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Hi, folks!

We’re still grinding away on the next patch; this is slightly complicated by the fact that I am moving on Sunday, so my apartment furniture consists of nothing but my desk, chair, and a never-ending sea of boxes. There are two practical sides to this, however. The first is that I will be in the same city as David, which can only increase The Madness. Gaslamp will have shared offices again! David may yet drink decent coffee, if I have anything to do with it! And so forth. The second consequence is that I was originally slated to begin a Ph.D in Computer Science as of September; this has now been pushed back to January 2012 so we can wrestle the madness a little bit more, and ensure that Gaslamp is well set up to work on the next thing. (Who knows if I make it there in January, either. At the rate things are going, all bets are off. Dredmor may have spelled the end of my academic career… or not. Who knows. It worked for Jeff Vogel…)

That said: our planned next revision hums along at a good pace. My working notes on the things that have actually been fixed are below: subtract these from the most recent list we put up to get an approximate idea of the amount of work is remaining. I’m considering splitting this into smaller patches, so we can get this out sooner rather than later; at the same time, I want to make sure that we … well, for a lack of a better term, that we get everybody’s pet issues. πŸ™‚ If you want to participate in our Exciting Dredmor Blooper Beta Bonus Round, send us an e-mail to (really) and tell us why you want to be one of our Exciting Patch Testers. Preference will be given to those who participated in the beta, to those who have been active in the community with assembling bug reports and tracking things, and to those with existing QA experience.

Okay. List of things we’ve done so far… is below.


– FIXED: Game not correctly processing some right clicking mouse clicks.
– FIXED: Lag due to blood splatters.
– FIXED: Dual wielding was not working, in particular the last skill.
– FIXED: Shield bearer skills were not correctly granting passive attributes.
– FIXED: A number of screwed up achievements.
– FIXED: Warrior health (and other things) were not being calculated correctly.
– FIXED: Item duplication bug when hitting “0”
– FIXED: incorrect item values for Cybertronic Amulet
– FIXED: incorrect item values for Dark Orb
– FIXED: being able to save and quit the game after your death
– FIXED: nightmare curse not actually putting monsters to sleep (or correctly triggering the DOT)
– FIXED: SHIFT-Click mode, when turned on, doesn’t correctly handle SHIFT-Clicking as regular clicking.
– FIXED: unliving walls do not become permanent blockers after saving and re-loading the game
– FIXED: stacked necronomiconomics penalties prevent the player from disabling his other buffs
– FIXED: right-clicking, off turn, causes left-clicking behaviours.
– FIXED: infinitely long Diggle health bars
– FIXED: monsters not dying when affected by buffs that reduce their HP (acid burn, etc.)
– FIXED: the Jingly Jangly Staff of Crystals now requires alchemy instead of smithing.
– FIXED: monsters who are stunned or asleep can no longer dodge, block, or counter-attack.
– FIXED: blank pedestal spawning in the Tomb of the Unknown Hero
– FIXED: some items becoming stackable after you put them in crafting tools.
– FIXED: potion stacking stops working after you save, reload, and put it in a craft tool.
– FIXED: vampirism causing haywire (or crit buffs); normal spellcasting NOT haywiring
– FIXED: bad text in wand, potions tutorials
– FIXED: KRONG text no longer mentions crafting skill
– FIXED: starting part of Monster Zoo music wasn’t playing
– FIXED: This Translation Is All Wrong! wasn’t clearing damage effects on weapons, causing massive damage stacks
– FIXED: a number of spells were not correctly applying blasting damage (Thor’s Fulminaric Bolt, for instance.)
– FIXED: lockpicks now auto-loot. (Always.)
– FIXED: Vampires are no longer told to “eat food to regain health.” (Now they must dreeenk blaht.)
– FIXED: double “bad weapon” penalties.
– FIXED: a bunch of monster inheritance issues.
– FIXED: crash on fullscreen with OS X 10.7
– NERF: Using a wand now disables invisibility effects.
– NERF: The Obvious Fireball has been Nerfed more obviously than the last un-obvious Nerf.
– NERF: This Translation Is All Wrong! now enacts a Terrible Price. Also, we got to make another Marcus Brody joke.
– Monsters have an expanded vocabulary.
– The Bony Wand is now not quite as awful.
– Lord Dredmor is now nastier.
– Added craftable thrown weapons.
– Added slightly more informative vending machine tooltips.
– Game renders all text using UTF-8 internally, for the Japanese Translation teams. (Ganbatte!)
– Upped Pyrokinesis damage.
– Made acid traps marginally less deadly.
– Added some magic resistance to a skill line. We don’t remember which one, you’ll have to figure it out.
– Fixed zorkmid scaling drop rate.
– Changed graveyard text so people no longer think their scores are negative.
– Weapon and armour stats have been given some more love.
– Elven Ingot Grinder is now affected by alchemy, not smithing or tinkering
– Alchemists now start with an Ingot Grinder, giving them more rubbish than any other class.
– Heavy armour now reduces piercing damage (and thus might actually be useful.)
– Heavy armour now also reduces your nimbleness.
– Added a new annoyance to Floor 10.

