Laundry Day

“When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging.” — Ancient Diggle Proverb

Today, I caught up on my sleep and did all my laundry. Small things, but necessary, especially if you have ever seen what three weeks of laundry looks like. I also started taking stock of the bug pile. So since you’re all wondering, here are some Mild Announcements.

– We have hired Chris Triolo to do some art for us; in particular, he will be providing us with a female hero for Dredmor (Something that I have always wanted) and a handful of new monsters. Chris has promised to “rein in his salty language”, whatever that means. Welcome aboard, Chris – and just remember: when the new hideous demons start killing people, it’s Your Fault. Chris will be working on these as soon as he gets some of his other contract work wrapped up, and we look forward to letting you all play Dredmor as a woman with massive eyebrows.

– We have gotten Valve to set us up with an opt-in beta program; particularily active community users, and general masochists, will be invited to participate in our Advance Patch Testing Program. More on this as soon as we get it set up.

– I now have a working Mac development environment of my very own, which means Mac users will be getting the same level of love as their Windows brethren from now on. (Linux users, we love you too. I hope to have some good things to say about this soon enough.)

– I now have a version of Dredmor that can test three hundred save games for compatibility in five minutes. (Seriously? This is the best thing ever.)

I have also gone through the bug and balance pile and have started working out what is going to get into the next patch. The following is a draft list of what we are planning to address, collectively, for 1.0.4. If your favourite bug or balance issue isn’t here, don’t worry – we are thinking about it, and we will address That Lame Skill You Really Want To Love eventually. I don’t have an ETA for when we will get through this list, but I will let you know. Real life – plus Company Drinking and Cigars on Saturday – will delay the start of work on this, so realistically I will start working on the next patch on Monday. The biggest issue towards getting this done in a timely manner is that, as previously mentioned, I am moving on the first of August. This, traditionally, means chaos, but it also means David and I will be sharing an office space again… and this can only mean more madness that will please the Elder Gods.

Ye olde Patch 1.0.4 issue list is below:

Bugs, Actual Bugs:

  • Fix the memory leak issue on level creation.
  • Fix the issue were “empty” tiles reset certain important properties when writing a room template.
  • Lag due to blood splatters.
  • Fix the fact that warriors are not getting correct primary stats per warrior skill selected, and wizards are getting too many.
  • Autofill consumption bug is still, apparently, showing up, and needs to be re-addressed.
  • This Translation is All Wrong! needs to take damage into account.
  • Fix the -nomusic option.
  • Fix the crash on fullscreen mode with OS X 10.7. (This one? All Apple’s fault. You can look forward to any game that uses a fullscreen software rendered framebuffer breaking, silently and awfully.)
  • WASD has issues in, or near, doorframes, especially if there are monsters in them.
  • Transmutation skills do not correctly transmute entire stacks. (Gems in particular.)
  • The auto-loot does not pick up lockpicks, and does not have an option for lockpicks.
  • Dual wielding needs to be fixed, in particular the negative counter bug.
  • Look into the reports of the shield bearer skills also doing something odd.
  • Monsters getting 0 HP due to a debuff (acid bolt, nightmare curse, etc.), and suddenly turning into God Diggles with giant HP bars. (ALL GLORY TO THE ARCH DIGGLE.)
  • Sleeping enemies should not be able to dodge, block, or counter.
  • Potion stacking occasionally stops working.
  • Crafting tools let you stack things that should not, normally, be stackable.
  • Thrusty Achievement is not consistently triggering.
  • Zoo achievement is not consistently triggering.
  • Other achievement screwups.
  • Zoos are not showing as cleaned up if you run away from them.
  • Lutefisk Cube behaviour should be consistently with stacks and with individual units.
  • After loading and saving, objects may no longer show up in the crafting toolkits you left them in.
  • Issues with traps, Brax, and stores.
  • Pets occasionally just act like idiots. In particular, they need better targeting, the ability to lose targets, and the ability to switch targets dynamically.
  • Leaderboard scores need a CRC check on the datafiles before uploading.
  • Pet double-summons.
  • Move music loading into its own thread AND TEST IT THOROUGHLY. (Don’t put it in the patch if it’s too scary.)
  • Haywire not triggering, except when it absolutely shouldn’t. (Vampirism, traps, everything but your spellcasting.)

