Bride of the Scorpion Diggle

EDIT: Hotfix below! See below the cut.
EDIT 2: OS X users, we are working on getting you something as fast as we can, but it will likely be after boxing day. (This is mainly due to the fact that I am on the road, and have no access to a Mac.) That said, we are aware of the situation and you guys are my first priority.

First off, my apologies for both letting the teleportation glitch – and our resulting slow response time – happen. In the case of the glitch happening: patch 1.0.9 got rushed in order to try and get it out before the holidays; this turned out to be a bad move. It was my judgement call, and in hindsight we should have given it more QA time (although, interestingly, we did test old saves) and just released it after Boxing Day. In the case of the response time… this is a little more entertaining. Daniel gave me the word, via cellphone, that something was wrong; unfortunately, at the time I was stuck on a Grayhound headed for the middle of nowhere, visiting relatives – having previously been lulled into a false sense of security by the quiet patch reception caused by… well, by the patch not actually being released yet.


Mad panic ensued – which is not easy to do on a bus – but I managed. Having now recovered the laptop, and having now found wireless Internet thanks to the good people at Starbucks, we have some answers.

First off: yes, we can fix your save games. I will be putting up a hotfix tonight; I’m not sure how fast we will be able to get things onto Steam and Desura. Humble Bundle users – since this only actually affects 1.0.8 savegames, you *should* be okay.

Second off: this only affects save games made with Dredmor 1.0.8. Dredmor 1.0.9 saves should be fine.

Again, I apologize for this mess and will be coming up with some additional QA improvements in the future.  I will personally find some way to make it up to you in January with something awesome.

So! We have a patch for this. And because you have clicked below the read buffer, this means you want to try it.

Usage: install in your Steam build. (C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Dungeons of Dredmor\); if you’re not overwriting an EXE file, you’re doing something wrong.

This is EXPERIMENTAL and should ONLY be used if you have a 1.0.8 save game you want to rescue. Once we’re sure that this works for the Windows folks, we will move out a Desura patch, and from there we will proceed to the OS X and Linux builds. Official patches will be sent to Steam hopefully for the day after Boxing Day (due to the holiday season, actually getting patches patched is pretty silly.)

Let me know how it works in the comments.

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78 Responses to “Bride of the Scorpion Diggle”

  1. Borodin says:

    Happens, Nicholas. You and the rest of the your team have been both forthcoming in your discussion of the game, and quick to discuss/remedy bugs. Can’t speak for anybody else, but that nets you slack in my book. I hope the bugfix is out for Steam by Friday, but if it isn’t, I suspect I’ll live.

    Won’t guarantee that my wife can be prevented from sending ninja terrorists to slice into your spam, of course. But there it is.

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  2. Borodin says:

    Make that, “slice you into spam.” I hate it when diggles get into my keyboard.

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  3. Dennis says:

    No worries, Nicholas. So we have to start a new game in the interim. Darn, another new character! 🙂

    I think we all understand your situation. Personally, I’m also cramming at work in anticipation of 2 weeks of vacation. I’m sure I’ve failed to dot an i or cross a t this week. And we know you have limited manpower as well.

    Ultimately, you’ve given me faaaar more value with DoD than most big-budget titles out there. So keep that in mind.

    Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!


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  4. Danuab says:

    Impressed with the response time on this! I just ran into the bug and looked it up on the net and there was my answer – great!

    I also stumbled upon another, lesser bug. My Beserker was allowed to learn Killing Blow twice but using one copy of it starts the reload time on the other – so there’s no actual benefit to this. Hope that helps.

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  5. Ellis says:

    Hey, mac user here. I’ve noticed since patch 1.0.9 that there appears to be a problem with new saves. Level one is fine, but as soon as a character enters level 2, any saves made on that character cannot be loaded and result in a crash or “unexpectedly quit” I’ve tried just walking back up to level 1 to save but that doesn’t work either. Fantastic game and I hope this glitch gets fixed soon so I can play

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  6. Cogwheel says:

    Ah well, it happens. Seems like some are affected more than others (in that 0.9 saves don’t work either), so there may be more to this than meets the eye.

    That aside, for now, don’t worry about it, and enjoy Christmas/the new year. Honestly, it’s about time the team got a break – I imagine the past half a year’s been pretty draining.

