A Price for Dredmor

We can now announce that the price for Dungeons of Dredmor is $4.99. There will be more on this later, including the hows and whys of this decision, but we think it’s the right one.

More fun announcements coming soon! Watch this channel!

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43 Responses to “A Price for Dredmor”

  1. Wilkie says:

    Can’t wait, will defiantly buy!! Absolute bargain! Will we be able to get it on Steam?

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  2. Amandachen says:

    What’s the catch?

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  3. Fumarole says:

    Perfect price point for me.

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  4. MrStone says:

    S’rsly, $5 per license for a game that cost at least four man-years… I feel guilty paying so little.

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  5. Castruccio says:

    The game looks like it is worth at least $9.99, and I’d have paid $14.99 for it.

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    • Baelthazar says:

      I totally agree with the statement. I would have easily paid $9.99 or $14.99, based on the videos. I realize that you can get many Roguelikes for free, but not with this sort of character and polish.

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  6. Lordxorn says:

    Can’t wait to try the game out. I can understand your price point, because of the level of depth not in the game?

    I do however look forward to your next project which you previously mention that you want to have production values warranting 14.99 or a 19.99 price point.

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    • There is a… well, quite a lot of depth in the game. Our motivations are slightly more complicated than that, and not sinister at all, really. Again, we will explain the rationale behind this, but I don’t know if we’ll do it until after we start shipping.

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  7. Chad says:

    $5 for Dungeons of Dredmor? Are you guys crazy? I gladly would have handed over $20. $5 is giveaway.

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  8. PlzTakeMyMoneyz says:

    What do you guys mean by “production values” warranting a $19.99 price point? I can walk into Gamestop and buy a (older)AAA game for $20. IMHO your production values as an Indy should be polish and useability(which from what I have seen you are covering well). Jack your price up because you are niche. It works for Spiderweb and Basilisk. How many graphical roguelikes are there? This is easily a $10 game, and I would personally pay more without a second thought.

    /rant off

    My apologies, but I really want you guys to succeed, and it just seems that you are undervaluing your work.

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    • We reached this decision with a great deal of thought, spanning a course of about six months. It is definitely not clear that this is the right decision, but based on the initial reception I think we are getting the reception that we want.

      If you feel like paying more and ensuring our success, we won’t stop you. Might I suggest picking up a few copies of Dredmor for your friends who might not have heard of the game, and who might enjoy trying something a little different?

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    • Also in this case, yes – production values do refer to polish and useability, as well as graphics. We think we have those covered, and are probably overperforming on those fronts versus underperforming for our price point. That said, this wasn’t the only thing we based our decision on. 🙂

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    • d32 says:

      Oh. This is better than I hoped to dream. For me. For you? Not so sure.
      If it’s not too late to change your mind and to catch the train, would you consider multiple price options? This seems to be mainstream these days (Project Zomboid, Desktop dungeons, Frozen Synapse) with $5 for full game and perhaps double the price for full game + extra love from you guys (in whatever abstract form).
      Or selling the game in bundles? Say $15 for four copies. This would (I believe) directly increase your income AND help the game become ‘viral’.
      If you don’t reconsider, I swear I’ll be buying extra copies for random people on the Internet! 🙂

      (Of course, only if I like the game as much as I expect. We’ll see)

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      • Bundling is an idea, and it’s something that people seem to have suggested. I’m going to see if it’s possible.

        There may be a few extra Fun Support Things for people who want to throw a little extra change from under the couch lying our way. I know that Matthew, our musician, is planning to put the soundtrack for Dredmor on Bandcamp for your audio enjoyment. That said, we are really encouraging people who want to pay more to go send out some Dredmor lovin’ to people who maybe wouldn’t buy it themselves or play it themselves. This is really the easiest and best thing you can do for us as a business.

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  9. Christian Johansson says:

    Seems like a fun game! 🙂 Thank you blue! 😉 (Terraria)

    Will it be released on steam or just on your site?

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  10. terrmith says:

    Wow, didn’t expect this. I would buy it even for $15. But then, I am roguelike junkie and was waiting for game like this for a loong time 🙂

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  11. alfblack says:

    Great price!

    I was expecting it would be $10. If it was, this would have been a maybe purchase. At this price. It’s now an autobuy! wait is this USD or Canadian $? 😀

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  12. worthstream says:

    I would have really paid double of that for the game.
    I’ll consider buying two copies, but that feels quite silly O_o

    Anyway, through which channel will it be available? Steam/Impulse/BTmicro?