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70 Responses to “Patch Status”

  1. Patashu says:


    99% of these fixes will improve the game.

    { reply }
  2. Patch says:

    Looks absolutely superb. Cannot wait! ^^

    { reply }
  3. Frost says:

    Great news!

    But i have a question. All these fixes will be available immediately, or we must start new game with new character?

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      It should all work with old saves. It’s like how the Cheating Cones had all their superpowers removed from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3.

      { reply }
  4. stress says:

    Loving the piercing resists on heavy armor since I’m a big time blacksmith and usually always have it.

    { reply }
  5. rorona says:

    Hope this patch can fix this store BUG.

    This BUG is ruining game right now.

    { reply }
  6. GhostLyrics says:

    May I suggest tooltips for the auto-pickup? Or basically a mean that suggest you not only have to choose item classes for auto-pickup but also ‘hit the switch’?

    { reply }
  7. DOD Runner 667 says:

    What about the stacking bug? Where items will stack at random times or not at all.

    Everything should just stack to 20 and should always stack and not be random.

    We really need a way break stacks apart easily as well.

    { reply }
  8. Viller says:

    Looks good! can’t wait

    Could we also get the unarmed skill to prevent you from taking damage when kicking down a door? Kicking down enemies doesn’t hurt but kicking down a door does? πŸ™‚

    { reply }
  9. kanthall says:

    hello. I’m Paul, from Poland. I and my team are working of game tranlation into Polish. Can U add some simple tweaks to game or tranlator program to do our work more effectivness? πŸ™‚ We will be glad if U do it. Also support for Polish letters like “Δ…”, “Δ™”, “Ε‚” etc. will be good future ingame.
    BTW thanks for patch.

    { reply }
    • AdminDaniel Jacobsen says:

      The new support for unicode *should* make this doable, but you will probably also need to replace the TTF file with one that has those characters mapped.

      If after this patch there are still insurmountable obstacles, let us know. We really want to give you guys the tools you need to localize the game.

      { reply }
      • kanthall says:

        I’m glad to hear this πŸ™‚ Thanks for the best dev support ever seen. I lovo U guys πŸ˜› We’re waiting for patch.

        { reply }
  10. kent_shaw says:

    Good to hear.

    May I know when will it be released? That matters.

    { reply }
  11. rmuk says:

    Good stuff, a lot of nice fixes in there!

    Don’t know if this is a known issue or just a 1 off – but when I was playing earlier, I was killed by a Sickly Diggle which attacked me about 20 times in the space of 1 turn. No idea what provoked it >.>

    Also, I’d love a tooltip feature to show your currently equipped item vs. whatever inventory item you hover the mouse over for quick stat comparison :3

    Thanks for the update, keep squashing those bugs!

    { reply }
  12. kryft says:

    And there was much rejoicing!

    { reply }
  13. HumbleSloth says:

    There is a lot there. I vote for making a release sooner rather than later.

    { reply }
  14. pauyasfyla says:

    Will This Translation Is All Wrong! get you Lost in Your Own Museum?

    { reply }
  15. Kevin says:

    Love the fixes but i was wondering if u could make a ice skill for selection.

    { reply }
  16. Xanopticon says:

    “- Heavy armour now reduces piercing damage (and thus might actually be useful.)”

    Does this mean my Chopper wont get curbstomped by arch diggles on floor ten anymore :D?

    Great work so far.

    { reply }
  17. digibri says:

    Thanks for the hard work and frequent updates on your blog. I love your game, and these blog entries show me how engaged you are in evolving it and thus keep my interest in it maxed.

