A Quick Headsup

A hotfix for 1.0.8 has now been sent to Steam, which fixes the vending machine crashes, the skill selection crashes, the crafting toolkit crashes, (hopefully!) everybody’s old 1.0.6 save games, and a few other things. It’s not up yet, but when it’s up we will let you know. We’re in the process of building new packages for Desura, and for HiB users.

EDIT: This includes a fix for the OS X version. Steve Jobs’s ghost has been laid to rest with the ritual offering of a black turtleneck sweater.

EDIT, EDIT: Up now.

EDIT, EDIT, EDIT: OS X users no longer crash. However, and I swear I can’t make this up, any OS X user grabbing the newest patch will be attacked by giant pink scorpion Diggles. We’ve sent a second fix to Valve, and it should be up in a bit.

(artist's depiction of the current state of the OSX build)


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73 Responses to “A Quick Headsup”

  1. AishaLove says:

    DLC soon?

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  2. Derp says:

    Any idea on when the OS X version will work? (Assuming it isn’t dealt with in the hotfix).

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  3. Michael says:

    And can you give us an ETA for the Desura and the HiB package?

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    • I’m building them and sending them to their respective folks after I get some lunch. So they’ll have them by about 5-ish, and when they put them up is out of my control.

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      • Michael says:

        That will than be about 2am in my GMT+1 time zone. Hence I will start playing tomorrow evening.

        Thanks for your answer and enjoy your meal. 🙂

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      • riloh says:

        with the release of hib4, does this mean hib is probably going to blow off giving us the 1.0.8. update? not that you guys probably have any control over it, but still…

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      • Arne says:

        still not online in HIB 🙁 impossible to continue, it always crashes

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      • Josue says:

        Could you please get on HIB’s case? Still not updated and I’ve personally had issues even downloading Dungeons of Dredmor at all (for Linux). I always seem to get a “could not read source” error or interruption (with .deb, .tag.gz and the .rpm). Several contact attempts have yielded nothing whatsoever.

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        • George Burdell says:

          I’ve had issues with the HiB links lately too, but I think it’s because they’re having trouble handling the upload traffic from the latest bundle. If you use the BitTorrent links instead (next to “Choose download type” on the download page), it seems to work.

          The HiB DoD Linux version is still 1.0.7, though. Could we possibly get a confirmation that 1.0.8 has been sent to the HiB, so we know to nag them instead of the Gaslamp guys?

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          • riloh says:

            Just spoke to a humble rep – as of 3:40pm PST on 12/16/11, they have NOT received a functional version of 1.0.8 from Gaslamp. Once they do, they will NOT be sending out notification emails. You will need to check your download page occasionally to figure out when it’s finally up.

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          • AstralWanderer says:

            I’d just like to add my request for an update on the HumbleBundle release – has 1.08 definitely been passed on to them?

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  4. ALex says:

    i think their is another bug…. everytime i open the door their will be a pink diggles that keep killing me oneshot…

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  5. Bob Barker says:

    The new Crafting System tells you the names of ingredients needed to make things if you mouse over them, but it does not tell you the final product name, or any stats on it. It makes crafting sort of frustrating, since I can’t compare stats on a sword to see if I already have better.

    An example would be if I’m crafting an omelet. It tells me that I need four Diggle eggs for the omelet, but it doesn’t tell me that the omelet is in fact an omelet, or how much health regen it grants.

    Was this intended, or is it a bug?

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  6. AuthorX says:

    With updates (and accompanying art) like this, I can’t see how anyone can stay mad at you guys.

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  7. Ted says:

    It keeps crashing when I click the wand crafting orb in the crafting view. I’m on Windows through Steam.

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  8. Geneti says:

    Those pink scorpion diggles caused by far the most ridiculously unexpected death i have had so far.

    Seriously, they’re both hilarious and terrifying.

    Oh, and cute.

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  9. Bakanethe says:

    Oh man, will someone post a video of these pink scorpion diggles? Sounds like a hilarious anti-piracy scheme gone wrong. XD

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  10. HarpoonSeal says:

    I didn’t see a forum or anything for bug reports, so I guess I’ll post here.