UI Fixes

  • WASD should let you interact with: crates, fountains, Dredmor statues, doors, chests, evil chests, uber chests, etc. (Basically: anything you might normally click on if you’re next to it.)
  • SHIFT-Click mode, when turned on, doesn’t correctly handle SHIFT-Clicking as regular clicking.
  • Add a way to split stacks of items in the inventory and belt.
  • Add pricing information to the quicksell.
  • Add quicksell to the belt.
  • Monsters should get HP bars when you are adjacent to them, not just with mouse over (for WASD players)
  • Minimap size should be saved in config
  • Window positions should be saved in config
  • Delete confirmation when deleting a save game
  • Minimap icons: uberchests, quest shrines, quest items, quest mobs, important mobs, Dredmor, user markables
  • Mousewheel triggers things in the tutorial menu
  • Equipment comparison tooltips for the equipment screen
  • Vampires should not be told to “Eat Food To Regain Health.”
  • Game speed should be saved.
  • Game should render text using Unicode-8 internally, for the Japanese translation teams. (Especially since they showed me how to do it.)
  • Third row of the inventory occasionally gets items stuck in it.
  • Make lockpicking less tedious.
  • Make sporecrafting less tedious.
  • Add a way to force your player to kick down a door or a chest, rather than using a lockpick.
  • Clicking on pets should just shove them aside, and not force you to kill your moustache golem by stabbing it with a sword to get it out of the way. (Really, how could you do that…)

Missing Sound Effects:

  • Electroblobby attacks
  • Crossbows
  • Chest opening
  • Footsteps with WASD movement
  • Some clicks and bangs in the menu system would be nice.

Balance Tweaks:

  • Vampirism should not consistently haywire. (In fact, it shouldn’t hay wire at all.)
  • Vampirism should be more useful for non-mages.
  • Make lockpicks and spores have a *sell* cost of 0.
  • This Translation is All Wrong!, in addition to having bugs, is too powerful. It needs to be reined in.
  • Some of the new Smithing Crafts need to be addressed. (In particular, and as much as it is a mild anathema to Dredmor’s way of just dumping everything on you depending on its moods, we need leveled materials.)
  • Necronomiconomics is too self-destructive.
  • Ley Lines should be more fun.
  • Craftable thrown weapons.
  • Up the ammo recovery rate, again.
  • Heavy Armours get piercing resistance.
  • Nerf the obvious fireball, again. The last nerf was not sufficiently obvious.
  • Witchys and Monstrous Masks are too nasty, and should spam the revival spell less.
  • Lord Dredmor is *still* not sufficiently a badass (and should have stun resistance.)
  • Acid bolt traps should be taken down a notch.
  • Only one monster zoo per level, please.
  • Named monsters should give you lots more XP.
  • Zoos should have some artifacts in them.
  • Deadshot is just kind of lame.
  • Kleptoblobbies should steal less.
  • Corruption should affect armour as well as weapons.
  • Look, seriously, at every request for an auto-rest button and then try to come up with some way to use it that isn’t awful.

Ambiguous New Fun

  • Sinks of Mutation
  • Do something with the Footy Laser Beam Cannon
  • Procs on Armour
  • Make intelligent monsters able to open doors
  • No Ticket! Remember Your Charlemagne!
  • Diggle Vending Machine Repairman
  • Extra Fun on Levels 4 and 8
  • More Achievements
  • More Uniques
  • More Rooms on Level One and Two
  • Engage the Insult Tables
  • Graves
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67 Responses to “Laundry Day”

  1. Noble Kale says:

    I’m impressed with how well you’re handling everything.

    Hiring a new artist and pushing new content, fixing bugs – it’s all about maintaining momentum, and you’re doing well at it so far.