    { reply }
  18. Kagemaru says:

    Lovely, some more patching. Glad to see a game balancing before adding new things.

    { reply }
  19. Kevin says:

    Sorry forgot this, the Handy Wand could u make it target items and not player/enemies so u can reach items on the small islands on surround by water in the floors/levels.

    { reply }
  20. Polobow says:

    What about the increased regen rate for ammunition? Being a pure xbow is still hard!

    { reply }
    • If it’s on the *previous* TODO list, and not on *this* list of things that are done, it means it’s still on the TODO list. (Hopefully for this patch.)

      Yeah, we’re aware that life sucks for crossbow players. πŸ˜€

      { reply }
      • anon says:

        You can get a lot of good bolts once you get tinkering to 3-5, and there are hundreds of metal bars in every game. Since one can’t use fungi or lockpicks for creating gold anymore you can’t rely on vending machines, so it makes tinkering even more essential for crossbow and throwing skills.
        However your starting crossbow equipment allows you to deal whole 2-3 damage per shot which is enough to kill 2 mobs on “going rogue”, and tinkering offers nothing until you find suitable metal.

        { reply }
  21. bigboy says:

    – Elven Ingot Grinder is now affected by alchemy, not smithing or tinkering


    Alchemists use the grinder more than smiths?

    { reply }
    • Potions of healing from rust.

      { reply }
    • ol dirty diggle says:

      alchemists grind down rusty items, iron and aluminum ingots, and aluminum tubes to make potions of healing (rust) and potions of mana (powdered aluminum). smithing doesn’t use it at all and tinkering only uses it to make thermite bombs. this change and having alchemists now start with a grinder is a welcome change for those of us who lug around a nearly full inventory of things to grind down, but are cursed by the random floor design god (blessings of peace be upon him) who sees fit to not spawn one until the third floor or later.

      { reply }
      • ben says:

        On my highest scoring run, I didn’t find a grinder until floor 7. Alchemy really came in handy there…….

        { reply }
        • mika says:

          Oh yeah! Mine was on floor 8th! Had to resort to cheating to get some powdered aluminium.

          Ps. Is lutefisk cube item duplication going to be fixed?

          { reply }
  22. Johnny cage says:

    We need a quick save button! I am tired of pressing esc twice and click save! please!

    { reply }
  23. Logtar says:

    Hey I’m Logtar on Something Awful, and would like to crash your game. Thank you.

    { reply }
  24. kanthall says:

    can U give me the answer to my post?

    { reply }
  25. KameZero says:

    Can I be a Exciting Linux Patch Tester?

    { reply }
  26. DavidB1111 says:

    Looks good, but what does the Terrible price on Lost in Tranlsation mean?
    I saw it meant you can get lost in your own museum, but what does that mean?

    You can only reroll it a few times before you die? It disappears forever? The map gets changed? What?
    Not sure why you want to make it harder to fix corrupted items.

    { reply }
    • ol dirty diggle says:

      my hope is that it means that after you reroll the artifact a set number of times the artifact is destroyed. kind of like how artifacts in nethack would explode if you enchanted them too much. the issue with the current ability is that you can reroll an artifact over and over again and it can never lose damage bonuses, but it can gain more and more of them. people have rerolled artifact weapons to the point of absurdity. it’s less about making it harder to fix a corrupted item and more about fixing an exploit. it would be nice if they could put in something like a potion of remove curse that would remove a negative stat from an item though.

      { reply }
      • DavidB1111 says:

        Ew. That would be a horrible idea. This isn’t Nethack, second, destroying Artifacts would make people Falcon punch the game makers, πŸ™‚ , and third, it makes more sense to limit the amount of total bonuses than to destroy the artifact.

        { reply }
  27. Zzinged says:

    Added an annoyance to floor 10? I haven’t even gotten past floor 4 in 28 hours of gaming. Damn my urge to reroll…

    { reply }
  28. Deepinshit says:

    hi, what about those area of effect weapon skills? The damages except for the one enemy that is facing you, are very low because the weapon damage is not calculated in these skills.

    { reply }
  29. 123stw says:

    I think any more corruption is a bad idea. Mages are already far better than pure melee, so why tip the balance more to favor long range?

    { reply }
  30. Mark says:

    Do you think you could add auto-rest? Hold down spacebar, or maybe pressing an unused button to rest until you heal fully or notice something? Please?

