So. Uh. Hi there.

EDIT: Today’s patch, while fixing the random crashes for some people, has added a new one for other people. We’re on it. Please keep sending us your broken save files too, especially if they were entirely produced *after* yesterday’s patch. — Gaslamp Games McManagement

Hi, everybody. We’re… a little overwhelmed, and also going about with large grins on our faces. Being #1 on Steam – even if we have been cruelly deposed (for now!) by the Curse of Cthulhu Saving the World – is quite the rush. We should ship games more often. Thank you all for your support and patronage; we’re looking forward to kicking it up to the next level.

We have fixed a few bugs that came out of the woodwork. The random crash bug is fixed, a save corruption bug is fixed (there may be more), the Infinite XP glitch is fixed, and the infinite-money-in-shop glitch has been resolved as well. We will be sending a patch off to Steam as soon as we have finished testing it a little more.


So how is everybody enjoying the game?

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73 Responses to “So. Uh. Hi there.”

  1. HED says:

    Yep the random crash is still there. Is there a way to disable music? I walked out of the merchant shop and it crashed when the game was fading out the shop music.

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  2. SwiftSpear says:

    I’ve been waiting for a game like this for a long time. It’s SOOOO good. The crafting and skill stuff wouldn’t have been strictly necessary, but it adds so much! Thanks 🙂

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  3. Marc says:

    Nice game, but it crashed and when I reset the computer I had lost my game!! You ought to autobackup saves or something…

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  4. CJohnson says:

    Really, really great game! One of the best games I’ve played this year. Thanks!

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  5. Sarpedon says:

    Why does the game have the “casual” genre tag? It’s a roguelike! Ish. Oh, well.
    Enjoying it a lot, though. Haven’t dumped too much time into it yet, but the Orb of Zo-err, Lord Dredmor will be mine soon enough. And again. And again. Also bought the game for a friend, so enjoy sleeping on those piles of money =P

    Also, Cthulhu Saves the World is really great, too. I imagine Dredmor could perform just as well going from PC to 360 as CStW did the opposite, but there’s also the whole thing where it can use XNA for both, and you’d have to start from scratch, I assume. Oh well.

    Still, a delightfully charming game. I honestly thought roguelikes had been milked dry. Amazing job, all around!

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  6. Aussie_Gal says:

    Yup, still crashing randomly here too – seems to be when the music is changing, as two times I can clearly remember are when I was going downstairs and (5 mins ago) when I was exiting the merchant’s room. It’s a pity, I’ll probably have to stop playing until a fix actually works. It’s more frustrating losing a character to a crash than to a mob. XD

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  7. Jeffrey says:

    Amazing game! I can only pray you guys will continue to load this roguelike with content! I play roguelikes heavily and was skeptical of this game, but so very glad I took the plunge! But seriously, don’t abandon the game. This game has potential to be a monster of a roguelike with continued love and content to give it such a deep experience! Thank you and I wish you guys success. I’ll support through forums

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  8. Eben says:

    Please please please please give me keyboard controls! Especially numpad for walking around.

    Yeah, I’m old school RL

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  9. Goat says:

    Commenting here since the forum signup seems to be tied to wordpress, which I don’t want to sign up for…

    Dredmor seems to use a LOT of cpu when idling – I’m guessing there’s some game animation loop going, but it’s having the effect of heating up my laptop’s cpu uncomfortably while it’s on my lap and seems unnecessary for a roguelike, even a graphical one given the simple animations.

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  10. Eben says:

    Hm, I see there’s WASD for moving, but not attacking… it would be nice if there was an in-game help menu.

    Also, please give the option for full screen to not trap the mouse. I use dual monitors and I like to have turn based games full screen on one and still use the other screen.

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  11. Another_Scott says:

    Game is great so far, I have had a lot of good experiances and played it for 8 hours without dieing, then it crashed which put an end to my lucky streak…

    That bit sucked, BUT I was thinking about what my NEW character would be since about, oooh, 5 minutes in; I jumped back in there!

    Terrific game really, I have faith it will be even better when the crashing is fixed. 🙂

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  12. Ickorus says:

    Im not enjoying it, I have no money at the moment so I can’t buy it.

    Im sure in a few weeks time when I have a steady source of income i’ll be loving it though.

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  13. mikeysdunn says:

    just found my first monster zoo ran into a corner and cried but i love the game great work guys!!!!

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  14. Shaf says:

    The First monster zoo is tough, use the doors to your advantage to minimize the amount of monsters following you.
    It’s tough but it can be done.

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  15. Night says:

    I’ve always played a wide genre of videogames but even having never even known the genre roguelike. But I bought dredmor on steam 3 minutes into this guy’s vid

    its a great game.. this guy works/presents your humor well too

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