    Keep up the good work.

    { reply }
  2. Kyle G says:

    I hope there will still be the possibility of multiple monster zoos per level, as well as making traps more deadly rather than weaker, I can usually walk over a handful of traps and barely be phased. Maybe slide that stuff up to Going Rogue, I’ve yet to encounter more than one zoo but I really wish I did now and actually being afraid of traps would make dungeon crawling more exciting.

    { reply }
    • Rick says:

      There’s actually a bug with spell effects that prevents most traps from being very deadly, so expect that to change eventually.

      { reply }
    • Logtar says:

      While it’s true that you rarely have to be afraid of the non-poison traps, the poison traps are a completely different level of “oh shit I just stepped on that”, and if you played on Going Rogue you would step on an acid trap and have a panic attack.

      Always remember to do as Douglas Adams so wisely said: DON’T PANIC

      { reply }
  3. Matthew says:

    “Drink blaht to regain helt!”

    { reply }
  4. Pecka says:

    This is all pretty cool, cheers.
    I think im gonna wait for this one.

    Also as far as autorest goes a simple solution is mashing space skips one turn like now, holding space down keeps skipping turns at a steady pace like 1 turn per second or something.

    It’ll still waste your time, like i think it should, but people couldn’t complain about wasting their wrists.

    Also diggle vending machine mechanic is win, overalls are a must.

    { reply }
  5. JonNik says:

    Absolutely great list, but yeah why just one zoo per level ?(found 2 on level 4, loved it). Just give some rewards for them as you noted.

    Also good suggestion by Kyle G to perhaps do that stuff on a per difficulty level. You could leverage that to add more “hardcore” stuff on the Going
    rogue difficulty (i.e a starvation counter ?!) while keeping the lesser difficulties accessible…

    { reply }
  6. I still don’t know what the heck haywire *is*, much less that it’s bugged. Although, knowing that it’s bugged DOES explain why I don’t know what it is.

    Thus far, I’ve just been going off the “big numbers are good” heuristic for that particular number.

    { reply }
  7. Abominog says:

    Some Excellent fixs/stuff on the way 🙂 also I need to mention that

    “Monsters getting 0 HP due to a debuff (acid bolt, nightmare curse, etc.), and suddenly turning into God Diggles with giant HP bars. (ALL GLORY TO THE ARCH DIGGLE.)”

    This occurs not only to diggles as I’ve had several monsters get the giant health bars.

    Keep up the excellent work guys 🙂

    { reply }
  8. saturnine says:

    If you rebind the Quest hotkey and then use said hotkey, you won’t be able to close it with the new rebind unless you press Q (even if it’s bound to something else).

    Looking forward to 1.0.4! Thank you for working so hard on this game, it really makes my day to see developers as dedicated as you working constantly to improve their game. 🙂

    { reply }
  9. Solstice says:

    Two small bugs I noticed while poking around the XML thus far:

    -Defensive Bash can be used at range because the spell type is set to “target” instead of “adjacent”

    -Thick Skin gives incorrect stats because the second secondarybuff id is incorrectly set to “7” (block) instead of “0” (hp)

    Not sure if you’re aware of those or not, so there ya go.

    { reply }
  10. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Nicholas: You do realise that I must now insist on the addition of the Arch Diggle into the game (if it isn’t in already).

    { reply }
  11. Darren Grey says:

    Cool list of things to fix and implement – I’m looking forward to it. However I must add my voice to those crying for not restricting monster zoos to one per level. One of the most fun ways to die is to run away from a monster zoo and open the door to *another* monster zoo 🙂 Perhaps we could have a Monster Zoo Sandwich achievement?

    For the spores things I’d personally suggest removing the spores item entirely and making the skill to produce them instead just plant the mushroom on a corpse / patch of dirt. This prevents the skill from being so crazily overpowered since you’re limited to a new mushroom every x turns as opposed to a new shroom from every monster.

