Post-Holiday Update

EDIT 3:This is now on Desura. Once it looks like nothing else has gone hideously wrong, we’ll move it to Steam and the HIB.

EDIT 2:Alright Mac users, we’ve heard you. You think you’ve got what it takes to apply HOTFIXES. Well, here you go. Grab it, try it, let us know what you think; you’ll need to put it in your Dungeons of in Contents/MacOS – it should replace an existing file called Dredmor.

All this chicanery will be on Steam and Desura some time tomorrow, provided that just throwing the patches out there doesn’t show us any new problems. 🙂

EDIT: We have a patch being tested that fixes the other three major issues with 1.0.9: mysterious portal issues, the crashing after level 1, and quest hordes not spawning. Windows users, if you want to test the patch at home: grab it here and throw that EXE into your Steam/steamapps/common/dungeons of dredmor folder. Mac users, we can’t give you a test patch quite as easily, but rest assured, we’re working on it. Again, this is an unofficial test patch, and is offered without guarantees, but we would like to know if it works or not. (It should, theoretically, fix your old crashing saves, too.)

Having survived the ancient ritual known as “Christmas with the Families”, we are back in the office today. For what it’s worth, I’m not sure that we actually remember how to relax any more.

That said: we’re back, we’re fixing things. Expect some kind of a status update on a) the OS X nonsense, b) the missing quest monsters, c) getting all of this pushed to Steam – in a bit.

Now has anybody seen my fire extinguisher…?

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113 Responses to “Post-Holiday Update”

  1. Otakatt says:

    Ee~ I love the little picture of the Triforce stealing Link!

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  2. Spectreincarnate says:

    I am loving this goofy turn-based hack and slash since I got it during Steam’s recent holiday sale. It plays fine on the main computer, but is being very stubborn about my pen tablet laptop (Toshiba M200, Windows XP).

    This game is one of two games**, that will not for any reason recognize the laptop pen correctly. It is responding, but it’s waaaay too sensitive and acts like the game is in a much higher resolution than the pen boundaries are, so the cursor flies all over the place. No amount of changing resolution on the game or the laptop itself helps.

    The keyboard touch-pad on the laptop works fine, but I hate that thing and refuse to use it. I have not tried a laptop mouse yet, cause I haven’t had a need for one, but I may need one now… Such a shame, cause the reason I installed DoD to the laptop was because turn-based games are great for using a pen with.

    (**The other game that acts in this exact manner is “Arcanum of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura” if that helps any.)

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    • Spectreincarnate says:

      Wanted to add that I’ve done some snooping around the net and it looks like a couple other DoD players are having trouble with their laptop pens as well–specifically not being able to right-click with them. I don’t actually know if I have that problem yet, because I can’t get the cursor to stop moving long enough to test that out, but I thought you guys might want to know this as it somewhat relates here.

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  3. Ed says:

    1.09B still has some quest spawning monsters problem.. i got 2 stuck quests due to no monsters showing up on their respective floor..

    had a couple of crashes while choosing a new skill…

    and “Playing for both teams” achievements doesn’t seem to unlock (do i have to beat the whole game with both chars?? if so, then my mistake)

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  4. Brad says:

    Can the linux 9B patch be pushed to HumbleBundle users?

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  5. Nick says:

    The hotfix doesn’t seem to work for me I’m still stuck in the mysterious portal with no way out.

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  6. Jon says:

    As Brad says can we Humble Bundle people have the Linux 9b patch.

    I still have CTDs on loading saved games…

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  7. jjj says:

    Thirded. Even if it’s still kinda broken, I’d still like to load older saved games.

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  8. TzarChasm says:

    Well, this is bullshit, plain and simple. Dredmor crashed on me again today, completely randomly, costing me over three hours of play time and tons of nigh-irreplaceable gear. Since the new expansion was released I have not been allowed to get a single character past the seventh floor without something causing a random save deletion or simply resetting me to my last hard save. If this game is going to be so damn unstable why dont you include an autosave setting so that people who don’t like being forced to quit to save their progress don’t have to lick the entire shaft when your buggy game blows up on them?

    I used to love Dredmor, pre-patch. Now I’m finding it incredibly hard not to justify deleting it. Even with the newest “fix” the game is virtually unplayable—and it’s not my machine, either. I run a very clean, well-maintained PC with no significant history of program crashes. In fact, Dredmor has crashed far more frequently for me than any other two programs combined. Wtf, guys, seriously? I paid you for this!

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    • TzarChasm says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention that the game permanently locked FOUR Uberchests all on the same floor, for no apparent reason. I don’t recall leaving the floor or exiting the game mid-level, but even if I did that’s totally retarded. Whether I leave the floor, quit the game, turn off my computer, reconfigure my network settings, buy a handgun, eat pizza, whatever—not a damn bit of that has any business determining whether or not I’m allowed to unlock those chests. It’s as simple as this: if I pull the levers it should work, no exceptions. This bug has been around since the day I bought the game; how about we finally see it fixed?

      And as a poster above said, quest monsters still fail to spawn at random, leaving the player with unbeatable quests. Awesome and win!

