Patch 1.0.6 Changelist

… I swear, when I started working on Dredmor I had more hair on the top of my head. Time to go get the razor.

In happier, hairier news: Patch 1.0.6 is coming down the hopper. Our entire motivation for Patch 1.0.6 is to ensure that, when we release the Linux version, we can simultaneously release Windows and OS X versions that have the same set of gameplay changes and new items… so patch 1.0.6 is not as large as patch 1.0.5. It is also not as large as 1.0.5 because, well, we’ve mainly been working on the Linux port and new distribution stuff. We hope to have a *huge* slate of announcements within the next week or so about where you will be able to buy Dredmor; Chris Dykstra, our Director of Business Developmentation, has been working the phones so that we can distribute for you so hard, so bad, so smooth, that you’re never going to want to buy games from anybody else, ever again.

Nonetheless, here is your changelog:

  • FIXED: Map zoom is now saved between gameplay sessions
  • FIXED: a broken room defintion that would always lead to a gargoyle trap spawning behind a food dispenser.
  • FIXED: Items held in the player’s hand are no longer lost on save/load.
  • FIXED: Rod charging no longer prevents priming items after use.
  • FIXED: The game now realizes that you are in a shop after you load the game… and are in a shop.
  • FIXED: Food vending machines now have correct tooltips.
  • FIXED: Items from the ground can no longer be used as active skills.
  • FIXED: Overridden equipment during the start of the character creation process will give you permanent Mystery Bonuses.
  • FIXED: Monsters will now check to make sure the player isn’t standing on a corpse before they bring it back to life.
  • FIXED: After you steal things from Brax, you can now use them as items.
  • FIXED: The DIGEST button will now halt if you see an enemy or get attacked by one.
  • FIXED: Uberchest lock state no longer resets after save and load.
  • FIXED: Blink Batties now Blink. (So does Lord D.)
  • FIXED: Various broken Steam achievements (Monsters with Omelettes, The Critic, anything else with a counter)
  • FIXED: digging ray crash.
  • FIXED: misaligned close button in Quest window.
  • FIXED: Unarmed damage bonuses are no longer applied to range attacks, or thrown attacks.
  • FIXED: Unskilled weapon wielding penalties no longer affect thrown, or crossbow, attacks.
  • FIXED: Vandalized Dredmor Statues now save their obstruction state correctly.
  • FIXED: WASD now breaks statues, lets you run into some other things and use them
  • GAMEPLAY: The resistance statistic now gives you a roll to block corruption attacks.
  • GAMEPLAY: Mace and Axe skill trees have been revamped and enhanced.
  • GAMEPLAY: Lord Dredmor can no longer be stunned or charmed.
  • GAMEPLAY: Reworked Necronomiconomics.
  • GAMEPLAY: Smithing is now a Warrior archetype.
  • GAMEPLAY: Sneakiness has a -20 modifier.
  • GAMEPLAY: Elemental Weapons now have some Elemental Resistances. Or something.
  • GAMEPLAY: Added a bunch more items, including a keytar.
  • GAMEPLAY: Some crafts are now unhidden by default.
  • GAMEPLAY: Added the Mosolov Cocktail! Don’t drink it all at once.
  • GAMEPLAY: The 2X bottom bar is now implemented. We’ll do the rest next patch.
  • COSMETIC: Monster spellcasting now shows up on the text ticker.
  • COSMETIC: More minimap icons!
  • INTERNAL: Hidden Fun Stuff to make it so we can turn on the mod support without breaking everybody’s save games. (That said, we have to put it in the patch before the mod support so that… well, so that it doesn’t break everybody’s save games.)
  • INTERNAL: Hidden Fun Stuff, related to the Other Hidden Fun Stuff.
  • LINUX: You can haz it.

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20 Responses to “Patch 1.0.6 Changelist”

  1. mr.ioes says:

    “FIXED: Uberchest lock state no longer resets after save and load.”

    I have to stop reading and say: THANKS!

    { reply }
  2. Itchy Diggle says:

    No auto-rest function, or at least continual rest on holding down space bar? ‘Digest’ is not a reasonable substitute–many Dredmor skill builds feel honestly unplayable for me unless changed, as stated here:

    “1.0.4 or 1.0.5”, tsk tsk. I have several permadeath, rogue difficulty mid-game character save-games that I can’t stand to play because I’ve eaten every single accessible piece of food, have no other options for healing, and going old-school NES manual-turbo-button style on my spacebar is both obnoxious and unfun. Please make these builds fun again.