    { reply }
  31. Kevin says:

    Could u fix the tinker recipe to make lockpics. Made it so the recipe can seen in the “craftbook” but when i run my mouse over recipe game crashes seems it is unfinished or error in how the formula is written in the craftdb.xml

    { reply }
  32. Torben says:

    Killer Feature:

    Please make the first two hotbar places being (re-)filled automagically, first with food and second with alcohol from the inventory. It is a pain to search though the inventory just to eat or drink standard stuff all of the time. Right click then could toggle through availiable food/alcohol.

    Great game by the way, but the interface needs some more love. Please also add mouseover tips to weapons and armor effects in the inventory.

    { reply }
  33. Goat says:

    That’s probably for the best… Unless you want to be a computer science professor or want to do something very specialized a PHD is pretty worthless, anyway. If you want to get it because you enjoy chalkdust torture then by all means, enjoy, however. πŸ™‚

    { reply }
  34. pingchecker says:

    Can you please have a look into the slow animation of Summon wyrmling (when creature attack animation goes off there is horiible movement lag)

    Perhaps increase animation speed .

    { reply }
  35. Rush says:

    Hello and thank you for the game!
    I have just one suggestion – please add ability to place marks on map. Or at least make the map to show anvils/dispensers/lutefisk shrines/quest buildings.

    I also experiencing bug with items. If I fill all available slots in crafting machines with items, after saving and reloading all things just messes up:
    (resulting slots are filled o_O)

    { reply }
  36. Kramer says:

    Man, I can barely get to the 5th floor pre-nerfs. By the time I make it to the 10th, Dredmor will be invulnerable.

    { reply }
  37. James says:

    I like a lot of the changes…

    My one please-fix-it is to speed up the game when summoning/charming a monster. I realize its a turn based problem but maybe if you could make it so the game feels smoother…

    { reply }
  38. James says:

    also, I’m not sure about making Lord Dredmor stronger. Maybe more balanced…

    I played all the way to the 10th floor (no permadeath) as a mace weilding berserker with armor & assasination and tried to kill dredmor about 30 times before giving up. Next time I rolled a golemancer/psionics and Dredmor died on my first attempt without even breaking a sweat.

    { reply }
  39. Thidran says:

    Hum. Kramer, I guess I can say my current build. It’s weird, but worked well for me. I’ll have to change dual wielding unfortunately, ’cause of the relative lack of use for now. *sighs*

    Dual Wielding/Maces(For Knockback)/Berserker Fury(For early game survival)/Burglary(Early game exp and moar chances of loot)/Tinkering/Smithing/Alchemy(All three feed into each other I say, so it ends up working out well). Died at level 7 due to the left click interface bug. Was not amused, but it happens. 8D

    Anyways, a minor suggestion i’d have for future patches would be the ability to blind fire bolts/thrown weapons with something like ctrl click or ctrl WASD or something like that to use whatever ability’s selected to aim it in that direction. I like keyboard controls personally. >_>

    { reply }
  40. Toxiclum says:

    Ploxy fix enemies under the “Lockup” skill not taking damage from the fire rune.

    { reply }
  41. Niymiae says:

    Hello! Just to point up a thing.
    Premise: I beat the game in Going Rogue with Permadeath, hybrid Melee/Wizard. Now i’m trying it with a full melee archetype and it’s like trying to build Disneyland with Lego. Alone.

    Vampirism is actually kind of a must for a melee character, since the Health Regen is awful to bring up to decent values unless counting on Marcus Brody’s unlimited work. Food quantities are small, and playing a full melee in “Going Rogue” with permadeath requires amounts of food that could save the world from starve. Forever.

    It’s a must because a smart melee will bring up Magic Power and a bit of Haywire to have it proc and boost vampirism heals to deal with large amount of monsters, at the cost of taking more damage (less absorption) for more heals (haywire procs + magic vampirism heal boost).

    And it’s pretty balanced, since the game is still almost unwinnable in the final floors cause of the massive damage of purplies. At floor 10 i was forced into casting and running only. With a melee gear comparable to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – yep, the last model. Even a single melee attack could mean death, i’ve been counterattack’d for 75 damage by an Arch Diggle. And there are bunchs of them.

    To stop haywire procs on Vampirism, i think there should be a significant boost in healing regeneration (and no, pierce resistance just wouldn’t be enough, you still will take a lot more damage than a ranged/magic character, both from criticals / counters and from magic damagers). To bring it up to decent values is just far from achievable without dirty tricks, at the moment.