    In addition to the casters (octo, pumpkin, and witchy) not actively moving toward me, they’re also moving diagonal occasionally. Like, in one move, not the usual two.

    Also, the resistances from the new item slots don’t appear after loading a saved game unless I remove and re-equip the items. I didn’t check to see if they were still in effect, though.

    Third-ish, crafted weapons stack, at least the basic iron axes do.

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  11. Axel says:

    Was it intentional to move Lucky Pick back to the start of the Burglary line? Just curious, since much ado was made of its being pushed to the end.

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  12. clef says:

    What’s the use of the colorblind mode? I suffer from color blindness but I don’t see a place in the game where colors play an important role. (Except I guess in differentiating between the similar looking beverages/foods)

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    • Axel says:

      The major difference I could see was that the highlighting of tiles and enemies is blue instead of red. For red-green colourblindness I’m guessing that makes the highlight easier to see on, say, a green blobby standing on a puddle of acid.

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    • Vykk Draygo says:

      The red outline can be very difficult to see, especially on levels with brown/green floors. The blue outline is great. It’s a feature I very much appreciate.

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  13. WhydidIbuyamacguy says:

    Praise be to krong! I can now launch the game, however whenever I start a character the game immediately crashes. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    • Mmhmm says:

      I am. This is super frustrating.

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    • Have you tried reinstalling the game through Steam? There was a bunch of funny-business involved in getting the DLC hooked up through their system, everyone having issues has reported that reinstalling and giving it a bit of time to kick in has resolved their issues so far.

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      • Mmhmm says:

        Uh huh, I tried that; it didn’t work. From what I can tell, most of the people having this problem are on OSX 10.5.8.

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      • WhydidIbuyamacguy says:

        I tried reinstalling it, and it didn’t work. I think my problem is related to the Mac os version 10.5.8. Are you aware of this/trying to fix it?

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  14. Mack says:

    Awww did I miss the Giant Pink Scorpion Diggles? I was looking forward to meet one of them at my Mac OS game!

    Thanks for the great work guys!

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  15. Stephen says:

    The game is crashing every time I try to use the alchemy box in the tutorial, and every time I finish naming my character and choosing the gender, when I click done it crashes as well.
    I’m playing on Mac OS 10.5.8

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  16. Sooty says:

    Dammit is the pink scorpion only for pirates? Now I have to pirate this game too >_<

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  17. Jukka says:

    EDIT, EDIT, EDIT: OS X users no longer crash.

    Made me LOL. 🙂

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  18. Torafu says:

    If 1.0.8, and at least (?) two (?) hot-fixes are already up in Steam, then why does Steam insist that the latest version is 1.0.6? ( http://store.steampowered.com/news/?feed=steam_updates&appids=98800 )

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  19. Kethrian says:

    the n-dimensional lathe still has no recipes or value. If you open it to look at the recipes, then click any of the navigation buttons, it will crash to desktop. I don’t have the wand skill, if that helps.

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  20. Matt says:

    Yes, please post the changelog to the game’s Steam News page!

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  21. Kethrian says:

    Another bug: if you have a full inventory and get the five-finger discount, it does not put the item on the ground. It vanishes instead.

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  22. Wouter says:

    Thanks to de devs for bringing my rogue memories back with a very amusing *and* playable game.

    I bought it via the humble bundle, but it is very crash sensitive on linux (ubuntu), especially on my Lenovo laptop. On the laptop it is practically unplayable (segfault every 10 mins or so), especially because the autosave is so infrequent. Scouting a dungeon is fun. Scouting the same dungeon again, not so much.

    Where can I download the patch? I checked the humble site but could only redownload the original, with 1.0.7 in the filename.



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  23. Rachel says:

    Nope. Still crashing as soon as I get ready to enter the dungeon on a new game.
    Unless that’s a pink scorpion diggle…

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  24. Bambalam says:

    Thanks for the mute buttons, now add visual cues from when your health is low. I can’t hear “your health is low” and “it’s cool to regain health” while muted.

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  25. faermi says:

    Mmm… Guys, are you aware of this nerf? –> In the character window, when you hover the mouse over the different items, the “detection boxes” are a bit off with respect to the actual boxes containing the items. I know the explanation is not very good, but what I mean is that if you hover the mouse over a ring, you get the description of the shield, so you have to go below and to the right of the ring box to see the description of the ring. It only seems to happen with the descriptions; when you click on the boxes the right item is chosen.

