Dredmor Patch 1.0.9; The Lord Dredmor Diggle-mas Special

(David is still away, so we have to re-use banner art. Let’s put the Giant Pink Scorpion Diggle up again, in the hopes that that doesn’t happen to us…)

Dredmor Patch 1.0.9 has now been sent off to Steam, Desura, *and* the Humble Bundle! Finally. These fine groups of people will get it up in their own sweet time, but we’ve sent it and our part is (hopefully) done. We are desperately praying that nothing new blows up, because if it does… well, Christmas is cancelled forever.

Changelog below the cut. Patch 1.0.9 doesn’t fix everything; some things, such as fixing Blackjack and some of the stickier issues are going to have to wait until January, but it ended up being more comprehensive than I originally planned. As is traditional, we’ll put a little note on this post once Steam puts the patch up and it doesn’t go Blooie. We are still hoping to get the DLC into the hands of our loyal Desura and Humble-Bundlers some time in the New Year; dealing with the actual Diggle Gods release, as well as the massive influx of new users as a result of our Steam Sale has been… a bit overwhelming.

With this last responsibility complete, I am now going to try and get all my Christmas shopping done in 48 hours. The office will be sort-of-closed-ish until some time after Boxing Day.

On behalf of David, Daniel, and myself, as well as the rest of the Dredmor crew: Happy Holidays, and thanks for making 2011 so awesome. It has been nothing short of an amazing year for Gaslamp. The day before Dredmor launched on Steam, we sat around wondering what would happen, and Daniel noted, quite famously, “Well, hopefully we sell enough copies of Dredmor that we can buy a nice bottle of Scotch or something.” We have exceeded that beyond our wildest dreams – I, for one, am still vastly confused about what exactly happened – and we are grateful and humbled by the support that the PC gaming community, our user base, the gaming media, and our friends, have given us over the course of the year. Through ups and downs, highs and lows, Steam Sales and Scorpion Diggles, you’ve been awesome. It’s been a pleasure to make games for your enjoyment.

We’re really looking forward to 2012. (You have been warned.)

CHANGELOG for Patch 1.0.9:

– FIXED: n-dimensional lathe was, in fact, a giant game-crashing exploding bomb
– FIXED: wandcrafting recipes being lost after load/save
– FIXED: crafting tool output not displaying
– FIXED: some crossbows not working [RotDG]
– FIXED: some mittens not working [RotDG]
– FIXED: Axe of Dinglenit was worth 0 zorkmids [RotDG]
– FIXED: Gloriously Regal Belt using description from Bullet Belt
– FIXED: That blasted lever room will only show up once per level. It was getting to be a bit of an issue.
– FIXED: “Cat Ears” helmet was using the wrong art [RotDG]
– FIXED: “Runes” showing up in gem transmutation
– FIXED: Diggle plague just being all kinds of nasty
– FIXED: Chest/helm tooltips switched on character panel
– FIXED: Skills that give primary stats, wouldn’t give the correct stats
– FIXED: Mustache Fighting League room would fill with infinite mustaches
– FIXED: very rarely, scripts would spawn an entire horde of monsters off of the bottom of the map.
– FIXED: tutorials showing up twice
– FIXED: took out more broken tutorials
– FIXED: game crashing at start new game screen on Mac OS X 10.5.8. (Probably.)
– FIXED: Heal-over-Time (HoT) effects being resisted (Fairywodger; Knit Tissue; etc.)
– FIXED: Mysterious portal crashes. [RotDG]
– FIXED: Steam achievements now trigger for expansion skills.
– FIXED: mods will now correctly load rooms.xml and text.xml
– FIXED: last skills in modded-in-skill-tree would crash the game
– FIXED: the amazing exponentially-multiplying Diggle Egg Stacking bug.
– Minor tweaks, balances, etc.
– Corrupted Shrines are now mildly more interesting.
– Better decor on Diggle God Shrines. [RotDG]

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46 Responses to “Dredmor Patch 1.0.9; The Lord Dredmor Diggle-mas Special”

  1. Velorien says:

    Thank you very much, o shadowy cabal that stands behind Lord Dredmor and the diggle hordes. Have a great winter holiday of your choice!

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  2. Hotcakes says:

    No, -you’ve- been awesome. Stop being humble and take a bloody bow.

    You made a great game and you’ve supported it with great additional content. It’s only suitable that your praise is also great.

    Also, thanks for clearing up that you want to get the DLC out to the Humble purchasers too. That’s fantastic news.

    { reply }
  3. Knallis says:

    I’ll tell you what happened.

    TotalBiscuit happened. His WTF is Dungeons of Dredmor is what made every single person I know become aware of the game, and want to buy it. And we all did, or some of us did and then I bought all my friends the game back in summer.

    { reply }
    • Smertnik says:

      Yeah, TB sold me on DoD as well. I don’t think I would have looked at the game twice if it wasn’t for him.

      On a side note, is it possible to get the new achievements for maxing out the skills retroactively?
      Also, it seems that the healing effects still get resisted.