    This said, you guys rock.
    Never had this much fun since the (eventually) succesful ascensions on NetHack.

    Oh, and sorry for the Great Sack of Words i’ve put here.

    { reply }
  42. Demon of Light says:

    I apologize if it has been mentioned before but the last skill on the Mage Training tree (Master of Magic) may be broken. When selected, I only gained 4 mana and 1 magic power from the sagacity increase. Also, the increase in sagacity was +6 instead of the stated +4. The circumstances (if relevant) are a 6th lvl character going from Sagacity 26 to 32, mana 84 to 88 and magic power 15 to 16 with Radiant Aura active and some items affecting the stats in question. I did some save scumming and tried the same skill on the next lvl increase while wearing no items or auras with the same result. Would it be possible to get a confirmation either way?

    { reply }
  43. mr.ioes says:

    Hey, I just bought the game and haven’t read anything other than couple of blog posts but: will there be translations ?

    I enjoy games were I have to read “alot” way more, not that I’d have any trouble reading english, but … it’d me more enjoyable if it were in german πŸ™‚

    So … anything planned?

    { reply }
  44. MrDezi says:

    Sooooo, what’s the penalty for using the skill This Translation is all wrong?

    { reply }
  45. ExplodingCabbage says:

    Demon of Light, I can explain the issue you observed with final magic training skill. Currently, if you take a skill that boosts a primary attribute, NONE of the secondary attributes that are affected by that primary attribute get boosted in turn. In other words, primary attribute boosts from skills are useless.

    The +6 boost to Sagacity you saw is CORRECT, however; +4 was from the skill itself, and +2 was from taking a Wizard level. You would’ve got this +2 from taking a level in, say, Vampirism or Psionics, as well. The +4 mana and +1 Magic Power you saw was from the Sagacity point your wizard level gave you.

    I suspect this issue is among the ‘other things’ fixed in this fix:

    “- FIXED: Warrior health (and other things) were not being calculated correctly”

    but I’m not entirely sure.

    If it is, then you should observe the following correct behaviour from taking the final Magic Training skill in future:

    1) Your Sagacity goes up by 6 (+4 from the skill, +2 from the wizard level)
    2) Your mana goes up by 12
    3) Your magic power goes up by 3

    Daniel Jacobson, can you confirm whether primary attribute boosts acquired from skills have been fixed to correctly boost secondary attributes?

    Also, just an unimportant but rather fun bug report since I dunno where else to put it with forum registration closed: you can place items in the nonexistent column to the right of the rightmost column in the inventory by clicking the rightmost pixel of it. Fix it or leave it as you see fit; I quite like the extra inventory space. πŸ˜‰

    Finally, any chance you guys could set up a wiki page for reporting bugs like the one Spelunky has here?:

    It’s by far the most convenient way I’ve yet seen to check if a bug is already known and report it. Having to search disorganised forums for badly-explained bugs that may or may not still be present isn’t a particularly nice system.

    Finally, let me just say thanks for this patch. It fixes all the major issues (with the possible exception of the primary attribute bug mentioned earlier) I know of and will make the game much less broken and more fun to play. πŸ™‚

    { reply }
    • Demon of Light says:

      Thank you for your detailed answer to my question. I also would echo your call for a specific bug reporting location. Forums are too chaotic to properly serve the function.

      { reply }
  46. Matridom says:

    I’m getting a crash bug due to screen resolution. I have a laptop that i connect to an external monitor. If the configuration files have a larger screen size (setup for external monitor) than is currently supported(native LCD on the laptop), the game will not load. I need to delete the config file in order to launch the game on the smaller screen.

    { reply }
  47. Joe says:

    I think Curse of the Golden Ratio may be bugged. If an enemy is cursed with it and you use your turns quickly, it tends to act like it is rooted. Though, it is fun to curse them when they are only 1 tile away and then pound on the space bar and watch them rot away in front of you.

    { reply }
  48. chris says:

    Couple of things im not sure have been mentioned.
    When i make a new character i can walk on the diggle egg nests, when i load a game i cant.
    When i have a summon and save/quit/reload the summon no longer pulls aggro, and if i cast the same summon again i can get a second copy instead of it just replacing the first.

    { reply }
  49. Name says:

    So, about that patch…?

    { reply }

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