On the Arcane Devilry of the Linux Port

As we noted in the previous blog update, we now have Linux binaries. In fact, we snuck them into the Steam distribution, so that those of you who bought the game from us on Steam can install it and run it natively on Linux. The port is done! It’s up to date. The distribution methods, though, are a bit arcane… so pay attention! There will be a quiz.

There will be two – at least! – separate channels for purchasing a Linux build of Dungeons of Dredmor that do not require fiddling about with WINE. This option is only suggested if you bought the game on Steam for Windows, and want to run it under Linux. If you have *not* purchased the game, we recommend you wait until we have a better distributor for your needs. That said, the following is a crash course in how to build it.

1. Install WINE. Install Steam under WINE. Install Dredmor, from Steam, under WINE.

2. Find where Steam has hidden Dredmor on your computer. In general, it will be somewhere like Steam/steamapps/common/Dungeons of Dredmor

3. Copy all that stuff out onto your Linux box in the location of your choice.

4. From that directory, run chmod +x Dredmor* {amd64,x86}/*

5. Run Dredmor.

6. Note that Diggles are not like penguins, and will not give you free software and/or herring. In fact, they want to kill you.

Linux is still somewhat in beta, as it hasn’t gotten much testing. Please let us know how it goes.

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31 Responses to “On the Arcane Devilry of the Linux Port”

  1. I’m delighted that the linux port as finally arrived, and I love your game. But how do I set the screen resolution when executing from the command line? The window doesn’t fit on my screen at the default size?

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  2. Ooops, right in the launcher. Sorry!

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  3. Torben says:

    Thank you so much, the Linux version runs fine under Fedora 16 Beta.

    Pretty fair that you made it availiable to people who already bought the Windows version from Steam. I think I will buy the Linux port anyway to honor that attitude.

    Now, please give all your love to balancing, balancing and balancing.

    Oh… and please give us some way to get the pets out of our way. Maybe you could tweak their pathfinding algorithm (don’t stand still if the plyer does, move back and forth instead) or just add some way to push them aside.

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  4. mighty says:

    Another display resolution problem:
    I have an NVIDIA TwinView setup which configures my two screens for a resolution of 3280×1200. But I can only choose that resolution and not a smaller one in the launcher. Is there a config file I can use to set the resolution?

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  5. ubuntu gamer says:

    I will be waiting for a proper distribution for Linux … hope it won’t take too much time.

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  6. another ubuntu gamer says:

    Yeah, I second that. I’m seriously considering to buy it but really can’t be bothered to install steam and fool around with wine just to get the native bins.

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  7. BartK says:

    Just a heads up: The instructions say to do ‘chmod -x’, and I believe it needs to be ‘chmod +x’, since you’re adding the executable permission as opposed to removing it.

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  8. GauntletWizard says:

    As a linux user and Steam Afficianado, this is awesome. I already have my steam client mapped to my linux drive, so there’s almost zero work for me.

    Unfortunately, I’ve already bought your game, so the only way I have to reward you is to buy it for friends. They’ll have to put up with being sent steam gifts, I’m afraid.

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  9. James C says:

    Hello. I will be awaiting a proper Linux outlet as well. Desura would be perfect, but their Linux client is not quite ironed out yet. I have no interest in installing Steam as their support for Linux is non-existent.

    Thanks for your hard work!

    – James

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  10. Charles says:

    Thank you for releasing the Linux port, that’s the only thing I’ve been waiting on since I first read about Dungeons of Dredmor. Game purchased, just finished the tutorials. Running perfectly so far.

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  11. Zarius says:

    Would love to see this game on Desura. I’ve been using the Desura Linux client for a week now with very few problems at all (have tested with about 30 games so far).

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  12. BladePHF says:

    *notices the post title*

    You guys are thousand-fold awesome, you know that? XD *goes to tell linux-using friend to finally get the game*

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  13. Jack Miller says:

    Hey guys. Great work. I was playing on Arch Linux 64-bit and all was going well until it crashed with an assertion failure:

    Dredmor-amd64: /home/nvining/dredmor/monster.cpp:2231: virtual void Monster::TeleportTo(int, int, Level*, BOOL): Assertion `0 && “moved onto player square”‘ failed.
    zsh: abort ./Dredmor-amd64

    I was level 2, barely getting started. Tangentially, is there a better place to report such bugs?

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  14. Ryan says:

    I would name my first child Dredmor if this game eventually made its way to the Android Market. Playing this on my tablet would be amazing!