    I’d also like to see monster path-finding improved, especially for pets/allies. But you have plenty to be getting on with for now 🙂

    { reply }
    • Pathology says:

      You are very much unto something here! Honestly, this is the first game I have ever played where dying is fun, and the more deathy-death-bringing-events-of-character-doom there is, the better!

      Oh, and if I could add my own request, could you please add some Dwarf Fortress-esque status messages when mouse hovering an enemy rather than “It’s injured”.. Like “it’s arm (flap) is hanging from a thin thread of sinew” or something… Eh.

      It’d be nice, but im not a comedian, so my example was perhaps subpar. I think you could do loads better than me though, if you felt like adding those sorts of messages.

      { reply }
  12. John Fouhy says:

    A small thought: don’t worry about balancing everything. If a skill is known to be weak, then experienced players will start to choose it deliberately to increase the challenge. You could flag weak skills through the description, though, perhaps.

    Thanks for the game,

    { reply }
    • Xzander says:

      I agree with John Fouhy and Pathology, yours is the kind of game that doesn’t NEED balance because it’s not about winning it’s about playing (and dying). Maybe tweak certain skills to be slightly OP [and flag them in the descriptions as being for the ‘weak of will’ or something] and others as being slightly under-powered [for those ‘death-hungry adventurers (mostly their own)’].

      { reply }
  13. Bluerps says:

    After this patch, this game should be perfect! And then you can go on, and make it perfectier!

    Small request: Add “unused Altar of Krong” to the minimap icons.

    Also, what happened to the increase in size for the UI for large resolutions?

    { reply }
  14. Econael says:

    This patch is HUGE
    really, it’s HUMONGOUS

    that’s really really impressive, especially for an indie developer!

    Can’t wait to have the next patch! 😀

    (I’ll probably end up as one of those betatesters ^^)

    { reply }
  15. Zefria says:

    With respect to “This translation is all wrong”, It’s very broken right now but there’s also no way (even for crafters) to add stats on to an item like there is in other roguelikes (scroll of enchant weapon/armor, etc). So, if that gets taken down then the crafting skills should have recipes added so that you can still add points onto your prized equipment. Perhaps as level 5.

    { reply }
  16. Johnny cage says:

    “Up the ammo recovery rate, again”

    Good news cause right now I am losing so many arrows!

    Before the latest patch which gave us back our old save game, I had a helm rank 1 with 10 Burliness on it and now the stat is gone, is it a bug or such stats wasn’t supposed to be there and has been removed?


    { reply }
  17. StriderX says:

    Something you might want to look into is monolith spawning (and probably the spawning of other, similar quest objects). I’ve noticed a few on top of BBQs, dirt patchs, mini-fridges, and teleporters, making them all inaccessible.

    There are few things worse than teleporting into a room full of monsters and realizing thats its impossible to go back the way you came because a monolith is staring at you from on top the nearest exit.

    { reply }
  18. jareddm says:

    “Make intelligent monsters able to open doors”

    You fool! You know not what power you grant them! Those who control the doors, control the world!

    { reply }
  19. Dredmore player says:

    Nice fix list.

    I don’t see the shrines-spawn-on-top-of-teleports/objects in there and I think that can be somewhat game breaking, side-quest wise.

    Glad to hear you’re fixing some of the skills. Do think a lot of improvements that you’re suggesting might make the game ‘easier’. Like the limitation of one monster zoo per level. I wouldn’t mind if I ran into 3 every level because I know it’d be randomly generated and I’d be O.K with that, even if I died or spent an hour on every level just running away. If I know I just ran into a zoo and I won’t run into one again because of coded limitations, the game would feel less ‘random’ and thus less rogue-ish. Of course, if it’s about performance/stability then I’d be O.K with that. (But please do specify the reason as to WHY you think there should be only one zoo per level!)

    There does need to be an increase in (preferably healing items and mushrooms) when you defeat a monster zoo so the player can replenish his stocks which he surely burned through.

    Also: what about transparent menus? Specifically the mini-map.

    { reply }
  20. Omnia0001 says:

    Ah! One addendum to the “sleeping monsters don’t dodge/counter”…actually two.