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      • Spectreincarnate says:

        Not sure why you’re so pissed about a game that, as any serious indie game owner knows full well, is going to have a lot of kinks in it at times. To rectify the matter, you could try to be nice about it and send the **three person team who is doing a damn good job compared to other indie companies** a calm, informative email or make a comment here that has more information than just “I’m pissed off.” How about your system specs? What level dungeon you’re usually on when it happens? Stuff like that.

        And there is an auto save, FYI. When you go up or down a set of stairs it will miraculously *gasp* autosaves. Next time take the shaft out of YOUR mouth before you make such an idiotic post and still expect anyone to help you.

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        • TzarChasm says:

          Well, guess what: the last thing I did before my game crashed randomly was to backtrack from floor 8 (which I had fully mapped) to the middle of floor 5, where I had left an as-of-yet-unexplored Mysterious Portal. I walked down three sets of stairs to get there, went through the portal, and was slaughtering a Muscle Diggle when the game went *poof* on me. All those sets of stairs did nothing at all for me, and when I reloaded the game it had set me back as far as the first room of floor 6.

          There is no floor or room in which the crashes occur. The first time it happened I was killing the final monster of the second floor Monster Zoo when the game shut down randomly. This error deleted my save entirely. I wish I could recall the specifics of other similar incidents, but I can’t.

          As far as the specifics of my computer are concerned, I run 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1) with an Intel Core i5-2400 CPU and 8.00 GB of dual-channel DDR3 @668mHz on a Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3 mobo. I’ve got a TB Seagate HDD with a 64GB Crucial SSD acting as a cache via RAID. My GPU is a PNY GeForce GTX 260.

          And I’m sorry for my attitude; I’ve had a really rough few days and I guess I’ve become caustic. I’ll shut up now.

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          • Spectreincarnate says:

            No, you don’t have to shut up. And I’m sorry for the shaft remark.. that was really quite snarky of me in return..

            Well, it sounds like autosave wouldn’t help in this case then anyway, cause if the saves are disappearing, then I guess the autosaves are too. I’m not sure if it’s possible to do so, but my suggestion would be when you’re at a point where you really want to save the game, after saving go into the directory and make a backup of that save file so you can show it to the team after a crash that deletes all the saves. I think I’ll do that myself, just in case I encounter the same.

            And I just realized there’s a forum for bug reports. I guess my own little conundrum should be sent over there too, since this blog is more for updates and news.

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  9. mikedri19 says:

    When will Realm of the Diggle Gods be published on desura?

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  10. Friedmutant says:

    The hotfix for Mac just gives me an instant crash when launching the game. Version 1.09 without hotfix is playable with new characters only; loading existing saves causes a crash.
    So to sum it all up, this game is totally unplayable for me in its current form. Hope to see this stuff resolved soon!

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  11. TzarChasm says:

    *Sigh* I’m finding it so hard to care any more; I really am.

    I just cleared the 10th floor for the first time since the expansion was released, and mapped out over 75% of the 11th, when the game spontaneously crashed again. I immediately fired up the game and checked my autosave file, which should have reset me at the very beginning of the 11th floor, after I had zoned down the stairs. It didn’t; the game has no record of anything but when I last manually quit and saved at the very end of floor #9—specifically to avoid this rage-inducing bug.

    I just lost another two floors worth of progress, but I suppose I should be happy that it didn’t delete my character entirely.

    If only there was some way I could play hour after hour of fantastic video games without putting up with random game crashes and save deletion! Now where did I put my PS3 control…?

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    • Spectreincarnate says:

      I attempted to help you earlier. Did you make backups of your save files, like I had recommended above? Copy the entire folder every time you manually save (and you should save way more often man!) and then put it somewhere else. If you’re using Windows, the files should be located in My Documents/Gaslamp Games/Dungeons of Dredmor.

      Did you also read the bug lists on the forum to make sure you know how you can avoid some of these debilitating crashes (like the one with the Magic Portal you mentioned earlier)…?? I’m honestly not sure how else to help you.

      And wtf man, if you’re going to bother trying to compare a small company’s indie computer game that is being painstakingly designed on the fly to appeal to the fans of the game to a completely polished and finished console game, let me just say this:

      It does not matter what system or what game it is. Anything can crash and any file can be wiped clean through accidental erasure or corruption. The PS3 is just a compact computer with a hard drive. Hard drives can bust. Every so often I put a thumb drive in my PS3 USB port and back up all my major save game files that I would be absolutely heart broken to lose, like any huge 50 hour game. Cause it has happened before to me, my brother, my ex, and a friend.. And with your current streak of luck, you might want to start backing your saves on PS3 too.

      If you aren’t willing to help yourself or take proper precautions in not losing all your hard work by making backups of digital files then you’ll probably be in a rage when your PS3 dies on you suddenly out of the blue, but that would not be the game’s fault and certainly not the programmer’s.

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  12. Nate says:

    I’m crashing upon trying to load saved games. It (the problem) seems to have surfaced out of the blue. The screenshots of the save are always black when this happens. Tried reinstalling, multiple computers, cloud on/off, cache integrity, and defrag.

    please help.

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