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  7. Exkaiser says:

    A hotfix for the teleport glitch? B-but I already killed my permateleporting character.

    Guess I should have checked here before luring a golem into killing me. Oh well! Such is the life of a rogue. Add another numeral to the name and reroll with the blow.

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  8. Justerik says:

    Great job! The hotfix has worked perfectly so far! Got to save my Cape of Sagan and 40+ damage weapons! 😀

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  9. Frost says:

    Thank you so much! The fix is working for me.

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  10. Spankeh says:

    Thanks for this, scared me when I read the start of the post and then realized I had a character who was on the 12th floor with some great stuff. 72 counter, how I love you.

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  11. kino5 says:

    I wish other big industries took half the time you guys take to fix things and hurry to give us a fast response as you do.

    Things happen, and it’s not the end of the world. As someone said above, no big deal, we start a brand new character and keep trying to defeat evil Lord Dredmor until the old character recovers from his injuries.

    Also, I suggest you stop letting diggles get into the source code, they can’t possobly know where they stick their… nose?

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  12. Crismodin says:

    It works hurray! – I’m one of those STEAM users that freaked out this last afternoon when my prized new game didn’t work. Thanks for the the awesome quick hotfix to the patch haha

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  13. Sata says:

    Just posting to report that the fix worked for my save. Thank you so much!

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  14. Tyderion says:

    Thanks for the quick fix. My save now work again (insofar as I don’t start to teleport around like crazy at one point).
    But my teleport-dodge-skill does not teleport anymore. In 1.08 (and 1.09 before this hotfix) it teleported on every dodge, now it doesn’t. Is this a bug or does the teleport-chance get computed differently?

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  15. TheWumpus says:

    This is what happens when you tamper with powers beyond the ken of mortals. Everything was working fine in 1.06 (mostly). Then you had to go and open the chambers of the Diggle Gods, loathsome crawling things bent on twisting to madness the minds of any they encountered. In retrospect it was probably a bad idea but unless you happen to know a plucky group of investigators skilled at battling eldritch beings you can’t seal them away again.

    You guys have been awesome about trying to get things resolved. Thank you.

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  16. Kevin says:

    Thanks for fixing this so quickly. You guys rock. In contrast, Arkham City has been eating people’s save files for weeks, and they haven’t even acknowledged that they’re working on it.

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  17. Vader says:

    Steam-User with Version 1.0.9 reporting in. Teleport-Glitch occurred imediatelly after i went the stairs up from level 9 to level 8. While i was in level 9, game was stable while playing with the old save. Hope this helps for further digging into the issue.
    Thanks for the quick posting of a hotfix. It is very much appreciated!

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  18. Will says:

    What TheWumpus said; clearly (muscular) eldritch powers involved. The hotfix works but I rerolled my character anyway, just to be safe. Isn’t unexpected and absurd ends to your character half of the point of DoD anyway?

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  19. Indy says:

    Not sure if related to the patch, but yesterday I was playing full screen fine. Today I start up the game and the top right portion is missing, so I can’t see the map or other GUI elements. I tried to play at a lower resolution full screen or windowed, and it didn’t help. Game is basically barely playable now.

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  20. faermi says:

    Works beautifully! At least this time I haven’t lost my character… (Windows 7 32 bits)

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  21. Adam Atkinson says:

    (Linux desura 1.0.9 here)

    I can’t load saves made with 1.0.9 on the second level
    of the dungeon. Even if the character was created
    in 1.0.9. Oddly, even though I have permadeath
    on, I have an automatic save of the character
    from just before going down the stairs to level 2,
    and that I was able to load.

    This may be nothing but I always seem to be “the adventurer” in saves since 1.0.7/8. Have titles changed or am I just using different skills now?

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    • Yeah, something is going on with the Unix versions (OS X and Linux); it’s not getting resolved until the 27th of December, unfortunately, when I return to the office and have access to All Of The Computers. I should have a patch on Desura by the 28th, though.