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    • mctavish says:

      Yeah, this has been bugging me a bit since the Pants Patch. The tooltip-map for the character equipment menu seems to have not been updated to include the extra slots, or else is just borken. :p

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      Known error. Problem is in the definition of the slot tooltips only when using the 2x UI option. Is noted and on todo list.

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  26. wsensor says:

    Umm. Think I found another skill bug? Or possibly a levelup bug…

    I used an acid bolt and it killed 2or3 monsters the levelup screen popped up I clicked throwing mastery skill next to last skill.
    After a 2nd level up window popped up (no reason at all as I did not actually level up and it gave me an extra point I figured I might as well use it) and when I used the point on the last skill of throwing mastery it crashed.

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  27. Knallis says:

    So when is the bug fixing patch going up again? Today (14) ? Or is it getting delayed due to the steam server crashes that have been going on all day?

    As of now, I’m still getting the n-dimensional lathe problems, and I keep reading about how lucky pick is now the last skill for burglary?! But when I first read that, I wanted to see for myself, but my character, made yesterday, has lucky pick as skill number 2, just after the vending robbery skill.

    Was that changed or was the lucky pick being the last skill a bug to begin with?

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  28. Daxmort says:

    The DLC just went up on Steam. Just bought it, giving it a go. Started the game (and made a new save file) and didn’t see any of the new skills there, but guessing that’s ’cause it needs to..er..do something to find them first.

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    • Daxmort says:

      Nevermind. Only just now had the insight to check your Twitter feed. All caught up now, herp de derp.

      Also, has anyone at all got a video or image of the Giant Pink Scorpion Diggle? It sounds like the best thing ever.

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  29. Daniel says:

    I still can’t find the Desura or HiB updates, still 1.6
    Steam is up which is nice but I had hoped to be able to play it in Linux without the sad crashing it was doing.
    Has it gone up and I’m somehow unable to get it? Were the updates only for the windows version?

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    • We’re in the process of sorting out our submission system for Desura and the Humble Bundle. (This is slightly conflicting with my thesis defense this week, and with the fact that both Desura and Steam are running major promotions.)

      Hang in there; we’ll get it sorted. Thanks for your patience.

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      • Daniel says:

        Cool. I just saw posts suggesting update was nearly done, and then done. I’m still pretty thrilled a Linux version exists at all, updated is just a bonus.
        Good luck with the thesis.

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  30. Grant says:

    Played with the hotfix all last night, but no joy on the crafting menu crashes…still had lots of them, although ALL of them were related to the Ingot Press.

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  31. Maurício Gardini says:

    Mac OS user here.

    Now the game loads but, when I try to load a save, it crashes.

    Is it a known issue, or it should be fixed (for me, I mean) by now?

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    • Maurício Gardini says:

      Just some more information: I can play a new game normally, I just can’t load an old game (By saying “old” I mean “pre-Steam’s new version crash”).

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    • Zerobot says:

      I am in a similar, yet more horrible boat. I can neither load previous games nor create new ones. I get all the way to screen where one selects a gender and names it.

      And then *bink*.

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  32. Sam says:

    Any update on the fix? I’m on steam and I just created a new character with burglary. Second vending machine in the first room it crashes. Also, how do I find out which update/version I’m on with steam? I can’t see the info anywhere.

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  33. faermi says:


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  34. rory says:

    OSX version still crashes often on the crafting screen.

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    • Justin says:

      Yep, definitely still crashing on the crafting screen in OSX… No update seems to be coming from Steam, so maybe I should kick it a bit.

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      • Joe says:

        Same here. I just got the game and the expansion tonight as a gift, and trying to craft in both the Alchemy and Tinkering tutorials causes the game to crash. (OSX 10.6.8, through Steam)

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  35. Adam Atkinson says:

    just got update on desura (linux). deadshot is still
    there – I thought it was being removed. or is
    that just diggle gods?

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  36. Joe says:

    Now that everything has updated again, the game crashes when I try to load a saved game. (OSX 10.6.8)

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