      { reply }
  4. Ian says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Diggle Gods bless us, every one!

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  5. Ghastly Golly says:

    Thanks for the awesome game that is Dredmor! Definitely one of my favorite indie titles!

    I hope you have a great and relaxing Christmas! *cheers*

    { reply }
  6. leo says:

    Thanks! Probably the best christmas gift I’m getting.

    { reply }
  7. SamuelMarston says:

    Thanks for the update! What a wonderful surprise!

    { reply }
  8. Godwin says:

    We wish you a Merry Christmas (or Other Holiday or just a very nice and special day for no apparent reason) and a very Happy New Year (whenever your calendar actually thinks it’s New Year: we will have wished it :))

    Dev on, game on!

    { reply }
  9. Eric says:

    Definitely one of my favorite games of the year, you lot have done a great job on this!

    I’m sad that Blackjack will still be broken, I loved that skill. But, the awesome Vegan and Piracy skill trees will more than make up for that. 🙂

    { reply }
  10. Silvah says:

    Well, should be interesting knowing i can enter portals of doom without crashing..

    And just to note, in response to your twitter comment on “Do you play dredmor then smoke, or smoke than play dredmor.” The answer is thus.
    First you play Dungeons of Dredmor… Then you give the computer a cigarette.

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  11. Ret says:

    Well steam seems to have updated the game but the overlay is still broken and the version number is still at 1.0.8.

    I am confused.

    { reply }
  12. faermi says:

    Awesome game, awesome support. You are getting nothing less but what you deserve.

    Happy Holidays!

    { reply }
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  14. Alden66 says:

    Hmm, so did this fix the issue of not seeing any tooltip/info of the results of crafting?. Not a complain, a new patch at this time is a lot of effort, and hope you guys enjoy your vacations. I am simply curious since it’s a bit annoying. (Using steam, which downloaded just 280/90ish kb as a ‘patch’) and claims it updated, but no real way to know if it’s actually patched or not.

    { reply }
  15. Smertnik says:

    Are you guys sure you pushed out the right version? Steam did download a patch but the version number haven’t changed. And none of the fixes seem to be present in the game.

    { reply }
  16. Satan says:

    Thanks and good luck! I love you Gaslamp! Merry Christmas^_^!

    { reply }
  17. Richard says:

    You deserve all of your success – it’s a great game. Enjoy a bottle or TWO of scotch for Christmas.

    { reply }
  18. RSYM says:

    You guys are awesome! FYI though, playing from Steam, attempting to load any save game causes a crash on Mac OS 10.6.8

    { reply }
  19. Ken Anderson says:

    There’s a bug in 1.0.9 that triggers in certain rooms in which the character teleports to two different locations in a loop. The character can then do one action and then she immediately teleports through the loop again. There’s no getting out of it once this bug triggers. You need to kill the game outright. I’m going to switch to a new character who doesn’t have the dodge skill and hope that I’ll be able to play that game until you can provide a fix for this issue.

    And, let me take this moment, to say thank you for producing this game, it’s a lot of fun and I appreciate the love, time and support that you pour into this game.

    Hope this helps!


    { reply }
  20. Alden66 says:

    I have oen final doubt, since I really haven’t played much before the DLC and this change, was crafting results meant to be just ‘titles’ and no stats given of the item you’d build, until you actually make it?.

    I noticed the last patch made the name of the item appear, but nothing else (tho before this patch, there was no tooltip at all)

    { reply }
  21. dongs says:


    { reply }
  22. Scotty says:

    I recently bought this great game during the steam sale but after logging in today to play my character got stuck in a teleport loop and has now died. Im sad…

    { reply }
    • That is terrible! One other person has reported something similar. Rest assured, we will be looking into this.

      { reply }
      • nodata says:

        [DoD 1.0.9, savefiles 1.0.8, Steam, Windows 64bit] As the other players mentioned, the teleport loop happens after taking a single action when the game loads. The character is taken to multiple, same spots on the current dungeon map, then stops awaiting player input. Again after a single action the cycle repeats. I can provide save files if need be. (I’ll also repost the message on the appropriate forum for convenience.)

        { reply }
    • Marisa says:

      Yep, I have the teleport-loop problem, too. So sad (though she looks pretty pleased as she snaps her way to her DOOM…)

      { reply }
    • John B says:

      Same problem here with my save. It appears to be casting Froda’s Jump Discontinuity twice every time I take a turn. (I did take mathemagic)

      { reply }
  23. Joakim Olofsson says:

    When I loaded my character (that I started in the previous patch) he started teleporting. He’s going between two locations and I can’t do anything about it. After two teleports I may take an action but after that he starts teleporting again, to the same two locations (both are on objects that I wouldn’t even be able to walk on). I saw someone else talked about this, just thought I should add these details, maybe they can be of help.