    1) Stunned monsters don’t dodge/counter as well! (fix please)
    2) Monsters shouldn’t counter ranged skills, ones like the swords’ 3 tile slash can get countered @ range.

    { reply }
  21. Nikita says:

    Within a couple of patches the game should be perfect. Also wouldn’t it be nice if the item popped on top of the chest when you open it(or bash it)?

    P.S. I adore this game, can’t wait for the Linux port. You are doing a great job. 🙂

    { reply }
  22. madpinger says:

    The auto-rest button should “simulate” the world until a hostile entity enters the characters “sight” range. At that point, halt simulation and resume normal game state leaving the player with how ever much health/mana would be restored in the simulations # of turns executed.

    Take into account skills that buff health/mana regeneration.

    Also, Please add bags to extend the inventory as a craft-able item.

    Perhaps, as part of looking at Crafting mechanics. Give the player a “craft” specific bag with the skill or the ability to craft it by the 3rd floor of the dungeon roughly.

    Inventory items for specific skills and crafting types requires far to much inventory forcing players to oft sale loot or turn it into cheese 😀

    So, a potion chugging alchemist will be hard pressed to find room for fungus among his bags xD

    Good luck with a smooth move o/

    { reply }
  23. Bondy says:

    Nice list! 😉

    Hopefully it won’t take you months to get through it – there’s a lot of stuff on there! more amazed it only warrants a .01 jump… Dredmor 1.1 surely? :p Also community beta = Great idea. Hopefully it’ll take a bit of the load off you guys on the testing front.

    Keep up the good work and all the best for the move.

    { reply }
  24. Fungus Fan says:

    Two things!

    “More rooms on levels one and two.” You’re not making the levels you see more than any others bigger, are you? Level one gets old pretty quickly!

    “Spores have a *sell* cost of zero.” This doesn’t really matter when you find a patch of dirt and you can turn all your worthless spores into worthful mushrooms. Consider removing spores entirely! Or at least, nerf patches of dirt.

    Otherwise, awesome job, great to see you paying attention to everyone!

    { reply }
  25. Derp says:

    Suggestions on new content!

    Side dungeons! Themed dungeons! Instead of stairs going down, how about portals to other realms? Realms of blobs! Realms of mustaches! Realms of traps! Which consist of one or two levels and then you gotta come back through the same portal and continue on.

    these captchas are ridiculous


    { reply }
  26. NetKrouse says:

    I’d just like to say that I’ve been playing roguelikes for almost 15 years now, and Dungeons of Dredmore has probably been the most fun for me since I discovered Stone Soup. Keep up the amazing work; your dedication to quality is inspiring.

    Also, I’m now working on making a lutefisk themed Chaos Marine army because of this game. LUTEFISK FOR THE LUTEFISK GOD!

    { reply }
  27. Banhart says:

    Personally, I’d like to have to ability to summon more than one pet, as long as you have multiple summon skills, e.g. mustache golem + fungoid blob thingy. I also think that This Belongs in a Museum is totally overpowered. The xp boost is so undeniable that I feel I have to get archeology every game. Burglary is the same, since picking locks also gives an fton of xp.

    { reply }
  28. Kramer says:

    these pretzels are making me thirsty

    { reply }
  29. Lomgren says:

    There are some odd graphical glitches I have seen too… I can send a savegame with a very odd wall structure (which happens to be right outside a Zoo, of all places) that may warrant some looking into.

    { reply }
  30. Silent says:

    I made a macro so i rest 1 HP for every Push but i tend to crash alot not sure why the error message disapears to fast

    { reply }
    • Jzion says:

      I don’t know, anytime i spammed the spacebar I saw a an error message that said it was a runtime error before i accidentally spammed the spacebar more

      { reply }
  31. Hi says:

    Not sure how this happened…

    I’ve also seen the misplaced sconce bug on level 4 AFTER the 1.0.3 patch. I could walk through it. I’ve seen it before the 1.0.3 patch too and couldn’t walk through it, if that matters and helps in any way. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot.