    { reply }
    • We’re still trying to get it right without actually having spacebar spamming, because – well, amongst other things, we think we ought to do things that aren’t what every game does. It is possible that the food ratio still needs to be higher.

      Which builds, out of curiousity? It’s also possible that those builds are too asymmetric. Also, from what version of the game? We bumped the counter from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 for food, so if you go downstairs you can probably get more nourishing vittles.

      { reply }
      • Itchy Diggle says:

        The trend for my present stymied save games seems to be high-damage melee-oriented builds without a skill tree that provides a healing mechanic, for example, axes-dual wield-berserk-dodging-pyromancy-assassination-smithing is one from the list. I’m playing 1.0.5, always on rogue-permadeath, and usually start to have this problem around dungeon level 5-6.

        Regarding asymmetry (and speaking as a seasoned rouge-like vet of scum-free ascension in both nethack and dungeon crawl), one delicious trait of any finely-tuned rogue-like -should- be the viability of it’s many builds (as is evidenced by the option for masochistic gamers to elect random starting skills). There’s no reason the above build wasn’t working–kills were fast enough to keep up with the repawn clocks when properly applying tricks and consumables to minimize health loss–but in order to heal to a safe margin between the higher-risk (high damage but low defense) melee encounters, I eventually exhaust the food supply and have to rely on the passive healing mechanic to avoid running suicidally head-first in to what could be a monster zoo with 1/5th of total health–we’re talking item-swapping and the whole bit. Why else have items with a regeneration delay reduction modifier if not for the exceptional cases that it can mean the difference between success and failure? With higher food counters, it might solve this extreme case issue, but could render a vampiric-psionicist unduly glutted on lutefisk or Brax fodder. Have you tried play-testing with a rest function that stops automatically on events HP full, MP full, monster visable, and x number of turns passed?

        All that said, the reply is appreciated and I still applaud the colorful spin on an old, under-loved genre. I also completely respect the desire to “do things that aren’t what every game does”, though I suspect that the hero’s eyebrows alone do well enough to represent that…

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  3. Jonathan says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for continuing to pump out great patches! I look forward to it and also the idea of modding :]

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  4. MrStone says:

    So, still no fix for the insta-movement bug? The one where double clicking on a square to move (or clicking on a square and simultaneously using WASD to move) allows you to have a free movement that does not progress ‘time’ in the game?

    I know, I can simply restrain myself from cheating like this, but if we’re going to have leaderboards that mean sometime this kind of exploit needs to be squashed, squashed I tell you!

    BTW, any chance of fixing knit flesh or otherwise reworking fleshmancy a bit?

    Regardless, good job with all the fixes that are already in!

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      I’ll let Nicholas answer anything to do with input code. I’m sure it’s a glorious awful mess.

      Regarding Knit Flesh & Fleshsmithing in general: There should be some healing occuring based on magic power now. Pumped up Corpus Burst quite a bit and gave it a poison gas effect. Made Miasma a bit stronger (and I was thinking about having to give a poison debuff but I forget if I actually did that part yet).

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  5. Nikita says:

    Linux port! I love you guys. I’m so going to buy it again out of excitement.:D What distribution system did you decide to use?

    { reply }
  6. Dylan says:

    Anything on fixing the massive lag that the last patch caused on OSX or the lack of fullscreen option? Game has been basically unplayable for weeks.

    { reply }
    • AdminDaniel Jacobsen says:

      One of the big pushes that will come post 106 will be some time spent on optimization. Nick and I were just discussing this today, don’t worry, it’s coming, probably the first thing we work on after 106.

      { reply }
  7. Knozz says:

    Reworked Necronomiconomics. I think some skill are too good. I have done the rogue/perma with this skill. Getting a high necro resistance you can get through all the game. Starting with a little pet to aid your way early. Specially the second skill was really my single spell for a long time since it doesn’t remove Hp even without necro resistance. Once you have the necro resistance and a good mana ratio you dont need to even bother with the other skill tree.

    Hope you dont break this tree skill ! i think it’s the MOST awesome one.

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  8. CJSimmons says:

    Is 1.0.6 actually out? I tried updating DoD (took all afternoon…) and it’s still 1.0.5.

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  9. tcjsavannah says:

    Is there any update on the broken Monster Zoo counter? Anytime you reload a game, move up or down a level, etc. – that Zoo counter never updates or gets totally blanked, forcing you to clear the Zoo pretty much right when you encounter it to get the reward.

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  10. Dylan says:

    Thanks. The quicker the better. Its a great game and its been a drag not to be able to play it.

    { reply }
  11. IDeclareJack says:

    A Keytar as a weapon? Dredmor just went up in value!

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