Another Quick Headsup

The Dungeons of Dredmor expansion Realm of the Diggle Gods is almost up.  Unfortunately we have no clear ETA but we suspect it will either be late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Right now it appears that the issue is to do with a code package not yet being connected to the DLC on Steam’s end (if you purchase it right now, that purchase is tied to a “test app”).

Rest assured that we will let you know here and by twitter as soon as it is up.  If you have plunked down your hard-earned cash you will indeed get what you paid for: Werediggles.

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  1. Owen Page says:

    Will be worth the wait, I hope. Right now I can drool over the pic of the secret cake room easter egg I found

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  2. SamuelMarston says:

    Sweet! Thanks for all the hard work guys! You’re the best!

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  3. Dude McAwesome says:

    Excellent, looking forward to it 🙂

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  4. darius404 says:

    Yes, soon I will be an Emo Demonic Vegan Necrotic Vampire Werediggle Pirate. Oh, the existential angst!

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  5. Leshrac says:

    I already has paid. I will wait with impatience and joy

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  6. SirPrimalform says:

    Look what I found:

    I rather take that as confirmation that it’s coming to Desura too. I wasn’t sure before because I didn’t see any mention either way and I wasn’t sure how Desura dealt with expansions and DLC.

    p.s. @developer-type-people: What happened to 1.0.8 on Desura/HIB?

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    • HIB updating is on a list for “when everything is not, actively, on fire.” So hopefully soon.

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      • riloh says:

        just a heads-up for HIB users like myself who can hardly wait for the 1.0.8 update – spoke to a humble rep, and as of 3:40pm PST on 12/16/11, they have NOT received the update from Gaslamp. Furthermore, when they finally do get it, they will NOT be sending out confirmation emails. You’ll need to check your download page occasionally to find out when it goes up.

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  7. NoahC_ says:

    I think I just wet myself a bit.

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  8. Knallis says:

    I’ve added another 20 hours to my playtime, making it 175 hours. I did this thinking that Diggle Gods wouldn’t come out until January.

    You guys are going to kill me. I swear.

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  9. SnakePliskin says:

    I’ve been watching this project from the sidelines for a while now and I’m really quite baffled how things are handled in general.

    I can’t in the life for me understand why one would put their entire customer base on hold and in the ballast due to the obtuse and free-willed antics and ridiculous nature of Valve.

    With all that has been transpiring with the game recently and Valve’s most evident lack of attention to deal with even the most minute aspect such as update their changelog list or link the actual files for download…for over a week now??

    …one would have to arrive at a conditional boolean in the road and really ponder how Valve’s best interest clearly affects your audience in general. I would much rather deal directly with Gaslamp and have an auto-update button in the options some place…problem solved.

    Patch goes live —-> Customer download —-> Everyone is happy

    Here’s the current chain:

    Patch gets submitted to Valve —> 8 days go by —> Customer downloads —> Valve screws up —> big circle for 2 days —-> Multiply per hotfix and repeat

    Why cut the middleman and make more? Why not detach and make everyone happy, not just Valve? I just don’t see the point in jumping into what looks like a Master/Slave relationship with the customers in the middle getting the worst of everything.

    Just an observation, but hopefully one which might be considered.

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    • Nick says:

      It’s an issue of visibility. Whether we like it or not, Steam is a platform that generates lots of interest very quickly in a way that nothing else really can. For a small dev like Gaslamp, that’s pretty essential.

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    • Vykk Draygo says:

      I’m happy enough with Steam. I don’t particularly love it, or Valve, but it is a good distribution platform. As well, this way they don’t have to spend money on servers for distribution.

      Steam is faulty, but it’s probably the most efficient method to distribute this excellent product.

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    • Satoru says:

      Actually this is the first time I’ve ever purchased anything on Steam where it was stuck in this weird ‘limbo’ state. I feel bad for the devs as it’s not really their fault Steam first messed up the packaging, then posted the game on the store page for purchasing.

      Also as a counter point, Dungeon Defenders is so frequently updated on Steam that people on other platforms are complaining because these patches take much longer to roll out on other platforms than on Steam. The devs much prefer steam as it is a fast and easy way to roll out patches.

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    • Satoru says:

      Just to clarify, patches to Steam can get a very quick turn around. I’ve seen hotfixes for DoD and other games get rolled out in an hour.

      The DLC was delayed since Steam was trying to figure out what day to release it. Maybe to ensure there was some decent exposure on the front page or what not. As it’s a ‘new’ product it goes through a different process than patching existing games which can be extremely quick.

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      • Borodin says:

        My purchase finally went through a few minutes ago, but still no DLC. NIce mention of the applet in my DLC info panel, though. Spicy. I may just frame it at some point in the near future.

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  10. Harven says:

    I can’t wait for the DLC guys. You don’t even need to show me a picture to me and you have me sold. I can’t wait to go back into the dungeon and die again~

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  11. Steven says:

    I ended up buying it even though I knew I can’t use it yet. I like preordering my DLC apparently :P. Keep up the great work!

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  12. Recs says:

    Will it be possible to buy the DLC once for both platforms (Steam + Desura)?

    Also, will the bundlers be able to get the DLC outside of those shops?

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  13. Karzon says:

    Whatdya mean “almost”? It’s up.

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  14. tcjsavannah says:

    First things were bad, now they’re good – forever!

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  15. DanoLefourbe says:

    agh. Bought it without knowing it wasn’t up yet.
    no problem though, I know I won’t regret it.
    Keep up the great work guys.

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  16. Vykk Draygo says:


    Still waiting on Eyebrow Wigs, though.


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  17. HalfThere says:

    If the Pirate tree doesn’t involve eating oranges to remove negative status effects, I’m be mad.

    Yarr harr fiddle-ee-dee!

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  18. JL says:

    Oh good I was worried their that somthing went wrong…as long as I still get it I don’t care…

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  19. Kevin says:

    With the increase in items weapons and everything how are we suppose to carry anything since my loot is always full of ore, gems and now wands with the latest patch, so is there a place that u can drop your stuff for later use like a chest or maybe a storage “vender” every 3/4 levels ?

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    • There have been a *lot* of design discussions about how to address this issue in a way that people like, and also in a way that motivates players with an optimal play style that isn’t frustrating. The things that we come up with to solve these problems are being added to the core game, and I think we still have some things up our sleeves in this regard.

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  20. Felgraf says:

    What the?-It seems to have been pulled from Steam, or something. I can no longer access the ‘Realm of the Diggle Gods’ page (I just get booted back to the Steam Store), and the price is no longer listed. Clicking “DLC” under dungeons of dredmor states that there ‘Is no DLC currently”.

    I’m just a tetch confused.

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  21. petelectro says:

    seems like steam pulled the dlc. I hope this means they’re working on it right now and not that they don’t want to deal with it in the next days ):

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  23. Baku says:

    Well the game just updated for me and now it says unavailable foe me..also i bought the dlc when in was on steam so hopefully it’s almost fixed.

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  24. Felgraf says:

    Ditto, the game now no longer works at all. But, that means they’re.. doing something, I guess!

    Valve/Steam sounds like they kinda dropped the ball on this one.

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  25. stants says:

    Not working for me either…just updated for me but unavailable.

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  26. Kevin says:

    Thanks for replying and saying u are working on a solution. Hope u come up with a good one. 🙂

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  27. faermi says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH – Just had all my cumulative Achievements reset to zero!!! Whyyyyy??? All those diggles killed for nothing?

    Snif! This is not relate to the DLC, but I didn’t know where to post it…

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