    { reply }
  32. Haldurson says:

    As far as resting is concerned, why not have a shift-spacebar rest for 10 turns (or until interrupted).

    Do the gravestones imply that you may be able to encounter your ghost, as in Rogue, Hack, etc?

    One thing I’d like to see is more of an incentive to max out Smithing and Alchemy (Tinkering’s arrow-making is enough of a reason for that skill).

    How about skills like Tailoring, Cooking, and Woodworking (or more recipes for non-armored clothing and food for the other skills)?

    { reply }
  33. Mojo says:

    Just lost a very nice run on the third floor because the game forgot how to use items and skills- it spent two turns kicking an enemy instead of using the Crane Kick, then two turns picking an inky hoglantern instead of using it. I died on the turn I used the hoglantern- got hit anyway and died. Cause of death? “The player”. :V

    You can also use teleport skills (Namely Xeuclid’s Translation and Knightly Leap) to jump INTO doors, and saving/quitting a game then coming back in makes the game stop decrementing the “Monster Zoo Monsters left” counter.

    You could make Spores less tedious by either not requiring a monster (and summoning mushrooms directly) or by making them usable sort of like the seeds from Harvest Moon- just sprinkle them in the area around you and automatically infect all possible corpses/dirt piles. Having spores only work on the topmost monster makes the skill a lot more fiddly- especially since using more spores on the corpse stack just wastes them until the infected corpse changes.

    A way to eat items directly off the floor would be nice too.

    { reply }
  34. Cident says:

    Few bugs I’ve found:

    1) Some monsters which you’d expect to have certain resistances do not resist damage (e.g. fire golem has no resistance to fire). The monBD.xml file has the line ‘resistbuff conflagratory=”10″ asphyxiative=”10″ toxic=”1″‘ for the fire golem entry, but the resists don’t seem to work. Since the monsters which do have working resists use ‘resistances’ rather than ‘resistbuff’, does resistbuff actually do something else and what does it do if so?

    2) If the spell Curse of the Golden Ratio is cast on an monster, then the player quickly does stuff (e.g. tapping the spacebar to wait a turn rapidly), everything happens as usual except the cursed monster (or monsters) do not move despite taking damage. They move as normally if you have a short pause between actions. I am not sure if this is specific to Curse of the Golden Ratio since my only other debuff is The Recursive Curse which does too much damage to test it properly.

    3) Saving and exiting, then loading a saved game, will remove debuffs from enemies.

    Changes I’d like:

    1) Scaling with magic power on stats other than damage. Weaker buffs which require upkeep kind of fall off in usefulness later on due to their buff amounts not scaling(e.g. meatshield). Summoned creatures have the same problem. Some spells should probably still not scale anyway (Zenzizenzizenzic is pretty powerful already and having it scale significantly with magic power would probably make it ridiculous).

    2) Make the gem changing spell for alchemy give you a list of possible gems and increase its cooldown significantly. It is really annoying to currently have to change gems multiple times to get the right one, especially since inventory space is limited so you’ll probably end up carrying 1 stack with all your gems transmuted to the same type.

    3)Dragon’s breath could use some rebalancing. Dragon’s breath has a high mana cost early on (too high to use it against anything other than a row of enemies or a named monster) and becomes useless later due to its severely limited range and low damage. The reduced damage as the distance between you and your target also makes using it most effectively dangerous. Turning it into a direct damage long range targeted attack with reasonable scaling would make it into a spell which might be used past the first level or two of a character. At the very least it could use a reduction to early game mana cost.

    4) I nearly deleted my main character when making a new character because I didn’t know making a new character with the same name would overwrite the old one (thank you for adding the autosave feature). Making a warning when you try to do this would be good.