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  15. LordFu says:

    This is great! No issues, here.

    CrunchBang Statler, typical low-end netbook (Atom 270 / GMA 945).

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  16. Savior says:

    I’ve downloaded the game from with the Humble Introversion Bundle. Unfortunately, it keeps crashing left and right. 🙁 Ubuntu 11.10 here.

    When I ran the Dredmore-x86 executable, the backtrace told me this:
    #0 0x081999a9 in PHYSFS_fileLength ()
    #1 0x0818fd9f in LoadTweakVals() ()
    #2 0x080e2dc7 in main ()

    I could not get a core file for Dredmore, but I’d gladly do it you told me how. I could not play the game for five minutes, and I’ve tried at least three times…

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  17. Susan says:

    Hi, I am unable to launch the Linux binary included in steam. I followed the instructions, and copied the dredmor game folder out of steam, chmod’d and ran, nothing happened.
    Double checked executable status had taken-fine there.
    So I ran it from Terminal:

    “Dredmor: Installed in ‘.’.
    Dredmor: Using amd64 version.
    dungeons of dredmor: version 1.0.6
    argv[i]: ./Dredmor-amd64
    SDL version 1.2.14
    just before XML_Parse
    just after XML_Parse
    Segmentation fault”

    Running Kubuntu 11.04.
    How do I fix this?
    (Oh, and is there any word on Desura versions for Steam buyers yet?)

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    • Light says:

      I’m also have problems. I’ve downloaded the game from with the Humble Introversion Bundle, and have different issues with launching Dredmor. Sometimes I successful run tutorial, but it crashes after some minutes:
      deleting a splat
      deleting a splat
      loading blocker: dungeon/bars_iron_ew.png
      XXX sprites/monster/diggle/diggle_run_l.spr sprites/monster/diggle/diggle_run_l.spr
      Segmentation fault

      And sometimes I cannot to run the game at all:
      Keybinding: installing default
      … DONE!
      just before XML_Parse
      just after XML_Parse
      ./Dredmor-x86: symbol lookup error: ./Dredmor-x86: undefined symbol: Mix_Init

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      • Argus says:

        Crashes for me in Ubuntu 10.4 all the time. Sometimes starts and plays a bit, inevitably a segmentation fault.

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      • Michael says:

        I had the same error. The problem is an older version of SDL on your system that doesn’t support all the functions DoD uses.
        Luckily, DoD comes with the needed libraries included. To run the game (if your distribution does not have the sudo command, log in as root and leave the ‘sudo’ out):

        1. Go to /usr/lib/ and backup your SDL-libs:

        cd /usr/lib/
        sudo cp libSDL* ~/SDL-backup/

        2. Now just copy all the files from dungeons of dredmor/x86 or amd64 (depending on your architecture) to /usr/lib:

        cd (your DoD folder)/x86/
        cd (your DoD folder)/amd64/
        sudo cp libSDL* /usr/lib/

        Of course the better solution would be a newer SDL version in the official distribution repositories or a ppa.
        Now you can run the game natively. Runs like a charm on my netbook.

        Thank you, Gaslamp Games, for a wonderful multiplatform game!

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  18. George Burdell says:

    Another Ubuntu user here: Ubuntu 11.04, running Dredmor v1.0.7-1, installed from the .deb. Great to see a game that works fine – at least initially – in linux! The first level of the dungeon is fine, but I suffer sporadic crashes on the second level, and I have yet to be able to get to the third level without it crashing while it’s loading.

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  19. Groundwalker says:

    A little late to this, but just wanted to point out that having recently started using Ubuntu on my laptop (still using Windows on my desktop) this removed the one reason I’ve had for not buying the latest expansion since now I once again have a reason to play this game. 😀

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  20. Super Effective says:

    When I try to launch ./Dredmor I get this

    Dredmor: Installed in ‘.’.
    Dredmor: Using x86 version.
    No protocol specified
    xcb_connection_has_error() returned true
    dungeons of dredmor: version 1.1.2
    argv[i]: ./Dredmor-x86
    No protocol specified
    No protocol specified
    No protocol specified
    No protocol specified
    No protocol specified
    xcb_connection_has_error() returned true
    SDL version 1.2.15
    No protocol specified
    xcb_connection_has_error() returned true
    AL_VENDOR: OpenAL Community
    AL_RENDERER: OpenAL Soft
    AL_VERSION: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.10.622
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    Could somebody please tell me how to fix this?

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