Gaslamp Interview on QubeTubers – Live!

We’re streaming a live-play with Gaslamp interview and commentary on QubeTubers right now. Well. In a minute or three. Edit: Or more like 30 mintues, at 1pm PST. We’re not good on the time zone conversion.

And we’re on!

Go here to watch and listen:

Will update this post with more relevance, archived links, etc when those happen. I should get back to setting up now.

Edit: And we’re off. As of like two hours ago.

But they’re going on for what looks like another 45 minutes (as of 4:15pm PST), and check out the Qubetubers work general, they’ve been doing some very good stuff for indie games and charity and general silliness. We had lots of fun rambling and not really answering questions during our interview and look forward to doing more interviews in the future. Thanks to the Qubetubers for a good time all around!

Another edit [which was edited again]:

You can watch the recorded video of Dredmor gameplay w/ audio interview overtop via this link to the youtube posting. We kinda pick up right in the middle of the action but it makes as much sense as it can. Eventually.

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10 Responses to “Gaslamp Interview on QubeTubers – Live!”

  1. Syntria [QubeTubers] says:

    Hey! We’ll try to have the interview on youtube in a few days and I’ll be sure to tweet it to you guys 😀

    We had soooo much fun and you know what? Seems like I’m going to be streaming this game until I can get to floor 3 :3

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  2. Ariadne says:

    Hey guys! I absolutely loved your interview!!! I am now your #1 fangirl!!! P:

    You should come by more often when you have the chance, even if it’s just to watch and chat, i promise it’s not that hectic on a normal day xDDD

    Looking forward to more updates and another glimpse at your awesomeness,

    Ariadne, fangirl <3

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  3. Skafsgaard says:

    So I guess I missed this?
    In the future, can you post any times in UTC or GMT, please?
    Thanks 🙂

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  4. Axebane says:

    Thanks again for joining us for the interview. I had a blast hanging out with you guys! You all deserve lots of recognition and success for releasing such an addictive and enjoyable game for such a low price. I cannot wait to see what your next game will be, and I’ll be following your blog and twitter closely. =3

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  5. Syntria [QubeTubers] says:

    Relink to this for the recording

    The recordings on LiveStream don’t stay for long. 🙂

    Yeah, sorry for the derpy start.

    I’m so very proud we had you guys in the event, and I think it was perhaps the funniest stream we had!

    We wish you the best of luck with your game, and we will continue to feature it on our site and get our friends on YouTube to play it in order to help boost your fanbase. You guys deserve all the attention you get and 100x more.


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  6. ben says:

    Patch progress?

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      It’d probably be worthwhile to do a post on that.

      In short, Nicholas is still moving and Gaslamp doesn’t have any money yet (soon, soon). I still need to do freelance work and Daniel needs to work a Real Job to pay rent. August is a horribly busy month for us for all sorts of non-Dredmor things, but once Nicholas gets settled into his new place and hooked up to the net, things should get cooking.

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  7. icantsave says:

    Where can we log bugs with Dungeons of Dredmor? The game locks up completely if I try to save, and even with completely uninstalling Dungeons of Dredmor and Steam, and deleting the directories completely and then reinstalling this morning (8/11/11), I have the exact same issue. I even try saving right as I get in the dungeon, or anywhere with the same result.

    My laptop is attached to a domain. Could we please have the ability to change the save location to somewhere like c:\program files\steam\dungeons of dredmor or just c:\savegames? I can’t find a way to do this, and hope that maybe this would help fix my problem.

    Please help, I’m so frustrated that I can’t play the game with saves and very frustrated that there is nowhere to submit bug requests. I tried going to the steam forums, but my user account hasn’t been approved after a few days, and I don’t even know if that’s the right place.

    Please help!
    David Hamilton

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    • AdminDerek Bonner says:


      The best place right now to submit bug requests is the Google doc spread sheet that some members of our community started.

      You can also visit our forums (see link on right) and create a new post under the bugs category.

      You can also contact us via-email at the address the sidebar (contact (at) )

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    • (Okay. Finally found my forum password on my portable dev station, which really means “jankety-ass laptop”):

      If Dredmor is crashing while saving, then it sounds like you might be right and that Dredmor isn’t happy with where it’s trying to save save games in a directory where it’s not allowed to save to. By default, Dredmor will attempt to save to My Documents/Gaslamp Games/Dungeons of Dredmor on Windows XP (or thereabouts) or Users\Foo\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor on Windows 7 (or thereabouts.) The actual path is given to us by a Microsoft API call, so if it’s screwing up… then really, this is Microsoft’s bug. (or a problem with your domain registration for the laptop.)

      Let me try to figure out how in the world to fix this. We can’t just write in the config file where to put the save games, because we put the config file in the same directory. Incidentally, is the config file showing up in that folder? (Are you creating characters with any non-alphanumeric characters in their name? That’s another known crasher.)

      — N.

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