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  13. Vance says:

    4.99? You chaps are selling yourself waaay too short. I really think you should be following the Spiderweb Software example (higher price for occupying a niche market). Jeff Vogel has a lot to say on the very issue of pricing indie games.


    I was prepared to pay 20 without batting an eyelid.

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  14. Commkeen says:

    I’ll almost definitely be buying, and at $5, I’ll probably buy gift copies for at least one friend if I like the game.

    I can see why you would want to keep the game cheap – after all, there are a lot of extremely well-made FREE roguelikes on the market, and roguelikes are a niche genre, so it will probably be difficult for the game to find its place in the market. I hope that it turns out to sell well.

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    • Fumarole says:

      I suspect that’s the main reason for the low price – the direct competitors to this game are all free. Of course people posting here are already fans and thus willing to pay two or three times as much, but are those who’ve never heard of the game so willing?

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      • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

        That ASCII roguelikes are free is not the main reason for the price by any means, and not even much of a consideration at all. Freeware roguelikes do a very different /thing/ for a very niche audience that I’m not sure a commercial game could reasonably provide. But that’s hypothetical.

        Your second sentence nails it. From responses to the beta, Dredmor is quite appealing to even traditional roguelikers who can get past the use of graphics and overt silliness. I think we’ve won that audience, especially once they see how the game actually plays with its crunchy mechanics. The question is, how do we win over all those people who are on the fence to trying to game?

        … Maybe the graphics and silliness will make roguelike-inspired mechanics more palatable and turn them on to roguelikes.

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  15. Can’t wait to play this! $5 seems a bit low, I’d absolutely pay $9.99 for it considering the re-playability alone will be ridiculous. But it sounds like you guys have been trying to figure it out for a long time though so I trust your judgement!

    However, maybe consider putting together a special edition (Deluxe Diggle Edition? Ha.) with some extras to sell for a higher price?

    Either way, stoked for the release!

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  16. Shaf says:

    I was expecting a $10.00 price point. I’ll be buying 2 copies, one foe me and another for my son.

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  17. Matt says:

    Let me dissent from the chorus by saying that I think $5 is about right. The issue is that at $5, people will say “That’s too low!” and buy it. At $20, people will say “That’s a fair price!” and not buy it. You want people to buy it, and that is more important than how much they pay for it.

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  18. The Aphex Twin says:

    I think 4.99 is an excellent price. Prevents any piracy, if you ask me. If you can’t pay 4.99 for a great game, you didn’t want it to begin with.

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  19. Ghastly Golly says:

    Woah, awesome price! I thought it would’ve been more expensive. I’m really looking forward to it! Keep up the good work! 😀

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  20. Jigsaw says:

    I’d probably have paid between $5-7, mostly because I like a lot of other roguelikes and it feels a little weird to pay for one (even though this looks worth it). I don’t know for sure yet if I’ll buy it if it’s not on steam, but we’ll see how it goes?

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  21. Brandon says:

    Amazing work you guys. And a price that is literally unbeatable for this kind of quality!

    Now hurry up and let me buy it!!! 😛

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  22. Timo says:

    Never been much of a roguelike fan, but for 5$ i am willing to risk it.

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  23. LittleCaesar says:

    5 dollars isn’t a risk, lol.

    4,99… damn. That’s way too cheap. Well might aswell buy this for some of my friends too. My awesome indie summer!

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  24. pale male says:

    thanks for the low price, even the poor can play!

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  26. Gabor says:

    Have you thought about using Flattr?
    That might become a steadier income flow…

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    • AdminDaniel Jacobsen says:

      Micro payment systems are a very interesting model, and one that we have discussed in the past.

      There are currently no plans to incorporate them into the initial Dredmor release. We do have a closet that we’ve been shoving ideas for extra content for the game and it’s dangerously full, but our work on and distribution of that content is still something that depends pretty heavily on how much sustenance we afford from the initial release =)

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  27. getter77 says:

    Such an easy purchase—and the price should allow for maximum appeal among the various quirky Win/Mac/Linux camps.

    I would like to think a fair number of folks overseas can take advantage of the weak USD as well for yet another boon factor. I’ve oft heard tales of folks in Australia and the UK, for instance, getting hosed on conversion rates and the like.

    My own pet hilarity would be that the game does well enough to see an eventual case of Dredmor invading Japan and squaring off with the Fushigi Dungeons games in some manner of musical knife fight…

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  28. Amandachen says:

    Hello. Hello? I want game now.

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  29. Brettflan says:

    The $5 price-point does definitely move it into “don’t consider, just buy” territory.

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