    { reply }
  35. anon says:

    Damage summary please, or make smth that I can actually see my damage on later levels
    Because now I can’t

    { reply }
  36. Mojo says:

    Magic rings and other items are stacking now that shouldn’t. What’s worse is if it was a named version or blessed version, they become completely ordinary examples of those items upon being unstacked. I just lost a ring I’d blessed six times at anvils to this bug. 🙁

    { reply }
  37. Joe says:

    I am dismayed to see no mention of the 2X UI scaler on the list. Earlier you posted that it would be in the next patch. I’d rather you not tell me something is being addressed until it really is.

    I’d rather have the 2X UI scaler over everything on the list you posted, because the game is pretty much not playable for me without it.

    { reply }
    • It’s still being actively worked on; we’ll probably push at least some of it out in this next patch. I’m just not sure how much of it. (The big issue is rewriting the tooltip code and character panels.)

      As somebody who needs a 2X UI, perhaps you can answer this question: are there any issues with any of the anciliary dialogs (recipes, crafting, etc.?) Or is the stuff that all uses a 64×64 item size fine as it stands?

      { reply }
      • Alex Huijsman says:

        (Re: 2x UI scaling)
        As someone who is anxiously waiting for the 2X UI scaling, I can say that the screens for recipes, crafting, etc are okay as-is without scaling.

        { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      It turns out that doing a double-sized UI is not a simple matter of scaling all the old stuff by two; it involves redoing everything over again in twice the size.

      Our UI systems are not terribly clever; we didn’t expect this issue to come up, as you can imagine. But yes, we’re going to do it!

      { reply }
  38. Joe says:

    Hmm… I’d say if I could have my ‘druthers, then yes, the recipe and crafting windows could stand to be larger, too. They don’t need as much of an increase as everything else, though. The character panel is unreadable, for example, and the toolbelt and main interface at the bottom center is, too. The crafting window and recipe lists fall into the category of “just large enough to be used, albeit uncomfortably.”

    What I’d really like is a slider that would let me make the UI even larger than 2X if need be. (I’m probably just blind.)

    { reply }
  39. Alex says:

    I once used the “Unliving Wall” spell (From the golemancy skill) to block a small hallway to prevent monsters from coming in (On level 3 in Brax’s shop to be exact). I saves and quit the game with the wall still there and when I loaded up the save, the wall was still there and wouldn’t disappear no matter how many times I pressed space. Just a little glitch I found. It didn’t prevent me from continuing though since I had the “Digging Ray” spell. However, all the monster pileup from my space bar pressing just got me killed soon after.

    { reply }
  40. Kevin says:

    I really want a “bag” for gems . metals + powders, but not a bag that sits in your inventory but an icon next on inventory screen that u click and displays your gems ( 1st icon),metal (2nd icon). That should help in crafting items a little bit better.

    { reply }
  41. Arod529 says:

    Hey, I got one more UI fix that might be considered. I love playing in 1080p because I can see allot more of the environment, but unfortunately leave tremendous amounts of nose prints on my screen while trying to read the text. Maybe make text scale appropriately so it is readable in higher resolutions. Great game though, I love it. Oh, and thanks for the dual wielding, not enough games have dual wielding, I love dual wielding. Dual Wielding FTW!

    { reply }
  42. Kanon says:

    At frist, l can’t say english very well and l don’t know the new patch already fix this BUG or not.

    But l want to feedback about l found one store BUG, Throught this BUG you can use any item without spend money!

    Hope you can fix this BUG, and thank you for this good game.

    { reply }
  43. Nyambe says:

    Hi I finished the game and really liked it..but afterwards I wasn’t able to look at my character at all, the autosave and old save file..were stuck at the ending.. so i I couldn’t do anything else in the game.. There should be an option to continue playing after you kill the boss, or since I saved right before the boss.. ect

    { reply }
  44. Martin PInkerton says:

    After seeing this on Steam, reading the reviews, then checking out how much “after-release” support there is on this, I’m definately buying it. I don’t get to play very often but it’s worth it just to support Indie games like this.

    { reply }
  45. Maya says:

    Very excited to see implementation of a female player character! I will be buying at least one more copy of the game as soon as its implemented. Thank you for listening to community requests, Gaslamp!

    { reply }
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