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      • Matt says:

        I can confirm that the Steam version on OS X crashes when trying to load games. The relevant chunk of stack trace is

        0 Level::Load(__sFILE*) + 1231
        1 LoadGame(char const*) + 949
        2 PlayGameWithLoadFilename(std::string) + 74
        3 SDL_main + 4879

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      • Adam Atkinson says:

        Oh, I’m in no hurry. It just seemed like something different from the “saves from 1.0.8 have problems” symptom so
        I thought I should mention it. And maybe the forums would have been better. But anyway. Enjoy the holidays!

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      • GeorgeBurdell says:

        Could I just make a request for the patched version to go to the Humble Bundle download page too, when it’s ready? I’m rather looking forward to being able to play past the second level.

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      • Ellis says:

        Mac user from earlier, just wanted to say thank you for reading these and already dropping a date for an expected fix. You guys are by far the best programming/support team I’ve ever dealt with.

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  22. Borodin says:

    The experimental hotfix patch works. One new, well, bug of sorts: with Burglary 1, vending machines always used to state what had been stolen from them when they were first tapped for contents. Now, an item is stolen, but you aren’t informed as it occurs what that item might be.

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  23. Ovrad says:

    Both old and new saves appear to be working fine for me with the experimental fix. Wonderful!

    Only bug I found was the previously mentioned Transdimensional Dodge, it doesn’t randomly teleport me anymore, ever. (Not that I’m complaining, that thing gets annoying pretty fast with high dodge skill)

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    • Glad it’s working!

      David changed the behaviour of Transdimensional Dodge,b ecause it was… basically, uh, killing you. It *should* now be an optional buff, but I’ll double check what he had in mind.

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      • Ovrad says:

        Oh I see it now, it’s indeed a selectable skill with associated buff now. (My skill bar was already full so I didn’t noticed)

        Very nice! 🙂

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  24. Bob says:

    Please don’t blame your QA. You made the mistake. QA does not exist to make you look like a hero when you screw up. Its there to help YOU. Fess up. Take it like a man you twerp.

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  25. Dicrostonyx says:

    Thank you very much for the hotfix, it worked perfectly.

    For the edification of both users and devs, I wanted to let everyone know that you only need to use the experimental version once to load and resave the file, you don’t need to leave it installed.

    I tested this by :

    Renaming the original exec.
    Putting the hotfix exec in the game directory.
    Loading the game, moving around, saving.
    Switching back to the original exec by renaming both.
    Loading the game, going down, going back up, and moving around.

    All remains good.

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  26. jezdamayel says:

    Thank you for the fix! i was so worried i had to start over!! now i do not!!! i am so happy i got this game. you and the game are wonderful!!!!

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  27. DarkwindStriker says:

    Win7 64 bit here if that matters. Applied the fix and my char who had been stuck with the teleport bug was able to move again. Thanks!

    I did run into a Monster Zoo later on the level that…apparently was in two rooms at once? One that I was in, and the other all the way on the other side of the map. And I cleared out both rooms but still got no indication of beating the Zoo. Floor 4, if that matters.

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  28. NeoStarr says:

    Patch worked for me, but with 2 issues on the floor where I had the teleportation bug happen.

    First one of the switches marked “Dwarven Express Post”, the ones that usually pop up 3 monster chests, did nothing. Second, there seems to be a kill a monster quest on that floor that is incompletable because the monster doesn’t seem to spawn anywhere. Dunno if these are related to the hotfix.

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  29. Justerik says:

    Discovered a bug with Flames of the Heckforge: I’ve used it over ten times on various items and, although it has been cast, it has not removed any corruptions or negative affects,

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  30. Andrew says:

    Thanks for fixing it, response time was really pretty good considering the circumstances. happy holidays.

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  31. AthenaTLG says:

    I may have a new bug for you guys involving killing Dredmor which causes a hard crash. Naturally this one is pretty hard to replicate (my save is going rogue which means the moment I die, so does it :D), let me know if you want a copy of the saves.

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  32. Yadnus says:

    The Steam achievements for the DLC seem to be somewhat messed up right now. For example, I maxed out Killer Vegan, but got the “Dead Man’s Chest” achievement instead.

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  33. DaElf says:

    Patch works for me (On Win7 64bit); thanks for the awesome response time on this, guys, it’s a great credit to you, as is the game!

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  34. Swizard says:

    I can confirm this works on 64bit version as well. (steam)

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  35. Jakonen says:

    I havent seen anyone post this up yet, but i apologise if it has.

