says:

    Well, I better stop being lazy and start working on my C++. Haha.

    { reply }
  12. Lando says:

    2 months contract work? Seriously? 1 month to become familiar with the code base.. and then what?!? 30 days to build a game.. hmmmm, no

    { reply }
    • Blue Footed Booby says:

      I read that as being the standard try-before-hire probationary period type of thing, to make it easier to get rid of him/her if it doesn’t work out.

      { reply }
  13. Phil says:

    I would definitely apply for this if I didn’t already have a job. And dependents. And if I actually had any industry experience. Contracting, boo! 🙁

    { reply }
  14. MusiRasta says:

    hi, i are a 2D/3D artist i have worked 2 years on italy softwarehouse the “7thSense”,in 2 PC Titles “Lucignolo il videogioco” and “Cocktail Mania”, 2 Titles for NDS “Last King Of Africa” (Leader Artist position) and “Criminology”.

    So after 4 years i have decide to restart to work on Videogame Development, at moment i work on underground project with a little team… but it take low time to make model and animation… but long time to wait progress of the team ;)!! this not a job for me, but like to give the possibility at other to skill and learn to enter on development world 🙂

    so if want to test my skill just contact me… but i use 3dStudioMax

    here can find a my little porfolio:

    Best Regard, Filippo T. MusiRasta

    { reply }
  15. Para says:

    Alright, I suppose you do not look for any experienced Java developer, do you?

    Well, methinks I already know the answer, but it doesn’t hurt to ask 😉

    { reply }

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