    LOVELY game by the way, bought it on the Steam sale. Are you planning to make more DLC? If so, MAKE SOME NATURE MAGICS/CLASSES/SKILLS or some shizzle like that. Would be awesome. Unless the lore of the game forbids it. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    { reply }
  24. Jamieson Mockel says:

    I, too, am having the infinite teleport loop problem as of the 1.0.9 update. Very odd and game breaking. I’ve only lost a bit of progress with the character but the loop was happening with my main save and the autosave. It seems to make a place that the character teleports to and every turn it just teleports you there. Hope this can be fixed.

    Great job overall, guys. I’ve logged over 100 hours in Dredmor. The bugs can be annoying but I am happy that you guys are constantly working on the game. As a non-programmer I can only imagine the difficulty of getting all the odds and ends fixed. Too bad every fix seems to break something else 😛

    { reply }
  25. Isona says:

    I picked DoD up during the thanksgiving sale on steam and got the expansion the other day, and have to say, its awesome, love the humor and easy to learn interface (I never could be bothered getting into the “hardcore” roguelikes).

    A possible bug I’ve found is in the 4 way teleport rooms, whereby I had a weapon with knockback, and it triggered when I killed a mob near the lever and I ended up stuck on the island due to the level being knocked away. 🙁 (Although in hindsight with werediggle I probably coulda tunnelled out…)

    Happy Holidays!

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  26. Frost says:

    Just got the same problem with eternal teleportation loop.

    I hoped to enjoy new addon… I was on 9th level.. and then steam updates the game. Now after first step after loading my char got teleported to room with three evil chests and placed on second chest in the middle. When i’m trying to move, i got teleported to same position.
    I hope my story helps.
    Thanks for a great game!

    { reply }
  27. Marisa says:

    And my other saved game (which I’d stopped playing b/c my character was in a mysterious portal level and the game crashed when I tried to teleport out) is still bugged.

    When I logged in, the level appeared completely black. Since I was standing right next to the portal that (I think) should have led back to the “main” dungeon, I walked into that.

    It sent me to another mystery level, which appeared normal. I think that things were fine, but when I tried to leave that level, I ended up in another entirely black level, except that this time I couldn’t move, either.

    I hope this helps! Thanks for making such a fun and clever game – my partner and I both really enjoy it.

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  28. Fibonacci says:

    I have the same teleporting issue on all of my save games.

    *sad panda*

    { reply }
  29. Bob Jones says:

    Teleport loop problem as well, level 1 so not much loss on a saved game, but it wouldn’t appear to be specific to much as on level 1 I don’t have much of anything.

    { reply }
  30. Sir Lorne says:

    Since steam just updated me to 1.0.9 i am having issues with levers now. Levers do absolutely nothing for me now. I can’t open barred doors, use 4 way teleporters, or open secret rooms.

    { reply }
  31. Dylan Parker says:

    Teleportation loop problem as well, just finished level 2 completely rogue permadeath, please please fix this oh wondrous diggle gods. My drops have been golden this run, think I can actually go all the way. If this helps at all i loaded up an autosave that was about an hour behind my current save that is teleportized, and it was fine for awhile but then when I entered a certain room a different teleport loop started.

    { reply }
  32. Rob says:

    got the same teleport bug :(. Thing is I hit a teleport level 3 times butu it didn’t do anything, then soon as i went up to the previous level from 3 to 2 the teleport bug happened, 3 teleports each time. Maybe it’s related maybe it isn’t but I hope this helps.

    Love the game though, it’s way deeper than i thought an indie game would be.

    { reply }
  33. E says:

    I have a DIFFERENT kind of teleport problem.
    Teleport LEVERS were broken in my save game.
    I’d click on them and the lever sound and animation would be played but not teleportation. This was both in the 4 lever room and in another room on a different floor. (I did NOT take mathemagic <– in case that's a common thread above)

    { reply }
  34. chodelord says:

    also hit by teleport bug since last patch

    my toon takes a step and is teleported to middle of 3 evil chests, takes another step and is teleported there again, can’t move


    { reply }
  35. Makeawish says:

    teleport loop here too
    if you guys find some spare time during
    Christmas, pllls fix it..

    { reply }
  36. giobt says:

    I am a linux user and I can’t download the patch from steam. Plus, HumbleBundle hasn’t updated the download link yet. So, where can I download this patch?

    { reply }
  37. Sam says:

    Yep, teleport bug 🙁

    I really like the new Flames of the heckforge skill (though I haven’t been able to test it yet). Nothing worse than your uber item getting cursed.

    { reply }
  38. smw says:

    Mac+Steam user here on update 1.0.9. All of my manual saves crash on load except for autosaves. Any solutions?

    { reply }
  39. bribri says:

    I second what smw says. All of my 1.09 saves just crash on load.

    { reply }
  40. Morgath says:

    1.0.9B on Desua linuxx86 worked when I set user permissions on the excutable.

    Saves that I started on 1.0.9 worked ok, could save and reload on second floor no problems, no time to test rest of it, but thank you for getting it working again.

    Couldn’t get the single save I had that came from 1.0.8 to load – double-clicking it didn’t work. using debug flag it came up with something about diggle gods, am not using the expansion. Do not know if that is relevant, as never tried using before.

    { reply }

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