    Transdimentional dodge no longer warps me when i succesfully dodge an attack.

    The skill is toggled on and all it does is give me +3 to dodge chance. While still useful, the full benifits previously available would be most welcome.

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  36. Worlax says:

    Dont know if its a bug, but, ok, my char was saved from the teleport bug, but…
    after the bug ( and before the fix) i made another char and went exploring, on lvl1 i found an uberchest and found a lever to open it, everytings ok, but after i aplied the fix, i found an uberchest on lvl 2, explored everything, switched all levers and killed all mobs, and i still cant open it :/
    oh, there were two uberchests on that level, and one was on the same square as the eyeball shrine

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    • Worlax says:

      forgot to mention, i couldnt open the uberchests after i aplied the fix, and also, the saved char I used before the patch and the fix for it, i also couldnt open a single uberchest

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  37. Verrath says:

    Nice new stuff, I just got ROTDG too 😀

    I run the Windows version (on Vista currently), and it seems that none of the side quests involving spawns work anymore, I have had three of them on this character (first one since latest patch), and each time I searched the level several times without being able to find the quest spawn.

    Quests to find items and/or “shrine” them seem to work okay.

    Anyone else encounter this?


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    • Justerik says:

      You’re not the only one encountering this. Have you also noticed the problem with the Flames of the Heckforge skill not removing debuffs?

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      • Cogwheel says:

        I certainly have. Though sometimes it would remove a bit. And sometimes it adds a tiny buff. Never works more than once on the same item, mind.

        Honestly, I assumed it was a feature, not a bug, and Heckforge was just explained poorly/really terrible.

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  38. bribri says:

    First I want to say totally f-ing awesome game man, especially at the price! Second I’m in no rush for a fix because your game is a productivity killer. I should be working on side projects instead.

    Anyways I start using 1.09 along with the Diggle Gods expansion on Lion; I bought both the main game and expansion at the same time on Steam. I’m not sure if this is a new bug, but even with new games created new from 1.09, I can’t seem to load any saved games past level 1. The game will just crash. What’s strange is that when I start the game up immediately after this crash, it may not always load the Diggle Gods expansion either. Also when I don’t quit the game after a save, just going to the main menu; it still won’t load the game and just crash.

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    • bishop says:

      I’m having the same problem as well but on XP 32bit. Started a game on 1.0.9 now I can’t load it anymore, DoD crashes.

      I try to stay patient but I have the feeling that you guys maybe did too many changes in too little time, I know that it was supposed to be a christmas gift but maybe you were in too much hurry (;


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    • Obi says:

      I have the same problem with saved games on a mac, very disheartening considering I love this game!!!

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  39. Kevin says:

    Congrats for getting 7th place in the top 10 IOTY players choice awards.

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  40. Jzono1 says:

    I’m stuck in a dark and cold place with no way out. Help me, please.

    (TLDR: Bug!)

    I knew I was doomed right from the start; when I read up on the new skills I had picked. Because I’ve heard rumors about dragons in the deeper levels, and because I thought big game hunting was a skill suited for killing evil dragons I picked it. Instantly I realised that it would be my undoing. I can’t kill cute animals. They’re so cute and huggable, even the dragons.

    Stubborn as I am, I decided to venture down into the deep. It went well. Vegetables run away from me in fear, diggles love me. It was on the fifth level things went wrong.

    I found this mysterious portal. It was seemingly harmless. Diggle commandos walked over it unharmed, so I thought it was safe. But no! I got sent to a weird place.

    In this weird space I’m stuck. In it I found another strange portal which I went through. Another strange place, with cute dragons. Next to the dragon’s lair I found another strange portal, which took me back to the first strange place.

    That’s where I am now. I found no way to get home. Out of frustration I even fell down from my righteousness and tried the cruel and horrible big game hunting skills. Had to check if any of the diggles had anything that’d let me get home. They didn’t. After investigating the walls I went to sleep. When I woke up again, someone had turned the lights off. I’m stuck here in this cold and dark place, please help me!

    I’m stuck in a mysterious portal-place. I found no way back to the main dungeon, so I saved and quit the game for a few hours. When I loaded the savegame, I can’t see the game world, just the UI. Bottom bar, inventory, tooltips etc work, but the game world is completely dark. Tooltips on stuff in the game works.

    Is this bug known? If not, what do I do now? Is there any way to fix this so I can get on with my game?

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  41. Nathan Speedie says:

    Mac user here; I started a pretty succesful run in 1.09 with the expansion but now the game crashes when I try to load the save. I hope the eventual mac hotfix helps me despite my character having not been created in 1.08.

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  42. Eppiox says:

    Love the game, would crash like a monster before the update, now not so much.
    Some Issues;

    1) Haven’t opened an Uber chests since.. level 4? On two floors I tried every combination of lever- all chests remained locked.
    2) Quests items fail to appear.
    3) Quest monsters fail to appear.
    Explore the entire map before getting quests I found works to make the item show on your mimimap, however most of the time the quest items I pick up will crash my game.
    Can provide save files standing next to a crash item if needed.

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  43. Steve says:

    “First priority” huh? I guess that’s why the Windows people got the hot update and the Mac people are still waiting. If I’d known I was buying my brother a buggy game that won’t let him save after the first level, I’d have bought him something else for Christmas. Don’t expect any more of my money any time soon.

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    • Brian Kemp says:

      Some of us are still stuck on 1.0.7, because we decided we wanted a DRM-free version from the Humble Bundle. It’s rather random when the game will decide it wants to segfault, but generally any time it loads a new resource there’s a good chance it’ll crash.

      I’ve more or less given up. I’ll check back in a month or so, and maybe if the game doesn’t explode I might tip $5 to the devs for the game I was supposed to have at launch. (However from what I’ve read, the Humble Bundle #4 is going to be worse, with a slew of 1.0 builds.)

      Usually when a team is scrambling & releasing patch after patch, something is wrong, and so sometimes it’s best just to wait for it to finish baking.

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      • moondrake says:

        It is more or less possible to get it running crash free (assuming you were using a *nix version where the crashes were most prevalent):
        – A patch exists for the case-sensitive sprite names that caused crashes on loading many monsters. See forum
        – A patch has been posted (at least for Linux versions) that deals with some other crashes
        – The game aborts if you summon a high-level monster on low levels (I think a difference of at least 3 lvls). This can be fixed as well by editing the xml (see forum again).

        Doing all this, I have not seen 1.0.7 crash yet. Without it, it is fairly unplayable. But you are right that it is rather disappointing nobody from GLG took a hour to stick these patches on a public website.

        I guess 1.0.9 might be better, but when/if it will finally made available by HIB, it probably needs 4 hotfixes again. And do try to treat all platforms equally. It will (sadly) not work to rely on steam/desura/hib to do this for you.

        Advice to GLG: allocate someone to maintain a hotfix/patch page on your own website, or get a community member to do that for you. If not, you will probably lose customers that lack the time/expertise to fix things on their own.

        { reply }
    • Mike says:

      I have to admit that this peeved me a bit too – this was my holiday game (I rarely get the time to sit down and really waste a few days playing something) – I’ve now started the game over from scratch several times and have a bunch of half completed games… I can only play the first 3 or 4 floors

      I loved the game up to a pont but playing the same thing over and over has become a disappointment

      { reply }
  44. ChaoGuy2006 says:


    I tried the patch, but my file still won’t load. (and it did overight the old .exe)

    Should I make a topic about this?

    { reply }
  45. Jim says:

    Yep, me too. Love the game, this is very sad.

    { reply }
  46. Patryk Nejmanowski says:

    I just had the save loading bug on Windows XP on save made on level 2 of the dungeon… using version 1.0.9 from steam. :/

    { reply }
  47. TheForgetfulBrain says:

    Greetings intrepid developers! Hopefully the holidays are treating you well.

    Once you must face the grind again, however, I thought I might offer what appears to be some confirmation that the save crashes are in fact multi-platform (OS X and Win 32/64):

    I believe there is similar confirmation in some of the posts on this blog entry as well.

    Best of luck! My fingers are crossed that I can continue playing my latest character once again, until his untimely death or rousing success.

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  48. ikovac says:

    Linux 1.0.9 HIB downloaded today – game segfaults when trying to load a saved game. I have no saves from 1.0.7, these are all new.

    { reply }
  49. Obi says:

    ARGH need that update/fix can’t handle it anymore!

    { reply }

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